新地方 ; 老地方

New variety programme has been treating me quite well, at least better than I expected, although it feels very much like I’m doing a TVC -_- But at least the EP (Executive Producer) is nice and I had work with before during internship days!

He doesn’t remember me but I still have his number in the phone…haha! I think it was 黄金年华 that we worked on before, can’t quite remember, but anyway, he’s really funny especially with his strong Hongkee accent! I kept giggling to myself when he’s talking and he always cracks joke with a straight poker face that made me roar into laughter!

Me: 我很喜欢香港,刚去年才一个人去那里过生日!那里很好逛~

Producer: 噢~ 你都去哪里逛啊?

Me: 旺角中心而已啦。。。

Producer: *in his Canto accent* 哦旺角啊,旺角你不用走的。

Me: *???*

Producer: 给人推就可以了。

Me: *pause and burst into laughter*

Producer: *same poker face* 我是讲真的啊~ 旺角人这么多!

LOLOL. And when he was having discussion with the AP in my room while I was editing, I kept giggling at their funny conversation as well and he would be like, “又再偷听!再偷听我们就出去讲了哦!” xD

But I’m thankful that despite having higher expectation than other producers, he still trusts me with my work and often leave me on my own to finish up the edit. It makes me feel happier to work for him and don’t mind even if I have to OT~

Went for my IPL appointment in Bugis during lunch break and oh~ I smelt civilisation. Impromptu lunch date after and was spoiled for choices! Finally settled on this atas-looking Japanese restaurant and it’s my first time trying herbivorous Japanese food; I admit that I was skeptical at first =X
 photo 20140625_140728_zps895fe96b.jpg

 photo 20140625_140718_zps5ed8bfff.jpg

Herbivore @ Fortune Centre

Everything looks so big in a set and I thought my curry rice set was considered smaller already, but when it was served, I was like =OOOOOOOO
Such a 满汉全席!!!

 photo 20140625_140840_zps9903f733.jpg

Appetiser, turnip salad, potato salad, miso soup, curry rice & soybean pudding!

And when I had the first mouthful of my curry rice, I was even more =OOOOOOOO
Because it actually tasted fantastic! Curry was thick like how Japanese curry should be and it’s actually on par with the one I like in Ichiban Boshi…surprise surprise~

Can never resist mushroooooooooom side dishes whenever there’s one. And this cheese baked mushroom is really awesome~ I think it’s my first time trying cheese with mushroom; great combination! (:
 photo 20140625_141647_zps5e3ac957.jpg

Super duper FULL lunch and as much as I really like the soybean pudding, I could hardly stuff it down anymore D:
But it was definitely worth the calories – this meal. I really, really miss having long lunch break whereby I can pamper myself once in a while over a good meal and at a comfy relaxing place. Although it turned into a 2-hour lunch, at least I stayed back and paid back much more.

It has been mainly a work week because that’s the only thing that makes me feel my importance. I actually didn’t mind staying till late in that ulu dark building as long as I’m doing what I enjoy. I guess I can really be a workaholic if I want to, and I can keep myself real busy if I want to too, because I love my job.

Extra NDP practice resulting in major change in formations. Due to insufficient performers, the last row (us) was actually being pulled to form a new line, and that’s how I ended up in the first row again!!! I don’t know why everyone has so much confidence in me including the 2 leaders, but I was just finally getting the various formations into my head and suddenly, I have to go through a 360° change!

Thank goodness I only have to stay in the first row for the first dance and then I’ll be back to my comfort zone. But still, I have to remember my new markers all over again and it doesn’t help that our leaders aren’t that experienced with formations. We were basically stuck in the third formation and have zero idea where to move to next, and neither do the leaders know.

Was so unfamiliar with my new positions that I could only keep depending on people around me by following them. So once they screw up, I screw up as well…Zzzzz. Dislike depending! And I dislike changes more!

 photo 20140626_230936_zps522f0611.jpg

Grateful to have people around you who try to cheer you up in every means.
感谢;感恩 (‘:

One of the days when I was approached by 2 guys next door telling me that they’re having a warehouse sale again and I feel bad to decline so I dragged Ally and our drama EP over during lunch break!
 photo 20140627_144405_zps67ff48f3.jpg

Too bad Ping was on leave the whole of this week so she was missing out from it~ But I actually thought I wouldn’t buy anything because their warehouse is mainly of premium goods so even after discount, it would still be rather pricey. Who knows in the end I was the only one who bought something!!!

Sucker for neon and I just fell in love with this Harper & Smith neon pink bag when I saw it! It’s transparent and I have always loveeeed transparent bags too!!! Well, as long as you don’t keep anything “unsafe” to show, I don’t see what’s there not to flaunt (;
 photo 20140628_013541_zps0cd5f67e.jpg

But of course I wouldn’t have gotten it if the price tag doesn’t fit my budget. The original price was S$90 but guess how much it was selling?! 30 bucks!!! And I even got a $5 discount because it was the last piece! I think $25 is pretty reasonable for a premium-quality bag (:
(In the end they actually found another piece but I still got my $5 discount! Hehe!)
 photo 20140628_013904_zps44976d2c.jpg

And one of the super random nights after OT-ing, Ally actually suggested going for K together with the AP that we had officially met for the first time on that day!!! I was super shocked because in the first place, Ally is an ultimate 宅女 who hardly goes out. I mean I had never even gone out with her before except for company events or Ping’s wedding, but now she’s asking us out?!?!?!?!?! To sing?!?!?!?!?!

Because of this, the AP even went to buy 4D! HAHAHA! But just nice because I have been wanting to sing so badlyyyyyyyy. And I think it was also a good PR session for us as well because boss has been asking us to PR with our new client more and ensuring that they are happy, and I’m pretty sure that the AP was enjoying our companion very much on this very first day that we are meeting! (:

Accompanied the AP for dinner first and Ally and I went gaga when 最爱是你 started playing on TV!!! Hahaha! I swear the other tables turned to look at us for a while wondering why, but we were just proud of our hard work! Hehe.
 photo 20140627_210625_zpsbf432b3c.jpg


K with our new friend @ Top One KTV!
谢谢你们的陪伴,两位姐姐 (‘:

唱完歌后,第一次见面的 AP 尽然沉默的对我说,“你啊。。。有些事就不要去想那么多。

Me: 哎呀~ 我只是唱歌比较有感情一点啦~

AP: 唱歌有感情的人也不会像你唱到这样。

Me: *无言*

Haaa~ But anyway, 唱了 <<家后>> 后,被说我唱福建歌比唱中文歌好听,那是 compliment 吗?!?!怎么好像觉得不是 x.x

Surprise fireworks on Friday night! Was OT-ing trying to squeeze out the DVDs for client and everyone ended up staying with me! *blessed* Then because of that, we managed to catch the fireworks of the new stadium open house from our office! So much fun and laughter dashing around the office grabbing our cameras all for this moment! Then I was like, “Machiam I don’t get to see fireworks every Saturday! -_-” Hahaha!

Was not that looking forward to our first full-dress rehearsal on Saturday because firstly, the costumes are really fugly this year. And secondly, Ah Lyn wouldn’t be around this week! D:

Lost my new formation paper from Thursday night and I had to re-write everything but I couldn’t remember all of them except the first few! So I went down the field during our practice with just these x.x

 photo 20140628_021150_zpsa6a69df5.jpg

My self-understandable manual

Managed to find my other positions by following people around and jot down on the spot. But there were changes, changes, changes again~ That explains my messy “manual“. Now I need to get all these new numbers into my head!!!
 photo 20140628_165609_zps26df94e6.jpg

Did not receive my full set of costume so I decided not to put on at all. I mean I wasn’t even looking forward to wear them -.- And even my auntieeeee friend from JAS says that it’s ugly! Zzzzz. But that’s the Malay costume; mine is Indian, which is not any better.
 photo 20140628_190958_zpsdce0b331.jpg

A successful selfie with Mr Dimple before finale! It was so difficult trying to find each other and luckily we finally did! He was actually one of the crappy guys (crappy in the funny way I mean) I knew while working for the NLB event last year and I thought we wouldn’t be meeting again, but he actually stalked found me through my blog after the event last year and had been stalking my Twitter until he eventually revealed his identity to me! HAHAHA! Creepy but deserve an applause for the effort in trying to keep in touch! (:
 photo IMG_20140628_213639_zpsa3d37dbe.jpg

It has not been the best week and my mood definitely wasn’t at its best. Just wanted to get a drink badly and was disappointed for a while when I thought the band wasn’t playing for the night. What’s Paulaner without its usual band! Thankfully they were there and it just feel so good to be back~

 photo 20140628_235629_zps55e6b133.jpg

老地方 ((:

Even ended up catching half of the Brazil VS Chile match and it was actually my first time to really watch a World Cup match in public! I’m not so much of a fan of soccer but seeing how happening the crowd is made me envious somehow, like I’ve been missing from such craze, such hype, and such feeling that the night is still young. Although it was half a match, I was happy enough to be part of it, part of them. Okay, I think no one understands what I’m talking about except myself…haaa~

(via picsandquotes.com)

(via picsandquotes.com)


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