Parents’ Guide wrap!

Monday surprise on table! Just because I have been looking for cheaper dried cranberries for my cereal ((:
 photo IMG_20140721_102019_zpsc16cbcf6.jpg

Finally had some time to sit down on my couch and read some magazines because I was rendering something that would take forever! Somehow everyone’s attention went to the “sex siren” words -_-”
 photo IMG_20140722_113723_zps69a1b274.jpg

Met up with Mommeyyyyyyy the previous night and she wanted to get me this, but I told her that I already bought and it’s in office so ta-duh~ An excuse to take selfie as evidence! 😛
 photo 20140722_111625_zpsd92a489d.jpg

It was the official last day for the 2-episode variety programme we had been working on and although 2 episodes sounded like an easy task, it still took us a couple of weeks to complete. Yes, each episode of programme on TV contains so much hard work from so many people but people hardly know~

 photo IMG_20140722_193421_zpse53e4d49.jpg

Last day of seeing this cutie pie on our screen~!

Anyhow, we decided to have a self-declared wrap party! And since our first outing with the nice AP was to sing K, we had our “last” outing the same way! Hehe! My 2 crazy K-buddies~
 photo 20140722_230623_zpse8723e9d.jpg

And after 3 hours of Ally’s “我不要唱了 (it’s her style; she only sings half a song for each song…LOL) and constipated high-pitch emo songs, we ended the night with selfies and more selfies! 😀 Second time using the selfie stick!!!
 photo 1406042923474_zpsde0e8819.jpg
 photo 1406042930658_zpse15d3cc1.jpg
 photo 1406042945672_zps01fb7358.jpg

I think Miss Hulk has found her talent – making the ugliest face…LOLOL! We didn’t realise how 丑 were they until Ally and I were browsing through the photos in the train and we burst out laughing!!!
 photo 1406042925659_zps6f7b6970.jpg
 photo 1406042929253_zps82b0f8cd.jpg

Don’t be deceived by her not-so-feminine look though, cause she has really been sweet and she even gave us a farewell gift with a handmade card! Awwwww~ Really touched by her sweet thoughts and effort!
 photo IMG_20140723_004106_zps611b96e2.jpg

Thank you for all the care, sweet treats, nagging and kind words! Throwback picture from last week~
 photo 1405677630902_zps7b6101ee.jpg

Back to the new drama again and although it has been fun working with Miss Hulk and the funny EP, I still miss drama!!! Haha! Cause dramas have more emotions involved, like when it’s a sad scene, you would feel like crying along, and when it’s a comedic scene, it would make you laugh so naturally that sometimes you don’t realise! I like stuff and people that bring me laughter (:

And in every drama, I will usually have a favourite character~ So for this, it’s none other than, HER!!!
 photo 20140723_115758_zps41f6a00e.jpg

I didn’t like her initially after seeing her in other shows but we totally fell in love with her in this! Whenever there’s laughter coming from Ping’s room or mine, it’s usually her scenes…hahaha! She’s really cuteeeeeeeeeeeee~
 photo IMG_20140724_170305_zps2bc0a730.jpg

Finally back for Balaclava‘s ladies’ night once again!
 photo IMG_20140723_223303_zps284b6ba0.jpg

The most attractive thing apart from the damn good live band is of course their 50% off drinks 😛
And after coming up with a story for Xuannie’s flyaway lip balm, I came up with another story inspired by our drinks – Absolut Bitch, Absolut Stress and Sex On The Beach! The inspiration is almost instantaneous; it’s basically this bitch feeling so stressed that she ends up having sex on the beach…HAHAHAHAHAHA. I am so talented, I know~
 photo 20140723_210522_LLS_zps54d00754.jpg

Photobombed by many hands -_- And the flash = small eyes.
 photo 20140723_230055_zps9ea2660e.jpg

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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