Taiwan 2014 Day 4 & 5 – Tainan!

12 May 2014

The 2-3 days in Tainan are finally days that I can relax – don’t have to find directions, can just walk blindly because I know Lily would bring us around! 😀 In fact, I did not plan anything for Tainan, so I also didn’t have to worry or be stressed over getting lost and etc~

I didn’t know what’s there in Tainan prior this trip because it doesn’t sound like they have many popular attractions. But since the main purpose of the trip is to visit Lily, it doesn’t make sense if we just stay for like 1 day and that’s it =/

And since we did not get to explore Tainan by the time we reached the previous day, we only started exploring on our second day there~ For a start, Lily brought us to the Anping district which is mainly their 老街 (old streets) and historical memorials. But first, we had to fill our hungry stomachs first!
 photo 20140512_124811_zpsd8943df4.jpg

This is a popular restaurant for 担仔面, which is Tainan’s specialty! Their famous fish roll is also damn good!!!
 photo 20140512_125022_zps610519e4.jpg

We were really full after the meal so it’s time to explore the 老街!
 photo 20140512_134245_zps15d78e39.jpg

I love the 老街 because they sell so many of their old school traditional snacks that I can buy back for friends! 😀 I was still worrying about not being able to find anything to buy back but I managed to find some nice snacks like flavoured green bean cakes, pastries and old school candies!
 photo 20140512_134323_zpsc0e689b8.jpg

They even have super cuteeeeee cookies of different characters – Rilakkuma, Doraemon, Pooh, Mickey and so on! It was definitely a must-buy for me but I was afraid that the fragile cookies would break, so Lily suggested buying on our way back from our “excursion“~

I call it an excursion because the places that she brought us to were like those historical places we would usually go during excursion! Haha! But it’s actually her first time visiting most of these places as well since she’s from Taichung and not Tainan; she’s only there to study~

Actually I’m not such a big fan of history and museums, and I guess so is June, who could hardly read a word on those informational boards…haha! But I just took it as a break whereby we don’t have to rush around or pull my hair over which way to walk 😛 Plus some of the attractions are nice for cam-whoring! Hehe!

The first attraction that she brought us to was the Anping Old Fort, which is like our Fort Canning Park!
 photo 20140512_140158_zps723f5164.jpg

I think we have a cannon in our Fort Canning too!
 photo 20140512_140433_zpsfd753dea.jpg

Oh they have lots of 榕树 (Banyan trees) in the Old Fort and I overheard one of the tour guide saying 榕树 don’t know absorbs your yin or yang (can never get these two right) from your body, which is not a good thing, so I didn’t dare to stand under it! =/
 photo 20140512_140149_zpsb2d35e8d.jpg

The museum inside features all the historical stuff used during the war days~
 photo 20140512_141729_zpsc429405f.jpg

 photo 20140512_140857_zps9d0db2e3.jpg

Model of the old fort

 photo 20140512_145743_zpse0f88d35.jpg

Group shot in the nice garden!

Although we were still full from the lunch, there were still so many nice food that Lily was excited to let us try, so we took a break and settled for some desserts!
 photo 20140513_160806_zps8c4ec2bc.jpg

剉冰 (shaved ice)! One of the popular desserts in Taiwan apart from their 粉圆 and beancurd~ Just look at those yummy mangoes!!!
 photo IMG_20140513_160834_zps4776ee1d.jpg

Failed attempt to take a group picture with the dual-cam function xD
 photo 20140512_142958_zpsfe5f0307.jpg

Moved on to our next attraction – 朱玖瑩故居 (Zhu Jiu Ying House). It’s an art house featuring the work of this famous calligrapher~
 photo 20140512_150842_zps87679c6c.jpg

 photo 20140512_151210_zpsb7f2dd4f.jpg

The Mommeyyyyyy with the 2 god-daughters~

My super failed calligraphic attempt on my surname! xD
 photo 20140512_150448_zps493955da.jpg

June’s attempt is so much more impressive! Really 美 lor!
 photo 20140512_150354_zps36c80f26.jpg

Then I wrote an 爱 and suddenly Lily exclaimed that I have written it wrongly, because it’s missing of the 心! I stared at it for a while and couldn’t recall where exactly should I place the 心!Then we realised that it’s because the Taiwanese uses traditional Chinese, which is 愛, with the 心 in the middle! Hahaha!
 photo 20140512_150344_zpsa3131797.jpg

Walked a distance before we reached our last attraction – 夕遊出張所 (Sio Business Dormitory)! This is a more different place because it’s not so historical but more about salt! Yes, different colourful salt of different birth dates!

 photo 20140512_154359_zpsdb071625.jpg

Guess how many there are in total???
(Answer will be revealed at the end of the post :P)

Found mine! 培养创作能力的浪漫主义者~ 倾像, 热情与安逸….hmmmmm. Kinda chim for me but I think it means creative, romantic, aptness, passionate and easy-going??? Quite true because these are similar characteristics of an Aries! 😀
 photo 20140512_152513_zpsaf5255e6.jpg

 photo 20140512_152624_zps41f3fe38.jpg

The 12 zodiacs

Oh we even tried some salt ice-cream which I did not manage to take a picture of! You get to choose what salt flavour you want on your ice-cream and there is even flavour like curry!!! We tried that and curry ice-cream is just weird, so we switched to plum which tastes more normal…haha!

It started raining so heavily and we sought refuge in the salt place for quite a while before we finally moved off when the rain got lighter~ Only had 1 umbrella for the 3 of us so June used her hoodie instead and got drenched when the rain got heavier halfway when we were walking back =/

Got my cute cookies and Lily suggested eating something again because there’s still this 棺材板 that she wanted us to try. Although we were still kinda full, I’m glad that we tried it because it’s super nice!!!
 photo 20140512_163303_zps7f3814ca.jpg

Finally got a cab to go back to Lily’s place and the cab uncle was exceptionally chatty, talking to us non-stop throughout the journey! Then later on, I realised that he has the same surname as me! So from then on he kept calling me “姓施的” and we also used him as our regular cabbie~
 photo 20140512_170114_zps04df7292.jpg

Had a discussion with Lily and we decided to postpone the initial plan of going to the night market since many stalls may not open due to the rain~ So instead, we decided to visit their “Clarke Quay“! But since it was still pretty early for the night scene, we stayed in the room to rest and try out their Taiwanese childhood game! 😀
 photo IMG_20140512_182156_zps6d9f8e9b.jpg

It’s their 绿豆糕 candy game; each player will take turn to choose a thumb-up sticker and the sticker will reveal if you get to eat one, two, or none! Bu after finishing like 3/4 of the super sweet candy, none of us have picked the red one which allows you to eat 2! Not that we had not eaten enough, but it’s just lucky to pick the red one cause we kept picking the white and blue stickers (get to eat only 1) D:

Then when Lily’s friend – Bob who is joining us for the night came over, guess what he got on his first pick? The red sticker!!!!!! Imagine Lily and I each swallowed like 6-7 candies but did not get the red sticker and he got it with just 1 try! Super lucky!

Off we went to their night scene at 海安路~!

 photo 20140512_214353_zps2a93ea62.jpg

 photo 20140512_214222_zps02fb5fe6.jpg

The ladies with the pretty night street!

But it turned out that many bars were closed due to it being a Monday night, so we settled in this restaurant-bar instead~
 photo 20140512_221547_zps99f9834b.jpg

Simple looking food but yet they all tasted so good!!! Lily even had like 2 bowls of rice! Haha!
 photo 20140512_222913_zpse935777b.jpg

The nice staff allowed us to open our own rice wine that we brought over and I drank like most of it because the rest were on beer! So much laughter and so much to talk about with the 2 Taiwanese because they are just so outgoing and fun! Even had a HTHT session with Lily about Leo because she’s a Leo and I love Leo people! Haha! No wonder we click so well ((:

 photo 20140512_221011_zpsa9a4de3b.jpg

Cheers from Taiwan~! ❤

13 May 2014

Another day of exploring Tainan! Also our last day to do so because we would be moving to Taipei the next day~
 photo 20140513_124827_zps0d6055f5.jpg

Had 担仔面 for lunch again! But a different stall this time which is also supposedly famous, just more expensive.
 photo 20140513_125250_zps9d597dd7.jpg

Was watching how Lily orders the food and realised we had been doing it the wrong way on our first 2 days! Instead of writing the quantity in numerical form, the Taiwanese actually uses the strokes of a 正 word to represent the quantity. So if you want 1, you draw a stroke, if 2 then you add the next stroke and so on! So interesting! Though I think writing 1, 2, 3 is easier 😛
 photo 20140513_125242_zpsc2d6b1b7.jpg

Here comes our noodle! 😀 Tried the soup one for a change so I can’t make a fair comparison~ Plus we were all famished!!!
 photo 20140513_125327_zps76f6c3c8.jpg

Off for our excursion again and our first attraction was some old Chinese historical place which I don’t quite remember what is it about…haha! That’s how much I am interested in history! =X
 photo 20140513_131923_zps9bebef23.jpg

Obviously, I was there to take nice pictures only…hehe.
 photo 20140513_131649_zpsb9130bbe.jpg

And of course to cam-whore! xD
But it was yet another rainy day (Zzzzz….) which made cam-whoring difficult~
 photo 20140513_131719_zps221eb147.jpg

I don’t even know how to read the middle word so I really can’t tell you what place is this =/
 photo 20140513_132019_zps8f52d258.jpg

 photo 20140513_132121_zps8d037b97.jpg

Models again~

 photo 20140513_133224_zps3f712889.jpg

In the derelict place!

Taking every opportunity to cam-whore while I have Lily as photographer! 😛
 photo 20140513_133245_zps4eb8f01e.jpg

 photo 20140513_132549_zps2329408e.jpg

View of outside from level 2~

 photo 20140513_132341_zpsa1b78163.jpg

Looks like temple + palace~

 photo 20140513_133447_zps5410d30a.jpg

Sexy lady pose~

 photo 20140513_133550_zpsd416e45d.jpg

Standard pose =/

One last picture before we leave!
 photo 20140513_134047_zps47b42769.jpg

Our next stop was some temple and although Mommeyyyyyyy and I are totally not the religious kind, I still ended up praying with Lily since we were already there~ Like I said, I pray more in overseas than I actually do in Singapore! Haha!
 photo IMG-20140524-WA0004_zps80bbca83.jpg

Lily then excitedly brought us to the 月老 (the one you pray for love and marriage) and she claimed that many people actually came here for this~
 photo 20140513_135614_zps97486a6e.jpg

I was hesitant to try because I know such thing can sometimes mind-fuck you but I still tried after seeing Lily do! Damnnnnnnn~ So I actually “pua puey(throw that thingy) for the first time! 3 胜杯 and 1 not-胜…considered good but still 😦
 photo IMG-20140524-WA0005_zps30f213d8.jpg

After the temple, we visited the first Confucius school in Taiwan~
 photo 20140513_141456_zpsa2a91ea2.jpg

 photo 20140513_141740_zps65c17dc8.jpg


 photo 20140513_141904_zps4cc90267.jpg

Rainy rainy day 😦

I did not mention but actually all the attractions (except temples) that we visited have got an entrance fee of around NT50 (S$2). But since June and I are really not that keen about Chinese history, we did not pay to go in this time round; we just hung around the FOC area…hehe.

 photo 20140513_142124_zps98bd12b0.jpg

Cam-whoring with zero knowledge of the words behind =X

Oh while we were leaving the place, this man sitting inside the 明倫堂 (Hall of Edification) overheard our conversation and realised that we are not local. So he initiated a conversation with us and then told us to each choose 1 of his calligraphy work as souvenir! I think he’s a retiree but he writes really beautiful calligraphy!

After looking through, we did not understand most of them but I chose this because of the 醉 word! xD
 photo IMG_20140517_010244_zpsaed9bc86.jpg

Group picture at the 孔廟! 😀
 photo 20140513_143617_zps49baf938.jpg

While walking to our next attraction, we came across yet another old street and this modern-looking shop just sticks out like a sore thumb! Couldn’t help but went in to explore this pretty-looking place!
 photo 20140513_145448_zps2fdea7ed.jpg

It’s a lavender shop, selling all sorts of things made with lavender flower!
 photo 20140513_144300_zps5cac2c8e.jpg

 photo 20140513_145159_zps4c2c2666.jpg

Sounds like a sweet story (:

 photo 20140513_145040_zpsc9630cd7.jpg

Homely interior

 photo 20140513_150044_zpscda6d303.jpg

With another giant bear! 😀

Got attracted by their interesting ice-cream flavours so we each got one! HEHE!
 photo 20140513_150144_zpsa945b622.jpg

I am greedier, I got 3! 😛
 photo 20140513_150221_zpsfc8b828b.jpg

With our individual ice-cream! See the happiness on our faces?! Haha!
 photo 1399988314747_zpsdb5554e2.jpg
 photo 1399988323926_zpsf3700d38.jpg

 photo 20140513_150411_zps595ac649.jpg

Lavender, lemongrass and rose flavour!

 photo 20140513_150356_zpsf7e3c900.jpg

I got the rose one of course, and I love it!!! 😀

 photo 20140513_145248_zps919731a7.jpg

With the cute lil’ houses outside

 photo 20140513_150913_zpsebf59d23.jpg

Another unique looking shop~

 photo 20140513_151441_zps7c673732.jpg

End of street

 photo 20140513_151429_zpsdc9bb8c0.jpg


It started raining a little more and again, we sought refuge by finding a place to EAT! Haaa! Actually it’s also because we wanted to try this interesting looking noodle place (:
 photo 20140513_144034_zps7f347f4e.jpg

It’s actually their “Maggi mee” and we ordered one to share, since we were all still full~ It’s yummy!!!
 photo 20140513_152644_zpsd625d7c4.jpg

 photo 20140513_155508_zpsdf8a8749.jpg

Reliving the youthful days 😛

 photo 20140513_155549_zpsf2deb539.jpg

Where’s my trishaw rider??? xD

Chanced upon this super cuteeeee bee cake in a bakery and I was of course so tempted to buy! But it’s cheesecake and I don’t know how long it would last, plus it’s not our last stop yet – we still had Taipei to go to so it would be difficult to keep it in shape 😦 Super sad that I have to forgo it! Looks like it’s made specially for me!!!
 photo 20140513_163058_zps8fcd1c38.jpg

Our last excursion stop was yet another temple, but a different one this time round because there’s no Dua Peh Gong or whatsoever, but the tomb of 5 ladies! This Temple of The Five Concubines (五妃廟) is about these 5 concubines who decided to commit suicide together with their prince to prove their loyalty and this place holds their actual tomb =O
 photo 20140513_164821_zps0ee05acc.jpg

Did a little shopping along the way but did not really see anything that I fancy~ Then Lily got us to try another of their popular street snack – 咸酥鸡, which is like their popcorn chicken! It’s so nice but super sinful! =X
 photo 20140513_171529_zps712d8f64.jpg

 photo 20140513_183912_zps0afeb090.jpg

Pretty sky in the evening (:

Headed over to the Dadong night market (大东夜市), which we wanted to visit the previous night and it’s quite an eye-opener for me! It doesn’t feel like the normal night market in Taiwan but instead, it’s like a big big pasar malam to me!
 photo 20140513_184949_zps497c129f.jpg

For a moment, I thought it’s a night market mainly for food, because there are so many street stalls!!! But thankfully, the apparels stalls are at the back~ I wouldn’t wanna spend the whole night eating…hehe.
 photo 20140513_185136_zpse050180a.jpg

 photo 20140513_185129_zpse3e9a0d0.jpg

All sorts of food!

 photo 20140513_190814_zps4795d340.jpg

We need a night market in Singapore too!!!

As usual, Lily was more excited in getting us try the different food than anything else (though we were still full from the non-stop snacking the whole day), and the first that we tried was 鸭血 (duck’s blood!!!) =OOOOO
 photo 20140513_185339_zpsda9f5ac2.jpg.

The name of it already freaked me out but she insisted that there’s no bloody smell and we should all try a bit at least~ So I tried and it tastes like beancurd, with not much smell at all, but somehow the colour of it still turns me off so I only had a bit…hehe.

I was more excited to try my 臭豆腐 instead because the first time I tried Taiwan 臭豆腐, I fell in love with it!!! It’s so difficult to find authentic 臭豆腐 that is smelly enough in Singapore!
 photo 20140513_192800_zps8fe407f3.jpg

 photo 20140513_190949_zps39f0e1b9.jpg

YUMS~! Super juicy and smelly 香! 😛

 photo 20140513_193118_zps1b47f156.jpg

More street food~!

We were really, really full to squeeze anymore things down so I suggested going for shopping first 😀 So much loots there and luckily we bought all the stuff that we liked, cause later on we realised that the prices at the further back stalls are marked up so much higher even for the same items! -_-”

Happy and fruitful trip~! Finally a night that I found enough cheap bargains to go back feeling satisfied! Hehe! Time to finish our night off with the last dish to try – MEE SUA~!!! I don’t eat oysters but I’ve always been a fan of Taiwan mee sua!
 photo 20140513_210840_zps576583eb.jpg

 photo 1399988320176_zps4934fc12.jpg

Happy us after a rewarding night! 😀

Back to Lily’s place to pack and rest and since it was our last night, we decided to finish off the shots that June bought!
 photo IMG_20140514_000422_zps357ba589.jpg

 photo 20140513_235817_zps2022d22c.jpg

Goodbye Tainan! Cheers~!!!

Answer for the salt question: 366! Because plus 1 for those “lucky” ones born on 29th February! 😀

P.S. For those who are interested in my itinerary, I have uploaded to my Google drive again so you can retrieve it there – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzYd62RZ-o3WFdGZFFKdWxmcGc/edit?usp=sharing

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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