Ping’s Wedding!

So more than 1 year after the proposal, it was finally Ping’s big day!!! But since it was held on a weekday, I had a rush rush morning dressing up and it was also socially awkward wearing so formal not-casual for work the whole day! Haha!

It was also my first day editing with the director of our current drama, so it was stress > excitement =/
Thankfully the young director is quite nice and easy-going, so he also let us off early for Ping’s wedding!

Boss came to fetch us to the hotel and we managed to reach early for the photobooth which Ping kept emphasising that she spent lots of effort on it, so we must come early to make full use! LOL. Of course I am keen for it, but everyone else be it colleagues or the bitches are all the non-cam-whore kind! D:

 photo 20140602_190839_zpsd8f5a8fa.jpg

The couple’s DIY!

 photo 20140602_190831_zpsd614fdb6.jpg

Love is in the air~

 photo 20140602_191110_zps85769613.jpg

The newly-wed!

Ping actually shot and edited this video, which contains footage from her overseas trip with Momo and also the proposal day video! We called it a documentary of herself…LOL. But this documentary garnered lots of attention! xD
 photo 20140602_191617_zps83f1fd02.jpg

As this time round I am not attending the wedding as just a friend but a colleague as well, I was kinda torn between which side to go to at times~ But either side, I was dying for someone to cam-whore with me at the photobooth but the bitches weren’t all there yet and Miss Alicia would be the least interested one x.x

So finally, all the bitches arrived and I managed to drag them for a cam-whore session! Just then, the siao char boh bride rushed out and went, “还有我!还有我!!” LOL!

The FSV-ers, together with Jim and Julian! But the latter wasn’t there as Sonia’s boyfriend, he was the hired photographer of the night! Haha! Which also explains why we always get extra shots 😛
 photo 1508986_230566773820589_1509695926598311311_n_zps0a90900f.jpg
 photo 10373847_230566813820585_3844681577953659528_n_zps0bcfa872.jpg
 photo 10352567_230566870487246_4098577710196806582_n_zps39b7bd17.jpg
 photo 10414426_230566780487255_6114463016953978090_n_zps34313805.jpg

And then with the colleagues (and ex-colleagues)! Double-cam-whoring for me! xD
Oh the one who is proactively promoting himself as Mr Single (for the night), that’s my boss! ROFL.
 photo 10418265_230568800487053_3920215056848872780_n_zps558e4d96.jpg

Into the ballroom~!
 photo 20140602_195914_zps2b3b52b5.jpg

It was a nice time catching up and seeing old colleagues, ex-schoolmate and old friends again! Definitely missed our 姐妹 – Uncle J!!!
 photo 20140602_200608_zps9e3c193d.jpg

 photo 20140602_200639_zpsec9586fd.jpg

我们心中永远的 gentleman! Haha!

I was arranged to sit with the colleagues instead of the bitches because Alicia would be “alone“, but of course I kept running between both tables so that I would not miss out on any bitchy gossips! 😛
 photo 20140602_200345_zps009f6a64.jpg

 photo 20140602_200456_zps8926cef1.jpg

The Bitches

 photo 20140602_200915_zpsa4225b37.jpg

The Daddy with his “kids” xD

 photo 20140602_202933_zps0ba0273f.jpg

Atas-looking vegetarian meal!

Did not take as many photos because we weren’t sisters or what so it would be damn paiseh to keep running to the front to take pictures~ But I still managed to capture a bit of the first march-in from our table! 😀

 photo 20140602_211231_zps09a3672f.jpg

Toilet break with Siew Siew!

 photo 20140602_211340_zpsdbb829f3.jpg

Groom busy preparing for the 2nd march-in!

Yay~! The bride is spotted too!
 photo 20140602_212151_zps2f74e0f3.jpg

Another round of cam-whore! xD
 photo 20140602_211502_zpsc74a62f2.jpg

But just when I wanted to take a solo picture with the bride, the groom came in x.x
 photo 20140602_211638_zpsfb4aa24e.jpg

So I decided to snatch the bride!!!!!! 😛
 photo 20140602_211733_zpsa87cfc49.jpg

 photo 20140602_2124390_zps41f5395b.jpg

The bitches / FSV-ers again!

 photo 1402321116530_zps2ec814df.jpg

Poor Jim! LOL!

Back to the ballroom and continued the cam-whore session with Alicia! xD
 photo 20140602_220545_zpsdbd50a4e.jpg
 photo 20140602_220409_zps45ba775a.jpg

I was telling her that’s her nice side view so she attempted to do it with the other side to see if it’s true…LOL.
 photo 20140602_220614_zps5072fd8a.jpg

 photo 20140602_213032_zps3f1176e1.jpg

Second march-in!

The newly-wed made their individual speeches and I couldn’t stop laughing at Ping’s! Because even she couldn’t stop laughing at herself!!! LOL! Her speech was so unprepared and impromptu, which made it rather forthright to the extent that she kept laughing after each line!

But it also made the speech so her (so siao!) and that’s why I kept laughing till tears welled up in my eyes! For once I wasn’t tearing because I was touched…HAHAHAHAHA! She’s really such a siao char boh!!!!

But of course, I am very happy for her and touched by the fact that I kinda saw how they’ve come all the way till today~ Every relationship has its ups and downs and theirs was no exceptional. I remember at the starting stage when Ping was still a crybaby, she was so emo about Momo not spending enough time on her and etc~

At that time I was also having the same relationship problem so we used to have durian sessions after work at Chinatown and we would rant to each other…haha! Ultimately she was strong enough to have held on and Momo also learned to cherish her much much much more!

He even tricked Ping to get down the stage and then read a surprise speech for her! Awwwww~ I admit that I almost teared as memories of their “journey” started forming in my head during his speech! So happy that this girl’s determination has paid off and that she has found someone who really dotes on her now! (((((:

Camped at the bitches’ table so that I wouldn’t be left out when the groom and bride comes over for photo! 😛
 photo 10300154_230954087115191_5112247482539024703_n_zps395a2155.jpg

Then ran back right away to the colleagues’ table next! Haha! Super busy xDDD
 photo 20140602_223159_zpsfa3ed8cc.jpg

Last bit of cam-whore before the night ended! 😀
 photo 1402321115606_zps67880a54.jpg
 photo 1402321112347_zps67880a54.jpg
 photo 1402321110486_zps8cf07e33.jpg

 photo 20140602_231129_zps914a89c9.jpg

DIY wedding car!




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