Eat, snap, shop!

It was a lazy Friday because I had chiong-ed finish my stuff on Thursday and new rushes only came in at the later half of the day~ Had a slightly longer lunch as one of my colleagues wanted to get some pies from Windowsill~

It’s Ping’s first visit there so she was rather amazed by the interior! Took a few shots for her which I thought is quite niceeee but she didn’t like them because cannot see her face clearly -_- She’s the real cam-whore lor!
 photo 20140725_144024_zps96173f8e.jpg
 photo 20140725_144156_zps5fb70533.jpg

Sometimes the overall feel is more important 😛
 photo IMG_20140725_231449_zps28e10d5b.jpg

Slacking in Ally’s room with Mimi!
 photo 20140725_185901_zps25389cb1.jpg

And this is Mimi’s hip boyfriend – Momo!
 photo 20140725_185643_zpse3895cb7.jpg

 photo 20140725_185634_zpsec6b35eb.jpg

Never judge a race by its colour xD

Met up with Kai Bin & co for 1-for-1 TCC meal! We ordered 4 mains to share because we were still intending to head over to EWF for fries and dessert! The girls were craving for them after our last visit there…haha!

 photo 20140725_202756_zpscdd5d81f.jpg

Seafood aglio olio!

 photo 20140725_202724_zps4b0d7bdf.jpg

Creamy mushroom pasta!

 photo 20140725_203418_zps8125257f.jpg

Spring chicken which looks different from the menu~

The last was baked rice but the picture is blur =/
Moved on to Orchard Central for our EWF but before that, Chii Hian wanted to use up her Orchard Gateway vouchers that she got from the selfie contest. The first 1000 people who took a selfie with their gigantic “fashion-inspired, pop-art benches” and post on Instagram get to redeem a $10 voucher!

Chii Hian encouraged us to try our luck as well since the last time she redeemed, they barely hit 1K. So I chose this matching red shoe for my top! Haha!
 photo IMG_20140725_212006_zps6cd4f738.jpg

And ta-duh~! We were indeed only the 500+th people redeeming! But since the contest ends this weekend, the voucher expires this weekend as well and we had a hard time trying to spend our $10 voucher! Hahaha!
 photo 20140725_213209_zps46035541.jpg

Not to mention that it was already close to 10 and most of the shops were closed or closing by then, so we really had very limited choices. We all shared the same thought that for once, we have money that we find it so hard to spend! =X

In the end, all of us spent the vouchers in Watsons – one of my favourite stores! But even so, I still had a hard time deciding what to buy! Nevertheless, I was the one with the most loots in the end, making full use of my $10 plus $3 which I topped up…hehehehehehe! And all the stuff I bought are what I will definitely need! 😀
 photo 20140725_231842_zps087ba213.jpg

Finally off for our EWF fries and Nutella tart, followed by selfie-spam with Chii’s selfie stick! My third time using in a week!!! I thought it’s really common now but we still attracted some attention raising the selfie stick in the middle of EWF…hahaha!

 photo IMG-20140725-WA0015_zpsec789ac7.jpg

Limin has joined them for short hair once again!

 photo IMG-20140725-WA0013_zps0767ad69.jpg

Everything with Fries!

 photo IMG-20140725-WA0010_zps17588b7c.jpg
 photo IMG-20140725-WA0009_zps22b83af1.jpg
 photo IMG-20140725-WA0014_zpsd163cd04.jpg
 photo IMG-20140725-WA0012_zpsb0792678.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


3 thoughts on “Eat, snap, shop!

    • Wah lao…is you complain cannot see face lor…Zzzzz. Now praise your own shot -_-”
      Same same what~ Only one can see the light one cannot…both got rubbish bin mah! Hahaha!

      • Tah different. I cannot escape shooting the rubbish bin. Unless u move it away loh. U have admit my shot is more artistic. :p anyway.. the pasta looks nice.. 😋😋😋

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