Taiwan 2014 Day 6 – Hot Spring & Shilin!

14 May 2014

Woke up with a super hungry stomach again that I gobbled down 2 of these muffins that Lily got for us! Initially I was skeptical because of the nuts on top but the muffins turned out so niceeeeeeeeeeee please~!!! Even have dried longans inside and the whole cake is so moist! SUPER NICE!!!!!!!
 photo 20140514_102505_zps858216f6.jpg

Packed our stuff and called for the same cab driver who has the same surname as me, since we have been taking his cab for the past few days. Set off early because I had already bought the Tainan to Taipei 高鐵 tickets in advance, so we wouldn’t wanna miss our train~

Took some shots with Lily’s super cool scooter while waiting for the cab!
 photo 20140514_111806_zps837b959c.jpg

Initially, Lily wanted to rent scooter for us for the ease of travelling around and I was like =OOOOOOOOO
I already took so long to get my driving licence so I can’t imagine learning bike now -_- And I think by the time the clumsy us master, we would not be left with much time to travel! Haha!
 photo 20140514_111724_zps287ffb33.jpg

Tried putting Lily’s helmet on and she said I look very 台!Can pass off on the road xD
 photo 20140514_111859_zpsa8bea495.jpg

In the end after a long wait, the cab driver flew our aeroplane! Apparently, he had been trying to psycho us to take his cab to the high-speed rail station (which is much further) instead of just the 火车站 but we refused, so he delayed the time on purpose after knowing that we have a train to catch, so that we would be left with no choice but to take his cab to the high-speed rail station! How cunning!!!

Lily was getting so impatient and pissed with him that despite several calls to him, he continued delaying the time and telling us that he’s reaching! In the end he told us to get another cab when we insisted that we only wanna take to the  火车站…Zzzzz! Luckily we decided to set off early so after all the delays, we still managed to catch our train just in time with another cab!

 photo 20140514_143318_zpsf5d9d9fe.jpg

Comfortably seated in the high-speed rail!

Oh I was so sad when their bento set was sold out at the station because I heard it’s nice and I wanted to try! Luckily they sell the bentos on the train as well (but I think a different one) and I was so delighted!
 photo 20140514_131259_zps3e277a5e.jpg

Looks so yummy!!! xD
 photo 20140514_131354_zpse3b80022.jpg

June was very much amused by my delight because she said she never seen me looking so hungry before…hahahaha! I wasn’t that hungry but I just like to try everything! 😀
 photo IMG-20140523-WA0023_zps0efdda0f.jpg

Finally arrived at our last stop – Taipei after a close to 2 hours train ride! Taipei indeed looks different from the other cities; more modern~ Oh I definitely missed this place!
 photo 20140514_162101_zpsed3b66c5.jpg

Didn’t take us too long to find our 民宿 – ColourMix and once again, I was keeping my fingers crossed that the place would turn out fine~ The building looks a bit shabby but thank goodness the interior of the 民宿 upstairs were pretty decent! (:

The room was bigger than the one in Taichung but still a bit small. Luckily the staff mentioned that they have another room at the other level and asked if I wanna take a look. The room turned out bigger than the one we had booked and they were willing to give it to us at the same price as our original room, so of course we chose the latter!
 photo 20140514_152804_zpsb4816121.jpg

 photo 20140514_152809_zps9a45f50d.jpg

Our pinky room for the next 3 nights! 😀

 photo 20140514_152821_zps920e0afe.jpg

Even has a pink comfy sofa!

 photo 20140514_153051_zpsdc784416.jpg

Clean and nice bathoom!

 photo 20140514_160659_zps52fd7462.jpg

The unique-looking corridor!

Since we already spent half a day travelling, we decided not to waste anymore time and set off to Beitou right away! It was actually pretty hot in Taipei but Mommeyyyyyyy said since we’re already there, we should try the stuff that we won’t get to try in Singapore, so off we went for our hot spring!

Alighted at Xinbeitou and I was busy finding food, afraid that I would faint halfway during the hot spring 😛 In the end, I got myself a banana egg tart from their KFC!
 photo 20140514_170938_zpsf35fc53e.jpg

The whole area was full of hotels with hot spring facilities and we simply did not know which to choose! Plus we were kinda expecting their hot spring to be the real outdoor nature kind =/

Well they do have one public outdoor hot spring there and it’s damn cheap, but the attire is strictly swimsuit only and I did not bring any for this trip! They purposely marked up their swimwear prices so that you would be left with no choice but to get one~

After much consideration, we decided to go for the private ones in the hotel as we were horrified by how crowded the public hot spring was! We just don’t feel safe sharing it with all the PRCs, especially in swimsuit, plus the swimsuit cost would probably make up the same cost as going to the private ones.

 photo 20140514_172324_zps53254db5.jpg

Mini fountain

 photo 20140514_172627_zpsa491b9cc.jpg

Spring water~

We decided to walk further up to check out more hotels and happened to spot this with a promotion for 2! I think it was around NT 600 (S$25) for 2 persons (45mins), which is still quite reasonable!
 photo 20140514_184819_LLS_zps4cf2c9f0.jpg

June said it’s a bit like those love hotels whereby couples come to have their private hot spring together…hahaha! Here’s my sexy “lover” for the day~
 photo 20140514_180621_zps59f46650.jpg

 photo 20140514_174941_zpsb63c4619.jpg

Before hot spring!

 photo 20140514_183358_zps19be3334.jpg

Because it’s freaking hot!!!!!!! But shiok~

The sky was already dark by the time we were done and we were definitely hungry after sweating so much! Haha!
 photo 20140514_184757_LLS_zpsfa90a2ba.jpg

Off to Shilin night market for some shopping and street foodddddddd! 😀
 photo 20140514_194502_LLS_zps77a07b20.jpg

We were actually supposed to find food first but somehow we started shopping right away, thanks to the shopaholism in me! Wahahaha~
 photo 20140514_205237_LLS_zps68cfb549.jpg

Finally went to grab some food and the first that we tried was this popiah-like thing which we gobbled up in no time xD
 photo 20140514_220501_zps0d2b3b9d.jpg

Spotted something that I really missed from my previous tripAh Zhong mee sua (阿宗面线)!!! Luckily I tried it at Shilin because I couldn’t find the one in Ximending later on! But somehow it doesn’t taste as fantastic as last time…hmmmmm.
 photo 20140514_220849_zps0c0b59fe.jpg

Was searching for the famous Shilin 鸡排 but somehow I couldn’t find any stall selling chicken chop! Finally spotted 豪大大鸡排 and I don’t know if this is THE famous one in Shilin but I just went to grab one! I remember the one I tried during my previous trip has got bones, but this doesn’t have…hmmmmm.
 photo 20140514_223547_zps0d8b4eb2.jpg

 photo IMG-20140523-WA0026_zps9efbcec0.jpg

Waiting for my BIG chicken chop! xD

I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it because it’s so damn huge but I still wanted to try to original Taiwanese version! Too bad June was sick and she couldn’t help me with it, so I had to waste like half of the chicken chop off.

I forgot if we actually tried this but there were so many other stuff, especially my favourite 冰糖葫芦 that I wanted to try, just that I was already full D:
 photo 20140514_222852_zps9b0d5d4d.jpg

Quite a bit of loots and June also got like 3 or 4 pairs of shoes! But I didn’t feel like it’s enough to make up for the previous few loot-less nights so I was dying to shop more! Too bad June got tired from all the shopping and we did not manage to finish the whole night market~ So back to our 民宿 to prepare for our long day the next day!

P.S. For those who are interested in my itinerary, I have uploaded to my Google drive again so you can retrieve it there – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzYd62RZ-o3WFdGZFFKdWxmcGc/edit?usp=sharing

(via quotesandimages.com)

(via quotesandimages.com)

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