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The must-have at Blisse because I was craving for durian so much!!!

 photo IMG_20140716_133345_zps9524f14d.jpg

Lunch with Buddy, who came all the way down for me the Long House duck rice!

 photo IMG_20140716_210618_zpsdd170c54.jpg

Super happy to find caramel pudding ice-cream in SG!
Though a little more expensive~

 photo IMG_20140717_140940_zps0464f05a.jpg

Finally had my duck kway tiao!
Duck again, but mock one this time~ Still YUMS!

 photo 20140717_211646_zps38fed22c.jpg

Swimming session to clear both our minds!

Tempted by these $1 durians on the way back and I decided to buy 2 back! I don’t usually buy durians on my own because I am scared of getting conned, since I don’t know how to choose. But whenever I ask my mum to get, she would come up with tonnes of excuses and I figured that no one’s ever gonna fulfill their durian promise to me and my durian wish except for myself!

I loveeee $1 durians because even if I get conned, it’s just $1~ But they turned out to be pretty good!!! Fleshy, small seeds, sweet, 香 and they are not even the mini size kind; 1 of the durians is even the size of those 1 for $5 or $10 kind! Super worth it!!! Hope they still have next week…hehehehe~

 photo IMG_20140718_143151_zps1c23bee9.jpg

 photo IMG_20140718_161700_zps5c7a369d.jpg

Twelve Cupcakes from client again!
From new drama director this time! (:

I was damn amused when my HongKee EP is rather skeptical about the cupcake because he’s on a diet and seldom eats such stuff…

Me: 很好吃的!

EP: *in his Hongkee accent* 什么来地啊??

Me: Cupcake lor! 很好吃的~ 你没吃过吗?

EP: 没 “七” 过 eh… 我不 “七” 这种东西的。。*tastes a bit of the cream* 哇,死啦!真的很好 “七” leh…

Me: *LOL*

EP: 好 “七” 的东西都会害死人地。。。

-After like 10 seconds and I turned around again, his whole cupcake was gone!!!*

Me: *exclaimed* HUH 你吃完了啊?!?!?!? 你一口吃完的啊?!?!?!?!

And he smiled to me awkwardly…hahahahahahaha!!!

It was the deadline for a few projects that Friday night, including the variety programme I am working on, so the office was exceptionally crowded and noisy even after knock-off time~ EP and directors from new drama came in as well and they opened a bottle of red wine, so 我有口福了!Haha!

 photo IMG_20140718_180227_zps8c57949f.jpg

The awkward moment you “cheers”-ed with your boss when you’re still at work~

 photo IMG_20140718_190109_zpsc9443838.jpg

And the bosses continued opening a few more bottles…

Missed the annual La Senza lingerie stock-up with the Na-sisters due to OT but joined them for dessert since I hadn’t seen the girls for a long time! So nice to see them having sisterly chats over dinner (:

Walking past Emerald Hill makes me miss No.5 Martinis so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhh! Gonna promise myself a trip there real soon!!!

(via heytherecupcakee.tumblr)

(via heytherecupcakee.tumblr)


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