As the current drama is coming to an end, new projects start coming in and it’s soon time to move off from my enjoyable drama life 😦 I don’t wanna go back to variety~~~ CRYYYYY!

Monday started off with a boring multi-cam science project which lasted me for 3 days because my drama directors are still busy with the other episodes and my round belongs to the last 7 episodes~ The 5 cameras of footage really caused me a headache and I was so glad to take a break from it to have a good lunch!

My long-missed olive rice!!! It’s a blessing in disguise that Porridge King wasn’t open I guess 😀 But still miss my Holland Village one so much!!!!!!!!!!

Another day’s out-of-area lunch – Bak Kut Teh noodle with the super 香 pandan chicken again!
 photo IMG_20140610_133056_zpsd50e9202.jpg

And impromptu movie date for my long-awaited X-Men!!! TEEHEE~

It’s nicer than Spiderman in my opinion; not so much of the excitement part but rather the storyline! I dislike stories that are too easy and coincidental and X-Men is quite well-plotted! Plus Wolverine is just so ❤_❤ ! Hehe!

Was so looking forward to Thursday because it’s finally my turn for director’s re-edit again and I can finally throw the science project aside! This time round the director is more experienced and also more slack easy-going so we managed to finish like 2 episodes in a day!

Our hot topic for that few days was none other than the recent gruesome murder case which a legless body was found in a luggage just right in front of my office! It was so scary because the day when it happened, I witnessed the crowd and police on the cordoned street and I did not even dare to look after hearing rumours of the murder case!

After the news was confirmed later that night, I felt so disturbed and paranoid, especially when I have to walk past that “crime scene” every single day! I can’t help but have the image of the bloody luggage (that I saw in news) floating in my head whenever I walk past now and I would also wonder where are the legs!!!

It was so disturbing to the extent that I kept looking around the bushes when I walk past, thinking if I would spot any chopped off legs! Or even when I was waiting for the bus after work, I would wonder if they could be under my seat! I mean if the body is so near my office, the legs can’t be too far off, which is true because eventually they found the legs at the cemetery which is also quite near my office T.T

But at least they are being found now… Though my impression of the place has become even more “unsafe” now. I used to be okay with staying in office alone but when I was alone on Friday and I suddenly heard someone coming in, I kinda had a shock. But it turned out to be my colleagues from the other side -_- Gonna take some time before I get rid of this paranoia.

Met up with Limin and gang because Abby is back to SG for her summer holiday! Everywhere is soooo crowded on a Friday night and we finally settled in Everything With Fries~ It’s my first time trying! Sua gu much =X

So excited to see that they have mille crepe cakes as well! Despite being full from our meal, we still cleared the 2 cakes in a short while…hehe! Who can ever resist mille crepe~

 photo 20140613_210945_zpsd404f550.jpg

Vanilla mille crepe!
Thicker than Lady M’s (so not as soft), but still nice! 😀

 photo 20140613_211217_zps261934ff.jpg

Nutella mille crepe!
We actually like this more!

 photo IMG_20140613_213148_zps6e91d390.jpg

Taiwan gifts from Chii Hian & Europe candy jar from Abby!

And on top of that, look what Chii Hian got for me from Taiwan! Actually I got her to change for me using my remaining 7-11 stickers from my trip but she got an extra set for herself and also a Rilakkuma tumbler for me!
 photo 20140613_200728_zps2401cba9.jpg

We were both so nervousssss to open the utensil set because we don’t know what design we would get! In the end I got 2 of the same Kiiroitori spoon (the yellow chick) 😦 But Chii Hian exchanged her Rilakkuma chopstick with me!!! *toucheddddd!*
 photo IMG_20140614_010536_zpsf1d66633.jpg

So now I have all 3 characters – Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori! HEHEHE! 😀

We were supposed to go shopping and walk walk after that but somehow we ended up chatting in the middle of the mall again and eventually sitting down at somewhere random!
 photo IMG-20140613-WA0011_zpsdbaff257.jpg

 photo 20140613_224632_zpsf9b5488d.jpg

Reunion time~!

 photo 20140613_224638_zps33283a07.jpg

Welcome back, Abby!!!

NDP practice on Saturday and finally we are off to the platform! But was super turned off by the welfare when every of the chairs was as black as this….Zzzzzz. You want us to come early and sit there to wait, can, but at least give us clean chairs to sit and wait right -.-”
 photo 20140614_152701_zps36bbfbaf.jpg

Went through the dance steps again including some changes in the Chinese steps which are quite major to our side because we have to change side/direction completely for every step! Arghhhhh…now I regret not taking my usual right side of the stage -.- I was finally familiar with the steps and now I have to get used to these changes all over again~

Finally set off to the platform for the actual rehearsal after dinner and we managed to run through 2 rounds! First round was messyyyyyyy again because we are still not familiar with when to change the formation without any prompting.
 photo 20140614_182511_zps1e07730f.jpg

We were waiting for instruction to change but somehow the instruction stopped halfway and we ended up missing on many formations. Everyone was like lost and standing in different formation while I was like frantically asking non-stop, “Which formation now??! Which formation now??!” and nobody knows either! Hahaha! Quite funny for a moment; it’s like we just 乱 together!

Then second round was kinda better after clarifying a few stuff with the new leader. Somehow I was responsible for giving the cue because I was the one who clarified with him but the new leader is also not that familiar with the formation, plus there are just way too many formations this time round to run to, so I was still quite unsure too! I just agar agar cued in the way that at least we would manage to complete all our formations, though we still don’t know if that’s right or wrong =X

Timbre instead of Paulaner after practice in celebration of 999 days! ❤
They played all my favourite songs – Say Something, All Of Me & I Won’t Give Up! 😀 And and and, they have a new drinks menu now!!!!!

 photo 20140614_215034_LLS_zps3d155d16.jpg

Berry Illusion for the suckers for berries! Yums!

 photo 20140614_215224_LLS_zpsc8119f18.jpg

Super unique white wine with chrysanthemum & fruits! Nice!!!

 photo 20140614_215355_LLS_zps54e2925d.jpg

The same mushroom pizza ((:

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0001_zps2b0f0559.jpg

Super chocolatey chocolate fondant!!!

Caught my first ever World Cup football match with Trinity and I was basically there to give annoying comments like, “The player is bribed“, “Where’s the ball? (most frequently asked question)“, and “The goalkeeper is lousy“. Then I fell asleep halfway, but it was still 2-0 when I woke up – the same score as when I KO-ed! LOL. Woke up in time to catch the last goal~ 3-0…yay!!! Can go home and sleep liao! xD


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