Taiwan 2014 Day 7 – Jiufen & Shifen

15 May 2014

Started the day with this super nice pudding ice-cream cause I was mad hungryyyyy while waiting for Mommeyyyyyy!
 photo 20140515_103054_zpsd39f8c85.jpg

It’s really super nice please!!! How I wish we have it in Singapore! D:
 photo 20140515_103346_zpsc42c445c.jpg

 photo 20140515_103222_zps6eb19082.jpg

Lazing on the comfy couch~

 photo 20140515_103322_zps1bff9242.jpg

❤ caramel pudding-flavoured stuff!

Set off for our long journey to Jiufen (九份) via 火车!
 photo 20140515_114842_zpse50e899c.jpg

Managed to get the bento at the station this time! 😀 It was quite an expensive one, but YUMS~
 photo IMG_20140515_115647_zpsfd569f3c.jpg

Finally arrived at Jiufen and it was my first time there! Have been hearing people mention this place and I finally had a chance to visit! (:
 photo 20140515_125830_RichtoneHDR_zps560aabf8.jpg
 photo 20140515_125939_RichtoneHDR_zps925dfb8a.jpg

 photo 20140515_130228_RichtoneHDR_zps34897306.jpg


 photo 20140515_130455_zpsd8cc32ed.jpg

Trying their local sausage!

It’s a nice place to shop for souvenirs and their traditional delicacies but it’s also super crowded! =O
 photo 20140515_131241_RichtoneHDR_zps193ad1a9.jpg

Finally somewhere breathable =/
 photo 20140515_132135_RichtoneHDR_zps2817d5c4.jpg

Got attracted to this ice-cream popiah thing and luckily we stopped by to get one to try! It’s so unique and nice!!! 😀
 photo 20140515_133223_RichtoneHDR_zps9bd183dc.jpg

 photo 20140515_133216_RichtoneHDR_zpsd569f873.jpg

Grating the big block of peanut!

 photo 20140515_133236_RichtoneHDR_zpscdbfc515.jpg

Looks like a popiah stall!

 photo 20140515_133313_RichtoneHDR_zpse3f0d6e1.jpg

But wrapped with ice-cream! 😀

Continued exploring the old streets!
 photo 20140515_133835_RichtoneHDR_zps110a0402.jpg
 photo 20140515_133730_RichtoneHDR_zps26e65c27.jpg

 photo 20140515_140410_RichtoneHDR_zps91fd6c70.jpg

Sea view from 九份!

 photo 20140515_140423_RichtoneHDR_zps0d4daec3.jpg

“Little” houses

 photo 20140515_140532_zps007d03ba.jpg

Panoramic view from 九份!

 photo IMG-20140523-WA0024_zps89a83edf.jpg

At one of the less crowded alleys~

 photo 20140515_141932_zps66ec9704.jpg

Pretty old street!

After conquering that longggg flight of stairs~ Going down is still easy, but imagine we had to walk all the way up again =/
 photo IMG-20140523-WA0027_zps3f7bf8dd.jpg

 photo 20140515_142125_zps3ec4a097.jpg

Would be nice if that’s a house!

 photo 20140515_140432_RichtoneHDR_zps3266817d.jpg

What a nice view!

Combed through the place in a shorter time than I expected before moving on to our next stop – 十分!While sharing my trip experience, I realised quite a number of people didn’t know the existence of 十分; they would be like, “九份 lah, where got 十分?!” Haha!

So to prove to you guys, here is the train map! Basically you gotta take train back to Ruifang again from 九份 and change line to get to 十分~  It may seem like a few stops but the journey between each stop was quite long, so it took a nap while before we finally reached =/
 photo 20140515_114805_zpsc08b6b21.jpg

 photo 20140515_153804_zpsf17526fc.jpg


You probably couldn’t tell from this picture but it was yet another rainy day x.x
 photo 20140515_154945_zps3b902195.jpg
 photo IMG-20140523-WA0028_zpsd172fe9d.jpg

Wanted to go to the bridge so much to take pictures but thanks to the rain, I did not get to! Sigh~ Even if I had gone alone, I wouldn’t have anyone to take pictures for me 😦
 photo 20140515_155144_zpsd9468baf.jpg

Basically there’s nothing much in 十分 except for this railway track, but this track is famous for putting 天灯 and people usually come here specially for this! I was super excited for it because I had always wanted to put 天灯 and I had not tried before!!!
 photo 20140515_155504_zpsa039f69c.jpg

 photo 20140515_155505_zpsfe39052b.jpg

Flying higher and higher~

 photo 20140515_155507_zps9762e6da.jpg

Heading to the sky!

 photo 20140515_155624_zps1f9216de.jpg

All the 天灯 in the sky!

 photo 20140515_155721_zps57a3a324.jpg

May all your wishes come true! 😀

 photo 20140515_155048_zps290a3fcc.jpg

One of the many 天灯 shopsssss~

 photo 20140515_155936_zpsbff8f77a.jpg

Writing wishes!

Since it was drizzling and there were way too many people putting the 天灯, I decided to do it later and explored the place first~ Saw a sign saying there’s a waterfall and we decided to check it out despite of the drizzle, since we were all the way there already.

I was quite skeptical of the waterfall because I remember climbing all the slopes and walking a long way to the Wulai waterfall as well but it turned out to be such a mini one -_- And it was indeed quite a long walk again; we were stopped by cab drivers a few times warning us of exaggerated distance we have to walk; one even said it’s gonna take 1 hour, which is obviously not true -.- But it still took around 20-30 minutes.

20-30 minutes don’t sound like a long walk usually but when it’s under the rain, it kinda took forever x.x
And we couldn’t take many photos either, so these were all I took~
 photo 20140515_162811_zpsbf133cc0.jpg

 photo 20140515_162346_zpsc21bf298.jpg

Another bridge that we saw on the way~

 photo 20140515_162429_zpsd016a6db.jpg

On the shaky bridge!

 photo 20140515_162557_zpse620528f.jpg

Thank god it wasn’t this.

 photo 20140515_163755_zps9bdde498.jpg

A small lake~

 photo 20140515_162632_zpsd4eb8a94.jpg

On the way

 photo 20140515_163747_zpsbf3a3086.jpg

Mini bridge

In the end, after the 20-30 minutes walk battling with the rain and yucky wet paths, we finally reached the waterfall only to find out that there is a gantry there and you need to PAY to get in! Like seriously WTF…you mean you gotta pay to see something from the nature???!

Although the entrance fee is not very expensive (forgot how much), it still feels ridiculous, so we actually dropped the whole idea of seeing the waterfall and walked all the way back. Halfway through, the rain even got so heavy that I was battling with my flying-umbrella while carrying the super heavy loads of 太阳饼 from 九份 earlier on…mad 狼狈 one x.x

Finally walked back to the track area but the rain was too heavy for 天灯 😦 The half-drenched June wasn’t keen to put 天灯 because she had tried it before and all the bad stuff happened to her instead, so she refused to put. But I definitely couldn’t just go off without putting, so I insisted on waiting for the rain to get lighter before people start to put again (:
 photo 20140515_160113_zps341e140b.jpg
 photo 20140515_160201_zps8be9bad1.jpg
 photo 20140515_160202_zps4ad60fd1.jpg
 photo 20140515_1602020_zpsaf218d00.jpg
 photo 20140515_160205_zps5e3ad179.jpg

Had a hard time deciding which shop to get my 天灯 from because there are just too many shops selling!!! Finally decided on one which has quite a number of people buying from and the staff will also help you to take pictures, which is just what I needed! 😀

 photo 20140515_171544_zpsfb0d2428.jpg

My pink 天灯!

 photo 20140515_171621_zpsc01ea8f0.jpg

Staff putting on some fuel-soaked paper in the lantern for lighting up later~

Took a long time to finish writing all 4 sides of my 天灯 because I had to keep typing hanyu pinyin on my phone for all the Chinese words! LOL. And when I was ready to put, the train came by x.x
 photo 20140515_174107_zps48eb0930.jpg

Every time a train is approaching, the shop staff would be informed and everyone will have to keep clear of the track, putting a short stop to the releasing of 天灯~
 photo 20140515_174113_zps7fb4b0c3.jpg

Oh everyone was like putting the 天灯 in a group or at least as a couple but I was the only one putting alone!

Staff: 你一个人放啊???

Me: 不可以一个人放吗???

Staff: 可以。。。可是你的朋友呢?

Me: 她不要放。

Staff: 她在哪里??

Me: 坐在那里,她在顾东西。

Staff: 你去叫她来一起放啦。。。

Me: Huh…她不要。。。

Staff: *为难* Okay…那你一个人放。

So with the help of another staff helping me hold the lantern (she’s hiding behind it!), I managed to release my very first sky lantern! 😀 Finally fulfilled another of my own wish! Too bad most of the pictures turned out blur and I couldn’t possibly redo the whole process again –CRY!!!
 photo 20140515_174224_zpsdb65e15a.jpg

20140515_174235 copy

The only clear shot x.x

 photo 20140515_174241_zps79244a6d.jpg

My front view shot is so blur! D:

 photo 20140515_174249_zpsbf3ef34d.jpg

Turning the lantern to the “front” view that I want~

 photo 20140515_174306_zps0d131c98.jpg

Releasing now! 😀

 photo 20140515_174304_zpsee76b9e3.jpg

So blur 😦

 photo 20140515_174310_zpsf8a7edcb.jpg

My very first 天灯 in the sky!!! Hehe!

 photo 20140515_174311_zps8ff65176.jpg

Flying high up~

 photo 20140515_174314_zps8b5ee75c.jpg

May my wishes come true as well ((:

Finally time to leave the place! But we had to wait like 30-40 minutes for the next train and I took the chance to get one of these unique drumstick rice to try! It’s nice! They took out the bones of the drumstick and stuffed rice inside; such a special “chicken rice“!
 photo 20140515_180234_zps4d5ad41a.jpg

The rain got heavier again while we were waiting for the train and I could see 天灯 starting to descend from the sky… So worried that mine would also drop halfway somewhere before it reaches my Ti Gong 😦 Then my wishes wouldn’t come true anymore…

Another long journey back to Ximending but I wasn’t planning to let the day end just like that, though I know Mommeyyyy was already tired and turned off by the whole rainy day, so she would rather relax in the room and watch My Love From Another Star (she was addicted to it after watching 1 episode the night before -_-“).

So I decided to go out on my own while she rest in the room, which she agreed on the idea…yay~! Wanted to check out Shida night market initially because I only found out about it while researching for this trip and it’s quite highly-raved, but I know I wouldn’t have time to visit all 3 night markets (Raohe, Shilin & Shida) 😦 My only 遗憾 for this trip~

Unfortunately, it was already 8+ and I figured that I wouldn’t have much time to shop around the night market, so I decided to just shop around in Ximending, which I doubt I would have time for too. This place definitely brings back so much memories from the trip 5 years ago and it’s a place I wouldn’t wanna miss either!
 photo 20140515_205723_zpsfa0a733d.jpg

But it has changed quite a bit and I could hardly remember the different streets anymore~ And I didn’t see all the street stalls anymore! Maybe it’s because of the rain so the stalls decided not to open for the night 😦
 photo 20140515_221527_zps4d5e8d66.jpg

Luckily I still managed to find our hotel by chance and the place where we tried the oyster omelette on our the first night!!! Oh gosh~
 photo 20140515_213211_zpsbd6f7790.jpg

Shopped around aimlessly but didn’t really find anything that I like, cause like what Lily told us, the stuff in Taipei are more pricely since it’s city area. Luckily I managed to find a shop selling really cheap clothes and I grabbed 1 dress and 2 skirts there! 😀

I was actually pretty hungry so was looking for food while shopping around. Went into this alley which has got a row of shops and also quite a bit of crowd there (that’s why I dared to go in). I was just window-shopping around cause I could tell from the look of the shops that the stuff are not cheap, so I did not go in. Then suddenly, these 2 guys in poncho (with their poncho hoodie on) hurried past me and the next moment, I heard loud bangs of hard object being hit against glass or something.

Turned around and realised that the 2 guys in poncho were actually throwing something into the shop that I had just walked past, causing the glass windows in the shop to break!!! Thank goodness the salesgirl was outside the shop and not inside, but she was also frantically screaming away and the crowd was equally freaked out!

Everything happened in a short span of time and the 2 guys just ran off right after that. I didn’t really know what happened but that definitely scared the shit outta me. I felt so traumatised to stay around there any longer so I quickly left the place. But even so, I still felt so uneasy waking around, like who knows what’s gonna happen next??!

Lost my appetite completely and didn’t feel like finding food anymore, yet I had a hard time finding my way back -.- I think I still more or less finished the shopping area of Ximending, just a lil‘ disappointed with the amount of loots. Maybe I would have gotten more if I had went to Shida! But what a memorable night in Taipei! =/

For those who are interested in my itinerary, I have uploaded to my Google drive again so you can retrieve it there – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzYd62RZ-o3WFdGZFFKdWxmcGc/edit?usp=sharing

(via theothersideofthingss.tumblr)

(via theothersideofthingss.tumblr)


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