I was smarter this week! I reach 1.5 hour late and was just in time for the briefing! 😀

Leng Leng: *bumping into me at the gate* Eh? You so late this week ah?

Me: Late?! I reached 1 hour late last week and already found it too early! -_-“

Had a lucky draw for preview tickets and I had 0% confidence of winning because I usually don’t have luck for such thing. Who knows when they added another 20 tickets to draw, my name was really announced O.O

Very lucky but at the same time, I kinda hate that awkward “moment of fame” when you gotta stand up to collect your tickets with so much 鸡鸡杂杂 comments coming around you like why not smiling and blah blah blah~ Do I really need to jump up from the crowd to show my excitement or turn around to give a big fat grin??? Zzzzzz.

Well anyway, this is all for you, my “twin” 😛
Sorry to the rest but I only have 1 pair!
 photo 20140726_150151_zps2928b25c.jpg

Had yet another blazing hot practice at the field before moving off but it’s all worthwhile after the very positive feedback from the committee last week~ Just that the sun was really out to kill and I was feeling really dizzy and dehydrated! Can die from this heat.

Went through the finale steps which I’m still not very familiar but I ended up in the first row again because the aunties kept thinking that I know the steps! In the end I was trying so hard to follow KW and gang who were guiding us in front of the gates and halfway through, the big group of camera crew came over and blocked my view completely! So I was totally lost from the steps -_-”

I don’t know but I got a feeling that our whole performance last week was better~ At least I did not have some idiot randomly standing in front of me all of a sudden!!! I don’t like to use such word on people especially on a teammate but for someone who is constantly absent or not present during our practice, someone whom we had already told before and again in the afternoon that she doesn’t belong in front of me, and yet she can still happily come over to my front during the performance, I really don’t know what other word to use.

It’s fine if she’s standing wrongly for one formation, as long as she’s not affecting me or making a major mistake, but she was so lost after that that she decided to 将错就错 and attempted to continue following me around! I felt so disgusted that I had to even shout at her during the performance when she wanted to continue standing in front of me during the next formation when she clearly doesn’t belong there!!! There’s not even space for her to squeeze in!

I was freaking annoyed, seriously! Firstly, she belongs to the kind of people who DOESN’T LISTEN – doesn’t listen when trainers are talking, and doesn’t listen when others tell her that she’s wrong. She argues and insisted that she’s standing in the correct position until everyone else told her that she’s not.  WILL I FUCKING NOT KNOW WHO IS IN FRONT OF ME ALL THIS WHILE?! ARE YOU THAT TRANSPARENT THAT I HAD NEVER SEEN YOU IN FRONT OF ME BEFORE?!?!

Worst still, she doesn’t care if she’s right or wrong, as long as she gets to perform and more importantly, gets to stand in the first row during the finale even if she can’t dance. Lastly, she’s the kind that once she goes wrong, she doesn’t know how to go right again, which is why I was so pissed and worked up when she stood in front of me, because she doesn’t know where to go to after that! And that 1 mistake basically screwed up everything for her, BUT SHE DOESN’T CARE. Really.

I told myself not to care so much about others’ mistakes anymore, but just don’t step on my tail! If not I’m gonna ROAR! Roar and roar and ROAR at you till you get lost! ARGH!!!!!!

 photo 20140726_202045_zpsd2ea0a65.jpg

Done with our last NE show!

Every year must take a full-length shot…hehe!
 photo 20140726_202054_zps1d1a9dd8.jpg

My multiracial costumes! 😀
I excluded the first year’s because it’s the business suit, which is not so racial-related~
 photo IMG_20140726_221032_zpsac051576.jpg

Nice shot with Ah Tiff! Hehe! This is the perfect 44.358 degree face angle that I like…LOL! More importantly, Eric makes us look so tall! 😛
 photo 20140726_202652_zpsaefcda39.jpg

Paparazzi never stop working! Capturing the sweet moment of the cute couple again on the way back to F1 pit! xDDD
 photo 20140726_203824_zps7009b699.jpg

And they are standing in the same positions 2 years ago and 2 years later! Haha! Both are candid shots by the way! Too bad they did not participate last year, so the paparazzi couldn’t catch any~

Ice-ball after the show! I think this is our first ice-ball for the year??? Hmmmm.
 photo 20140726_213205_zpsc6e90576.jpg

I think I’ve said this before – it’s nice when friends thought of you when they’re overseas, it’s even nicer when their sibling did so too~ Bali gift from Karen’s brother!

 photo IMG_20140727_003725_zpsa304f9ed.jpg

I really wanna visit Bali one day soon too 😦

 photo IMG_20140726_120614_zps38cc568c.jpg

Brown cookies that I contemplated on buying but did not! (((:

Cycling with NDPeeps despite the aching muscles from the yoga session~ Hadn’t cycled for so long!
 photo 20140727_192114_zpsc3369f79.jpg

 photo 20140727_185610_zps55a9aa32.jpg

Stopping by jetty for a break!

 photo 20140727_185344_zps9896a313.jpg

Gloomy sunset

 photo 20140727_185330_zps3137a186.jpg

Failed paragliding looking like rainbows fallen from the sky~

Having something on each and every day is definitely exhausting, but no regrets because I still enjoyed this packed week and filling my schedule with activities~! (:

(via besosquecreanadiccion.tumblr)

(via besosquecreanadiccion.tumblr)


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