Fishing Day & Class Gathering!

Saturday was quality time spent with le love boy and we went to catch fish together at Pasir Ris farm! 😀

 photo 20140524_103725_zpsbef1b22a.jpg

Hello again, geese~!

 photo 20140524_105755_zps8be33024.jpg

And hello again, fishies!

 photo 20140524_104758_zps403189ad.jpg

Happy boy feeding the fishes!

He was generous at the start, but as the food depletes, he started giving only 2 pathetic bit to each pond -__-”
 photo 20140524_1044010_zps57d03a1e.jpg

 photo 20140524_104401_zpscdc33513.jpg

Watching the fishes swarming in~

 photo 20140524_104835_zps6c4cc3ce.jpg


Wonder which will be the 2 lucky fishes who gets his food…
 photo 20140524_104902_zps6ee9a6c2.jpg

 photo 20140524_1049020_zps0622d2dc.jpg

 photo 20140524_104850_zps2743dd6d.jpg

The hungry and greedy fishes snatching!

 photo 20140524_104927_zpsfc1154be.jpg

Last pond~

 photo 20140524_105253_zps47e023a1.jpg

With the big fish tank

 photo 20140524_105337_zps53273be1.jpg

Overcrowded tank!

Waterspout that the naughty boy was dying to play with~
 photo 20140524_105126_zps5a2336fe.jpg

Started catching our fishies which is the main purpose of this trip because Isaac wanted to “catch fish“. But he ended up playing with the dirty water more and it was mainly Vic and I who caught the fishes! Hahaha!

It wasn’t easy at all and I was sweating like mad as I chased after all the fishes. The net is sooooooo small and even with a bigger net, it doesn’t help much because the fishes are really smart and alert so once they see something coming in the reflection, they move away so quickly!

Sweaty me after 30 minutes of fishing! It was quite fun!!! 😀
 photo IMG-20140524-WA0007_zps7338519d.jpg

And I caught 21 or 22 fishies! Hehehehehe~ I realised that the black fishes are the most stupid because I caught mostly black ones =X
 photo 20140524_113802_zpsdcc5fc42.jpg

Vic’s catch of 18 fishies!
 photo 20140524_113812_zps3ca7f7ff.jpg

But sadly, while packing our fishies to bring home, the bag burst as the person was filling it with air and our fishes dropped all over the floor! CRY!!!– Our hard work all gone 😦

But the staff picked the fishes up to put them back into the pond and compensated us with brand new fishes from the tank. Though those fishes are slightly bigger and of course healthier than those in the longkang pond, I still feel a bit sad because my hard work has gone down the drain, literally.

But at least the loveboy is happy with his fishies!
 photo 20140524_114039_zps2d74efd3.jpg

Why so handsome and cute?!?! ♡♡♡
 photo 20140524_114045_zps5f77d62f.jpg

My new pets!!!” He is always so intrigued by the fishes in my house whenever he comes over and now he has his own! (:
 photo 20140524_1140480_zpsb3f75fe9.jpg

Off for lunch at Compass Point (seriously, when’s the last time I’ve been there?!) and le boy is too busy with his iPad to take selfie with me x.x
 photo 20140524_122945_zps82f5d483.jpg

Driving with his best friend – Bob The Builder!
 photo 20140524_134048_zps3e01359f.jpg

Off for NDP practice all the way at the ulu pandan Kranji Camp again and look at the number of formations we have to remember this year! I have absolutely ZERO confidence that I can memorise all these, let alone the aunties who are still dancing opposite directions from the rest!
 photo 20140524_162301_zps3b6d14d8.jpg

Not trying to be bitchy but I wouldn’t be saying this if they actually bother to do anything about it. They just simply insisted that no audience would be able to spot them doing the step wrong so it’s fine to carry on. *On fire!!!*

That’s not how a team should think and that’s not how a mass display should be! At least not when I first performed for NDP. Back in school if any single person does a step wrong, it will definitely be spotted and corrected and the mad choreographer will be shouting his lungs off from level 2 at the whole cohort of us because that’s teamwork – if a person makes a mistake, it affects the entire mass display.

Well, of course I said nothing this year; it’s not like my profile ain’t high enough now, which is why I am taking the last row this year! Anyway I don’t like doing formations because we don’t get to dance as much this week 😦

 photo 20140524_223150_zps41a54d44.jpg

Pressie from Lyn again, decorated with sai -_-“

Had a gathering with secondary schoolmates over at PS Manhattan Fish Market after almost 9 years!!! Really appreciate Nigel’s initiative for suddenly coming up with this idea and I know it’s not easy at all to organise one, which is why this class chairperson has avoided this duty for so long =X

Yea but I helped out in organising this one and so glad that it turned out to be a success! Of course it would have been much better if we could find places with big round tables, then it would be easier for everyone to talk. But this was the best alternative I could get for 18 people!

Somehow it seemed like I’ve been arrowed for organising the future gatherings because everyone said the gathering page admin skill was “一级棒” -_- Even Vincent who said he has never liked anyone’s post or photo in Facebook actually liked my admin post(s) for the page…hahahaha! Guess I should be super honoured~

Speaking of the little boy, he has grown up so much!!! In terms of height and maturity level…haha! Not longer the little beng back in school who always skips class or bully others! xD
 photo 20140525_185820_zpsd419d815.jpg

Look at how cuteeeeee he was back in school! He even remembers that I used to write his journal homework for him because he refused to hand in his homework and since I love writing journals (it’s like blogging!), I thought it was quite harmless for me to write on his behalf. But it’s just journals, not any other homework of course~
 photo 15336_172933158921_3202974_n_zpsb46f2355.jpg

I don’t know if I have posted all these old photos on my blog before, but I had uploaded on Facebook some time back and we all had a good time reminiscing and laughing over good old memories!
This was taken during our excursion to Kampong Glam! 😀 (Gui really looks like an epic caveman back then)
 photo 15336_172917353921_3934905_n_zpsb12884c5.jpg

In the excursion bus! Actually everyone hasn’t changed that drastically except that Nigel (middle) has forgone his centre parting and Sebas (right) has also lost his baby fats xD
 photo 15336_172915708921_594195_n_zps3009b8b0.jpg

We took so many attempts to take a group photos but failed!!! Hahaha! This was the first one and you can make a comparison of Nigel (in blue) and Sebas (in grey)!
 photo 20140525_211927_zps36a6044a.jpg

Another failed attempt~
 photo 20140525_212057_zps1cc9c861.jpg

And look how much the girls have changed as well! Yihui (in grey) has definitely grown so much prettier!!! Celeste (in front row, black) has also become more feminine (:
 photo 15336_172915738921_4862528_n_zpse9465bc9.jpg

With Kai Bin & Co taken during our NDP 2004 at Indoor Stadium!
 photo 15336_172934558921_6019196_n_zps5b8c3427.jpg

And then our super failed Oscar selfie by Kai Hua!!! LOL!
 photo 20140525_212240_zps4bf91aa6.jpg

This boy has definitely look more mature now as well though the way he speaks is still the same! In fact, everyone is really still the same to me as in the quiet ones will still be quiet and the noisy ones will be more chatty as usual 😛
 photo 15336_172933148921_3245477_n_zps84c9eb34.jpg

Our first class gathering in East Coast Park during Sec 3! xD
 photo 15336_172946528921_4232279_n_zps6b9a711d.jpg

LOL at our poses! Back then it was the hip pose yo~ HAHAHAHAHA.
 photo 15336_172946638921_5659045_n_zps49e6dcd8.jpg

 photo 15336_172940573921_2928595_n_zps13244e9b.jpg

Racial Harmony Day!

 photo 15336_172940368921_421646_n_zps53d6be94.jpg

Another LOL “super hip neoprint pose”!

 photo 15336_172940308921_7494570_n_zps4b0d1bb8.jpg

Racial Harmony Day class photo!

And you can tell how mischievous the boys were… During the gathering, we even reminisced about the days they played soccer in class every day without fail and I would be busy shouting, “Stop playing!!!!!!!!!!!!” Even went on the extent of confiscating their soccer ball! At a point of time I hecked care and they broke the glass window. And dented a fan. -_-”
 photo 15336_172940263921_801433_n_zpsf81372e3.jpg

Teachers’ Day celebration! And yes, I was the one who chose the class motto – Death Before Defeat. Spirit of an Aries =X
 photo 15336_172940358921_2040224_n_zpsb086d3d8.jpg

Finally a proper group photo with everyone clearly in shot! Really appreciate everyone for coming and making the gathering possible, though I felt really bad cause the other end of the table where Kai Bin & Co were seated was really quiet =/
 photo 20140525_213224_zps536fce4e.jpg

Nevertheless, we had so much laughter during the dinner and so much nostalgia thinking back on those days!!! Good to catch up with everyone as well and know that they are all doing well (:

Thought that’s for the night and I was actually ready to hitch a ride from Sis, who was also in PS with Vic and Isaac~ But the guys suggested going for one drink before we call it a day night and I thought I should be spontaneous for it, since I am also one of the organisers! Hehe.

It was another good few hours spent catching up on each others’ lives and in a smaller group this time, cause half of them went off, so it was easier to talk in a way. Really felt that everyone has grown up!!!!!! 老了~!!!x.x

But the good old memories will always be remembered, so will my infamous class 408 (and 307; we were all in the same class for 2 years)! 😉
 photo 15336_172943578921_2597525_n_zps64b1a7ff.jpg

(via theothersideofthingss.tumblr)

(via theothersideofthingss.tumblr)


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