Of rainbow & sunshine (:

My mini garden at home! That small thingy is my brother’s new “animal hair” plant (just a name) and the cacti are mine! 2.5 years and still growing tall and strong ❤
 photo IMG_20140601_181737_zps04e6fb56.jpg

After 3 straight days of re-edit, we ended with a sweet treat from the director! Actually he was bugging us since day 1 to go for drinks and we finally agreed to accompany him for some desserts…haha!

Brought them to Windowsill for pies and I am glad that they both love the place and the pies! 😀 Had a long chat there till the place closed and at the end of the conversation, I realised that my director actually knows my brother, so do many of the crew! They were all equally shocked to learn that…haha!

 photo IMG_20140604_195409_zps3014c283.jpg

My must-order lime vodka tart!

 photo IMG_20140604_195441_zpsf5a5db12.jpg

Super thick and yummy chocolate!

 photo 20140604_200431_zpsba4a6524.jpg

The director’s atas burger!
The mushroomsssss look yummy!

Finally getting to lunch out of the area a bit more often now and I tried brown rice for the first time! Actually it was the eggplant that attracted me 😛 But brown rice is surprisingly nice!!!
 photo IMG_20140605_145515_zps54d1e83d.jpg

Explored another new place – Backstage! Hehe!
 photo 20140605_210647_LLS_zps6305ca68.jpg

It’s been some time since I last visited a new place and I definitely appreciate the effort each time! Though visiting the 老地方s with good food/ambience makes me a happy girl too~ 😀
 photo 20140605_210554_LLS_zps2181ffec.jpg

The interior feels so dancey~ It just reminds me of Step Up somehow!
 photo 20140605_210614_LLS_zpse130bc1a.jpg

 photo 20140605_200410_zps1903adee.jpg

Slate clock! So cool!!!

 photo 20140605_202209_LLS_zpse26a9608.jpg

Veggie aglio olio & fried mushroom! 😀

First time trying rainbow cake!!! I have seen it a couple of times before but I remember Lyn telling me that it tastes like normal butter cake actually – nothing special, so I did not try. It doesn’t taste as amazing as it looks but the bit of red velvet taste still made it quite nice! (:
 photo IMG_20140605_204403_zps9b4e9a3b.jpg

Sooooooo long since I last had macarons!!!! ❤
 photo IMG_20140605_204652_zps38b9989f.jpg

Last practice at Kranji Camp on Saturday (finallyyyyy!!!) and the focus was mainly on formations again since it’s a combined rehearsal and we didn’t have much time to rehearse on dance.

Dance steps were obviously still messy, and so were the formations, but at least I managed to do every of my formation after like 2 rounds of practice! Previously it was always formation 5 jump all to the way to like formation 9 =/

Dancing with a cramp ain’t fun at all and I don’t know how people can still be complaining about the sun and so on when it’s not even their first year…Zzzzz. Stayed over at Sissy’s place after that for the convenience of going in to JB the next day! (:

Woke up the same time as the loveboy again and spent the morning playing guns with him again~ Maybe I should start making him play with Barbie dolls…LOL.

Halfway through, I said something about him (I think it’s about him cheating for the game) and he said, “不要跟你好了!“, with hands crossed behind as he walked out…LOLOL! Made my day once again! But I can’t believe he has learnt that at less than 3!!!

Finally went in JB again to stock up my war snacks for office and home! And because my bag is so so so heavy with all the clothes and nonsensical NDP stuff, and Jeong didn’t wanna let me use my ugly NDP bag as recycle bag (he said it’s damn auntie), he ended up being my 男佣, carrying my bag for me for the whole day! Hahaha! I usually dislike guys carrying bags for girls but this is exceptional cause it’s really heavy!!! >.<
 photo 20140608_115235_zps475f292f.jpg

 photo IMG_20140608_122811_zps3fa4b150.jpg

Hello again, curry fishhead! Long time no see~

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I live for my passion and with passion.
(via thezodiaccity.com)


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