Another session of hot yoga this week and we tried Hot Classic! I thought it would be like Hot Back Bend – not much sweat, since it’s also a slower class, but we ended up sweating a lot!

I think it’s considered a beginner’s class whereby basic moves are taught and the basic strengthening skill is built, but the poses still weren’t all that easy and at the end of the class, I swear our legs went jelly! Still enjoyed it because at least the poses don’t focus on only one area (e.g. back) but instead, we got to train and stretch every area from head to toes!

 photo 20140801_212757_zpse1b7dc90.jpg

In our wet wetttt lookalike tops while the little girl went to return our mat towels~

Felt damn reluctant to shower there because the glass doors are almost transparent, but didn’t really have a choice because I didn’t expect to sweat so much! Had a quick shower and transformed for the party~!

 photo 20140801_225339_LLS_zps6005561c.jpg

3 bottles awaiting

 photo 20140801_225308_LLS_zps954ce6f0.jpg

Shanghai Dolly; virgin trip

 photo 20140802_004557_zps947a9b5b.jpg

Mother hen of the night…HAHAHA!

 photo 20140802_004605_zps67f0cd0c.jpg

Opponent whom I did not know the name of until the next day…LOL

Worst of all, I did not even know that there were actually 3 men with us! I always thought there were only 2 and I only remember 1 of their names but can’t remember the face, because they all look the same! FAINTS~

It was supposedly a birthday celebration but ironically, the birthday girl left the earliest so she wasn’t in any of my pictures -_- We were left to clear the alcohol and even though I did not drink that much, the alcohol in each glass was enough to kill me.

Had to hide in the toilet because that’s the best way to siam alcohol! Chit-chatting with Trinity to keep myself awake, cause I know I wouldn’t wanna call any helpline this time or trouble anyone to send me back again.

 photo 20140802_001034_zps9d1d6f64.jpg

Teary eyes and semi-gone. 但再累也不能忘了怎么微笑。

 photo 20140802_000730_LLS_zps63638566.jpg

Ad in cubicle >.>

Back to fight the battle!
Mother hen’s victorious face…LOL. She’s really good! Good with the alcohol and good at taking care of us, handling all situations. So when this guy suddenly came up to me saying that his friend has been looking out for me and blah blah blah, I ran and hid at her side, because I know she would help me scare the person off with those glaring eyes! Hahahahahaha!!!
 photo 20140802_004644_zpsd864d13d.jpg

I almost had to hide under the table! Seriously what century is it now that people are still looking for dates in a club?!

Anyhow, haven’t had such a crazy night for a long time! It was a night of hot dancing (what happens when the dancers gather), laughter, crazy singing, hugs and kissessssssss!!! We were throwing kisses at each other (strictly amongst the ladies only); ❤ crazy girlfriends!!!

Started a cam-whore session but it was when everyone was already high so many blur and messy pictures! Spamming all that’s on my phone~

 photo 20140802_005805_zps1b105909.jpg

With the 2 sexy ladies

 photo 20140802_005922_zpsa76cf692.jpg

Failed group pic!

 photo 20140802_005747_zps4d9c426a.jpg

Face got chopped off again =/

 photo 20140802_005727_zpsfa43c0a6.jpg

Miss Shake-Non-Stop

 photo 20140802_015027_zps84e94da3.jpg


Can tell that the mother hen is another Miss Shake-Non-Stop, that’s why pictures all blurred! LOL.
 photo 20140802_015705_zps163ae0be.jpg
 photo 20140802_015702_zps35a2e961.jpg

More blur pics by some drunkard D:
 photo 20140802_015408_zps92d055b9.jpg
 photo 20140802_015413_zpsb4ceb9a0.jpg

 photo 20140802_015109_zps127c065c.jpg

Selfie is still better 😛

 photo 20140802_014959_zpse7a09483.jpg

Our funny mother hen

 photo 20140802_015532_zps930bd4d6.jpg

With Anna’s cousin!

Super blur picture by don’t know which drunk one but not difficult to tell who are in the picture right! xD
 photo 20140802_015605_zpsf44f9990.jpg

 photo 20140802_023407_zpsaca28522.jpg

My love for the night!

 photo 20140802_015626_zpsc84d962d.jpg

Tsk. Intruder!

 photo 20140802_015740_zps25ed6acd.jpg

With my craziest ladies!

 photo 20140802_023806_zpsb65228b1.jpg

Super failed selfie!!!

Went to the washroom to hide another few times because everyone’s kinda gone (as in gone to cloud 9) and suddenly there are “couples” here and there~ Drinks’ fault or the hot dancing’s fault? Hmmmmm. I even remember going to the washroom to seek help from the mother hen and she said we tong a bit more and we’ll survive…hahaha!!!

 photo 20140802_005823_zps2ac1b26d.jpg

“Couple” 1

 photo 20140802_015129_zps39e5b931.jpg

“Couple” 2

 photo 20140802_015211_zps2eb5ec0a.jpg

Definitely not the drinks’ fault since Miss Hottie only drank mainly plain water! -_-“

 photo 20140802_023524_zpsb55c3fef.jpg


 photo 20140802_023446_zpsbcaf7734.jpg

Not difficult to tell whose vulgar hang sign is that -_-“

 photo 20140802_023511_zps75dc47cd.jpg

Finally a proper picture together~

 photo 20140802_023643_zpsca465bc4.jpg

And finally Mr Photobomb reveals his face~

No proper group picture because everyone was way way too high! But I guess this is my favourite shot for the night before we all died at 最爱你的人是我~ Damn those emo songs.
 photo 20140802_023820_zps52842ad4.jpg

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


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