Everything that I miss! ((:

Started the week off with The Amazing Spiderman 2! Finally finally finally~ So happy that it’s still showing! I was so afraid that it would have ended by the time I am back from Taiwan. And I just realised I caught the prequel on my own 2 years ago, but glad that I didn’t have to catch part 2 alone this time ((:

It was quite exciting but I really still prefer the versions with Tobey Maguire! Just that that would mean Mary Jane instead of Gwen Stacy and I love Emma Stone too much! Haha! She’s really so stunning~!

I think Spiderman 2 is slightly better than Godzilla, which I forgot to mention that I watched the week before.

I grew up watching the original Japanese Godzilla movie several times on TV (that’s what happens when you have an elder brother) and I have always liked it! But this Americanised version focused too much on the male lead and completely lost the focus of Godzilla =/

Back then when I watched the original version, I will feel so sympathetic towards Godzilla and to the extent that it sometimes moved me to tears. Like I would feel so “ouch” for him when he is screaming away as the military shoots him when he is being harmless! 😦 But somehow I just don’t feel that much sympathy and sadness in this version…

Was mad hungry since the previous night and when I rushed to office for a good breakfast, guess what I see on my table! Yam kueh which I miss!!! Cause the fierce auntie always refuses to sell me just one piece (she insists on a minimum of 2 pieces) so Ping bought a share for me when buying her own breakfast!!! So much love ❤❤❤
 photo IMG_20140529_102710_zpsf73b1bdc.jpg

Finally swam again as well with my new-found swimming buddy! Ever since Ping rebonded her hair for the coming wedding, we have been putting a stop to our weekly swim and I’m so glad to be back in the pool again! 😀

And finally an out-of-the-area lunch date again too! It has been market, market, market and sometimes cereal these days x.x

 photo IMG_20140529_124155_zpsba52c99d.jpg

Super sour Tom Yum bee hoon!!!

 photo IMG_20140529_124648_zps99cd8fad.jpg

Indian rojak which I miss too! ❤

 photo IMG_20140530_143256_zps41031c8b.jpg

Tried this super old restaurant for the first time for Friday lunch! (:

Friday ended well with an awesome Fridate over at BLooiE’s! Another thing that I miss because it’s been almost 2 years again since I last get to visit!!! 😀 So glad that everything’s still the same – the food, the ambience and even the sign towards the toilet -_-”

 photo 20140530_205002_LLS_zps9a9d8ab4.jpg

My Midori Illusion!

 photo 20140530_204922_LLS_zpsed127a5f.jpg

The every-visit-must-have Portobello burger which I really miss!!!
Still so nice and juicy! ❤

 photo 20140530_204838_LLS_zpsf7df58b7.jpg

Virgin try on their pasta and it’s nice too!

I almost forgot that they have really good lava cake until I was reminded and I’m so glad that I did not miss it out! Cause it’s still so orgasmic please~!!! Just that the peaches are missing this time =/
 photo 20140530_212943_LLS_zps81655503.jpg

Short night stroll at West Coast to digest a little but it started raining!!! Usually I get very turned off by rains but hiding under the shelter like a koala for that short while actually made the night even better ((((((((((((:
Happy girl with a happy Friday night~! Hehe!

Sudden urge to clear off some clothes again which always happens after a trip =/
I was actually thinking of getting more hangers for the new loots from Taiwan but I figured that even if I have 39287148 hangers, they can’t fit into my wardrobes!

So in the end, I decided to clear off those old clothes that I finally convinced myself that I won’t be wearing them anymore. Like those tees that I worn in poly and are too kiddy for me now~ It was quite a big bag and I have so much more space for my new clothes now! 😀
 photo 20140531_114607_zps5e2ccfb1.jpg

Off for NDP practice and learned some new Malay steps before we were down in the parade square, under the scorching hot sun~ It was really, really, really hot and although I complain about the heat, I’m always the first to be on my marker because I know the more we delay, the lesser time we are left with. And after all these years, I still can’t stand those selfish people hiding under the shelter when everyone’s already in their positions! Zzzzzz.

The focus of this practice was mainly on formations and we are starting to dance and do the formations at the same time this week~ Despite walking through the formations a couple of times, it was still a huge mess when we tried to do the whole performance with music! D:

Apart from having to remember so many formations, we couldn’t quite hear the instructions clearly with the music on and so many formations were missed out! We tried it for 2 times and both times I missed a few formations 😦 We all basically looked like lost cats trying to figure out which formation is it now =/

Really hope everything will be better next week!!! Some are still not familiar with the dance steps and now with all the 18 formations (including transitions), it’s really gonna be a challenge. Furthermore, the addition of the new steps is just gonna confuse them more because many were still doing the old steps instead of the new ones we learned earlier the day! Sigh~ So worrisome.

 photo IMG_20140531_203824_zpsd68b0452.jpg

Ice Cream Chef after practice!
Mao Shan Wang, Hershey Chocolate, Chaiyan & Peach Melba! 😀

Added a waffle as “hinted” by the most 辛苦 one! Dote on too much to refuse 😛
Scooped the ice-creams over which explains why they look so erm… unpresentable. Heh.
 photo IMG_20140531_202438_zpsc749c4ec.jpg

(via quotesandimages.com)

(via quotesandimages.com)


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