Time is Love

Guess it’s gonna take some time for me to finish my 8 days worth of entries for Taiwan trip so in the meantime, I’m gonna blog the random daily bits as well~

Finally back for NDP practice after missing one week and that one practice could really make a big difference because they actually learned new set of dance moves! Thank goodness for my 救星, if not I couldn’t have catch the steps. And thank goodness I still remember the Chinese, Indian and Malay steps too!!! *proud*

 photo IMG_20140518_2210351_zps2f1c62e0.jpg

Hong Kong gifts from Ah Lyn~!!! 😀

 photo 20140518_221840_zpsa5b63f95.jpg

Smoking my cigar~

Finally back to work as well and if you ask me, I would honestly say that I do miss my work! I think I can be an workaholic if I want to, I mean I do think about work occasionally during the trip as well, but I just choose to strike a balance between work and play (:

My crazy colleagues sent me a video of them doing a crazy rap in office while I was in Taiwan and I guess I have been missed as much as well! Haha! But I think what I missed most is still my mighty breakfast, which has now become my lunch as well because I ran out of ideas what to eat and this is next better food that I could think of~ Even better with real cranberries from Tainan!!!
 photo IMG_20140522_101603_zps9dc7c249.jpg

Hadn’t explored new places for a long time~ Visited Snow White at the new &Eden Cafe as promised! Good to see that this boy’s finally putting his talent into good use and working hard on a proper job now (:

 photo IMG_20140522_202948_zps34941e5e.jpg

Yummy Eggs Benedict!

 photo IMG_20140522_211524_zpse975fb3e.jpg

Crème brûlée!

And complimentary strawberry chocolate tart! He refused to sell it to me because part of the crust has broken…haha! Damn professional one!
 photo IMG_20140522_211507_zpscf21a4df.jpg

Free cab ride to work again!!! 😀 Actually it’s more of an errand because boss’s overseas and I am in-charge of collecting the tapes from the client now~
 photo 20140522_093718_zps90b7a7b3.jpg

 photo IMG_20140522_093639_zpsf8cfd5fe.jpg

BAO kah liao face 😛

And on a random morning, I decided to alight halfway to get my favourite tau sah piah for colleagues! Because the current drama that we’re working on is about tau sah piah, so we’re really likeseeing tau sah piah every day but don’t get to eat! Hahaha!
 photo 20140523_093312_zps4d53b3c1.jpg

 photo 20140523_102824_zps6cdc831a.jpg

The authentic Balestier tau sah piah (:

 photo 20140523_102851_zps5c76fff0.jpg

Super nice especially when it’s hot!!!
100% vegetarian by the way~

Trinity’s outing after a longggggg time~~~ Enjoying the 16 minutes massage for just $1!!!!!!!!! Pretty impressive because it got me groaning like mad that the guys kept asking me to shut up! LOL!
 photo 20140522_214415_zps14330d1b.jpg

 photo 20140523_203050_zpsca1c4d46.jpg

3 new bottles added to collection! But cleared 2 😛

 photo 20140525_004826_zps1413be8b.jpg

Shots over Dai Dee~

 photo 20140518_003620_LLS_zpsd8543a44.jpg

1 more postcard added (:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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