CR 3

Had been craving for a good brunch and finally fulfilled that on Saturday~ Settled for Group Therapy after doing some research on good Eggs Benedict; just nice it’s one of the many places in Tanjong Pagar that I have been wanting to check out.
 photo 20140705_120058_zps4a1a005c.jpg

 photo 20140705_125527_zpsd7751087.jpg

Group Therapy

 photo 20140705_125538_zpsda4b8e62.jpg

The interior

 photo 20140705_121113_zps20ec86b7.jpg

Not thattt cozy or spacious but the food make up for it!

 photo 20140705_122715_zps161b548a.jpg

Delighted with my much-craved Eggs Benedict!!!

This is like their signature that (yes, I did lots of research!) so I was telling Lyn that she would regret not ordering the same!
 photo IMG_20140705_124249_zps0879b233.jpg

But it turned out that her scrambled eggs with croissant was not bad too (though mine still better)~ Just look at the amount of eggsssssssss given!!! =OOOOOO
 photo 20140705_122636_zps79ae8dd4.jpg

Off for NDP and we had rounds of practice at the field before heading over to the platform~ Added a new wave dance at the end and it was enough to exhaust us. I can’t believe the repeated wave itself is much more tiring than the various dances.

Anyhow, it was the first week that I finally put on the ugly costumes…Zzzzz. But I still don’t regret getting into the Indian group because all the other costumes are ugly too I have tried Eurasian and Malay for the past 2 years~ Now it’s left with Chinese costume! But I doubt I would ever wanna try =/

 photo IMG_20140705_184213_zps09dcd5a9.jpg

I think the nicest thing is my own floral shoes, though a big mismatch.

 photo 20140705_183705_zpsb8629d18.jpg

Ready for CR3!

Oh it’s also the first rehearsal with audience! Standing in the first row again is not funny, but luckily all I see is blurry patches of lights. And guess who was the first to catch my performance this year!
 photo 20140705_202624_zps7db3bca8.jpg

 photo 20140705_202726_zps77db41e5.jpg

With TCC & Van!

 photo 20140705_203012_zps8ba00c71.jpg

And they gave me a balloon rose! 😀

So delighted because it’s my first “flower” after a performance! Haha! But most importantly, it’s the words of encouragement and appreciation that make my day~ A simple “加油” or “Good job” always means so much to me.
 photo 20140705_204931_zpse263060c.jpg

 photo 20140705_203123_zps7d0422c5.jpg

Impromptu blurry pic with the Malay girl~

 photo 20140705_223958_zps29b4d740.jpg

Eggs again after rehearsal! =OOOOOO

 photo IMG_20140705_231446_zps034d8315.jpg

All-time favourite.

 photo IMG_20140705_143817_zpsaaada7ec.jpg

Sweet KL gift from Jia Jia!

 photo IMG_20140705_234114_zpsd184a944.jpg

Spurring me on for the remaining performances!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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