4 days work week and I think every week should be like this because I managed to have plentiful of rest to energise myself for the upcoming week! Hot yoga with the girls again and this time round we tried the Hot Back Bend class~

Hmmmm…challenging in the sense that it really took a toil on my back and it’s very much about endurance – enduring in the torturous poses. But did not sweat as much as compared to our first class, and the class was pretty slowwwwwww, focusing on mainly the back, so not the kind that I like. But Tiff actually prefers it!

 photo 20140729_215819_zps5f8b22ce.jpg

Waiting for Tiff to shower~

 photo 20140729_220040_zps65b17593.jpg


 photo 20140729_220110_zps6285932c.jpg

Can tell that we did not sweat much!

 photo 20140729_220131_zps4735520e.jpg

2 more classes to go!

After each class, we had to handle the kid’s reluctance-to-go-home-yet-don’t-know-where-to-go scenario again, and I am so glad that at least I have Tiff to handle her fickle-mindedness with me because she’s much more patient than me -_-|||

Lyn: Huhhhhh…so early go home ahhhhhhh~ (Weekly tagline)

Me: Then where do you want to go? All the shops are closing…

Lyn: I am hungry~

Me: Okay, we’ll go Popeyes. I think that’s the only one still open.

*stood outside Popeyes*

Lyn: Huh… But you two not eating ah?

Tiff & me: Nope… We’re not the hungry ones…

Lyn: Huh then don’t want lah…..

Me: Okay, I’ll help you eat the fries.

Lyn: *to Tiff* You wanna share the burger with me???

Tiff: No… I don’t wanna eat.

Lyn: Huh….. Then don’t want lah…………….

Me: Okay, I’ll help you eat the burger or bring it home.

Lyn: You sure???

Me: Yess…. Let’s go buy, faster.

Lyn: Should I buy this one or that one?

Me: Anything, up to you. I will just help you with anything you can’t finish.

Lyn: Huh……….. Don’t want lah…………… You two also don’t wanna eat……..

Me: I already said I can help you eat the fries or the burger or whatever!!!

Lyn: Really ahhhhhh…. Huhhhhhh…. Hmmmmmmm…. Ahhhhhh…. Don’t want lah…… Let’s go~

Me: I thought you’re hungry???

Lyn: Yah….

Me: Aiyoooooooo~ You don’t wanna go home early, we accompany you to eat. You don’t wanna eat alone, I already said I help you eat. So what’s now????????

Lyn: Don’t want lah……….. Let’s go =X

FAINTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! 杀了我吧杀了我吧杀了我吧杀了我吧杀了我吧杀了我吧杀了我吧~

 photo 20140730_135249_zps1a6fdf6a.jpg

Olive veg & mushroom brown rice lunch that I gobbled up in no time~

Seldom buy magazines but got a copy of CLEO because of the freebie and surprised to find my brother’s good friend inside!
 photo 20140730_231243_zps805d1b9e.jpg

 photo IMG-20140731-WA0004_zpsf7f1b18d.jpg

Not my episode but still a fantastic news!
Super 谢谢大家的支持!!!!!!!

 photo IMG_20140731_103855_zpsdb1606af.jpg

Back to the kiwi obsession, eating at least 1 everyday!

 photo IMG_20140731_105048_zpsc6856068.jpg


 photo IMG_20140801_135929_zpsebfa7774.jpg

30 cents more due to GST now, but ain’t stopping us

The only time I am free like eff and get to lie down on this nursing couch that is meant for Ping whenever she’s puking like mad…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20140731-WA0007_zpsd1258ad0.jpg

Ally tried to take a picture of me from this weird angle which she exclaimed like a lasup photographer that “It’s a niceee angle~” and it turned out like this -_- I never knew she has an obsession in legs feet; in my big feet.
 photo IMG-20140731-WA0008_zpsd44d43ab.jpg

 photo 20140731_205240_LLS_zps353cdd9b.jpg

Because B&B was not operating 😦

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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