The Storm

JB trip with Chienny and Joanjoan on Sunday to celebrate the latter’s birthday and also shop for her own pressies! Spotted some really cuteeeeeeeeeee 蜡笔小新 plushies and couldn’t resist taking some pictures! I used to love him a lot and I still enjoy watching his cartoon now~

 photo 20140706_150622_zpse6190037.jpg


 photo 20140706_150635_zpsf05fefc5.jpg

Chua sai

 photo 20140706_150627_zps59f5625b.jpg

Favourite – Hurrrrrr!

 photo 20140706_171048_zpse2814f12.jpg

Finally tried the durian ice-cream! But still crave for real durian 😦

 photo 20140706_185026_zps5ca1883c.jpg

And finally had my 許留山 again~

 photo 20140706_185117-1_zpsd30281ab.jpg

Always too full for it but managed to squeeze down this time!

Brand new week and brand new shit. Work was okay; it was the last week with the crazy drama APs and I reckon that the office is gonna be quiet for quite some time again before the new drama reaches the final stage where directors start coming in again.

Monday morning started off with this siao por coming into my room to chit-chat with me and when I finally turned around, I saw her sitting there, holding on to a kettle and cleaning the inside of it while talking -___- Now I really know why they say women can multitask the best!!!
 photo 20140707_101515_zps00b244e7.jpg

Lunch at Fortune Centre again and explored Indian cuisine this time! No egg prata so the BOMB is my new-found favourite!
 photo 20140707_142803_zpsd6ca2c34.jpg

 photo 20140707_142813_zps645f46d8.jpg

Indian rojak~
Super filling!!!

 photo IMG_20140707_162158_zps604471ba.jpg

Definitely brought a big grin to my face (:

Catching the episode that I edited at bud’s house and annoying Gui and bud with the lines because some are still stuck in my head! “是谁逼谁啦~~~” Hahahahaha!
 photo IMG_20140707_213629_zpsecf45423.jpg

 photo 20140709_124934_zpsc3a5ebf0.jpg

Variety AP’s treat again! *blessed*

 photo IMG_20140711_114406_zps5913e61e.jpg

And the pig head drama AP enjoying her last day here…

End of one project marks the start of another~ The previous one hasn’t been smooth and has not really come to a complete end actually. Nevertheless, hope this new drama is smooth and fun!

 photo IMG_20140711_113114_zps907f898c.jpg

Light happened to be shining on Ep11 script…
11:11 *wish*

First NE show but I did not take any pictures except for capturing the sweet moment of the cute couple~ He actually prepared her costumes for her and even helped her to put them on! ((:
 photo PhotoGrid_1405433313697_zps2c5a67f1.jpg

Wasn’t quite satisfied with the performance mainly because of the horrifying moment when I spotted this auntie in green costume standing amongst all the Malay performers in blue costumes during their Malay highlight! I was seriously horrified that I kept shouting for her to move away from them and I missed my own dance steps…Zzzzzz.

I really don’t understand how can one not realise that you’re obviously the odd one out amongst those in extremely different costumes! And she actually said she was busy looking on the ground for her marker that she did not even realise until I told her! ARGH!

I know I told the aunties that if they can’t find their markers in time, please stop running around and just dance at where they are so that it would be less obvious from the top. But I wasn’t expecting anyone to really be randomly standing anywhere, at least stand somewhere within your own group right?! 气死我了!

And it’s even more infuriating because they never listen, plus it affected my own performance too. Felt that I have disappointed Steven 老师 because he still told me to dance well before the show 😦 Sigh. Shouldn’t have cared. Arghhhhhh. But I cannot just don’t care! Double arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Anyway, hopefully the next performance and the remaining few would be really good. It hasn’t been a good week but I’m still trying my best to focus and give my best for everything I do. Just please let this shitty week be gone for good. May the storm be over soon. Please.




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