The Happiness Of War

Had a relaxing 2 days before war officially started on Wednesday! The war of re-editing with Executive Producer, which is also like the final stage before the drama starts airing~

Had the luxury to explore more eateries in Fortune Centre and found one that has 鱼翅拉面! Oh makes me miss my Holland V one even more! Too bad they ran out of that so I tried their olive rice instead! 😀
 photo IMG_20140630_170854_zpsd51a1aed.jpg

Not bad, quite nice too! Even shared the same table as Lin Xiang Ping and I was do tempted to call her by the name in the drama that we’re working on right now! xD

Overseas gift from boss! Now I have more key-chains than chains to hang them on…hahaha!
 photo IMG_20140630_132619_zps52d58f36.jpg

Caught the latest Transformers and am I the only one feeling that it’s getting worse with each sequel??? Like it’s becoming a “branding” now; everyone’s going after because it’s cool and etc and not because the plot is good.

The plot was really mediocre in my opinion – wayyyyyy too much coincidences which I really hate. I think the main aim of the movie is just to show how coooooool the different robots are, especially the new ones and that’s it. Oh and the explosions, how can we miss out on that.

Spent the last day of my freedom watching drama – not any other drama but our current drama! Haha! Was helping Ping check her episodes so I decided to just watch through them~ So gonna miss this cute face! 😛
 photo 20140701_120738_zps737bbc54.jpg

Back to the same restaurant that we had not been to for some time and so glad that the taste is still all the same! (:
 photo IMG_20140705_113308_zpsbe4320e9.jpg

War officially started on Wednesday but it wasn’t as bad as I thought actually! We managed to finish 2 episodes in a day, which is really a record-breaking achievement for the EP! Haha!

I think I am damn lucky because her good mood kinda helped a lot as well~ During Ally’s round, the EP was sighing all the way and even banging the walls! LOL. Ping warned us beforehand not to be affected, so I tried to stay as positive as possible and helped to lighten the mood (:

I was basically singing randomly every now and then, cracking jokes along with the director who was sitting in and playing with my Minion (-_-“), oh and going gaga over my Han Wei!!!

Me: Don’t you think his (Han Wei’s) reaction is so cuteeeee? ♡_♡

EP: Now I know why this episode overrun! Must be you left all his shots longgggg longggg~~~~

Hahahahahahaha!!! I was so crazy over him until she couldn’t stand it and started referring him as “你的可爱的” now xD

In the midst of all the stress trying find the best way to present the various scenes, my room was still always full of laughter every now and then 😀 I even laughed when I made a small mistake which caused the actor to suddenly disappear within 1 frame and the EP was like, “自己弄错还笑自己 leh! -___-|||” LOLOL.

I think in the past I would be really stressed up and upset with myself for making such mistake, but now I have learnt to 看开 in the sense that it’s not a huge mistake or anything unsalvageable, so I would rather laugh at my silly mistakes and avoid making them again than to be demoralised by them.

Simple date after the war! Explored a new cafe which is in Ang Mo Kio and yet I didn’t know about it~
 photo 20140702_210320_zps685bb2be.jpg

 photo 20140702_203115_zpsec07e4a4.jpg

Spideeeeeeee web~

 photo 20140702_203055_zps27dfac9e.jpg


 photo 20140702_204715_zpsd34ef9ad.jpg

Gave up on my Pine Garden’s for these!!!

 photo 20140702_204531_zpsab53243a.jpg

Blueberry cheesecake & Chocolate Royale ❤

Continued the war on Thursday and despite starting only at 2pm, we managed to clear another episode! Off for extra practice at the platform but I think we waited more than we practised -.- Got our prop for this year which is a cloth “prata” so everyone was busy practising the spin. My spinning skill is kinda inconsistent but thankfully I don’t have to spin so much! Haha!
 photo 20140703_200129_LLS_zpscd624431.jpg
 photo 20140703_200141_LLS_zps51c11bf8.jpg

This year our concept is like a coffeeshop so when you spot any stalls being pushed out in front, that’s our item! Fancy some hor fun? 😀
 photo 20140703_204612_zpsfcca2d74.jpg

 photo 20140703_204750_zpsef238a58.jpg

With the real stall owner – Anthony! xD

Friday was a more stressful day because it’s the start of re-editing another director’s episodes so the progress wasn’t as well~ There were a few times we were stuck on some scenes, not being able to find a solution to “salvage” them, but there were still laughter and happy moments of course…

Like when the new variety programme AP popped by with a box of Twelve Cupcakes for us!!! 😀
 photo 20140704_143628_zpsf66ee3ce.jpg

I was just saying they look yummy the previous day and I got to eat the very next day! Hehe! I think they taste nicer when it’s a sweet thought from someone and especially when it’s from client (:
 photo 20140704_143652_zps55f20b60.jpg

She even got me this Korilakkuma dust cap after knowing that I like Rilakkuma! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20140705_093913_zpsbb7d0b8a.jpg

In the midst of fighting our war, the drama APs and variety AP were having a discussion outside. And when we finally break for the toilet (we usually hold our bladder as much as we can during war x.x)

Me: *open door* Wah! 为什么每个人都在这里???Gathering 啊?!

Variety AP: 大家都要抢你。。。

Me: 抢我???

Variety AP: 我的 client 有 some changes, then 我的监制想要你帮他弄。可是你 next week 有 drama.

Me: Yah…我应该被抢不过~ *LOL*

This is probably why I love my job, because this is where I can really feel my importance ((:

Finally got to eat our cupcakes while the EP was back to office for a short while! Haha! Took the chance to cam-whore because we there’s an Instagram contest and we wanted to win more cupcakes!!! Hehe!
 photo 20140704_155907_zps36c01d5d.jpg

 photo 20140704_155912_zps57976069.jpg

With my crazy drama AP! ❤

Was checking the roller credits when I saw this!
 photo 20140703_184219_zpsda94c74a.jpg

Me: Aiyoh! 不用这么客气啦!连我家人都谢 xD

APs: *LOL*

Me: 我要拍下来!难得 leh…

EP: 真是受不了你!!!

LOLOLOL. Of course it’s not for me! 但严肃的 EP 也因这样,笑了 😀

Friday night turned from a drinking night to a simple ice-cream night because we flew the director’s aeroplane~ It’s not a bad way to end the work week; need to conserve energy to continue the war next week! But no matter what, I will survive!!! *insert muscle emoji*

 photo IMG_20140704_205732_zps440eb86f.jpg

My Christmas Horlick! (;

 photo 20140704_214438_zps2198279a.jpg

Colourful self-decorated cups!




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