Long-awaited Sundate with my loves and we finally had our Mellben crabby outing! It’s that famous crab place in AMK but I had never tried before! The previous time I only tagged along to watch people eat, since it was a dinner thing~ Thanks to the girls for accommodating to my early dinner request! 😀
 photo 20140803_162314_zps1420858f.jpg

We were there before they open so it didn’t take us long to get a table. But still, the food took like 50mins – 1 hour to come =/

Nad and Xiao Qian who have been there before highly raved about their crab bee hoon! It’s really damn sweet and nice that the greedy us ordered extra soup and bee hoon towards the end (even though we were already quite full) and waited another hour~

But the girls said it used to be even nicer when they added XO in it. I can’t imagine because it’s already damn nice to me!!! 😀
 photo IMG-20140804-WA0001_zps1d83e154.jpg

We were really greedy and we ordered 3 crabs in total for 4 persons! Hehe! Salty egg yolk is a must!!!
 photo 20140803_171648_zpsf45d6364.jpg

And of course the chilli crab for the buns!!!
 photo 20140803_172252_zpsa18b2a0f.jpg

Unglam Xiao Qian!
 photo 20140803_183930_zps7e6e3f73.jpg

I think this is like our messiest date ever! Hehe! But shiok shiok~! And super FULL!
 photo 20140803_184006_zps6053e7f2.jpg

Attempted to walk back to help in our digestion but it started raining after we walked 1 bus-stop! -_-”
Spoiler much~

But the girls ended chilling at my crib and gosh~ Can’t believe the last time they came over was really like 10 years ago!!! Their last memory is still stuck at the cooking session at my place where we randomly fried nuggets and all..hahaha! And that was also when they realised I can cook! xD

So it was girls’ talk again all the way till past midnight! We always have endless stuff to talk about! From relationships to work to checking out the beauty products that I use! Hehe! Soooooo girlfriends-ish ❤

 photo IMG_20140808_103652_zpsc000312a.jpg

New read for the week (:

 photo IMG_20140804_101613_zps3a0a5f3d.jpg

This time with expired yogurt from Ping instead of my usual soy milk! Hahaha! Can’t tell it’s expired right?! Still look and taste so fresh and good! Such a waste to throw! 😛

 photo 20140805_153822_zpsb3546315.jpg

Gifts from Bangkok!!! 😀

 photo 20140805_153747_zpsa1bb1662.jpg

And customised with my name; how sweet!

 photo 1407679765357_zps20a6305f.jpg

Thank you 老大姐 who came all the way down to deliver these gifts for us!

 photo 20140805_164654_zpse28b2586.jpg

The people that keep me smiling everyday (:

 photo 20140807_201001_zps64f0ae46.jpg

Trying Freeing SG for the first time!

I actually first heard about such game from a freelancer who raved about how fun it is. Basically you and your group of friends will be locked inside a room of the theme that you’ve chosen and you gotta solve different puzzles within a stipulated time, using the hints given, in order to unlock the door and get out. It sounded very much like this handphone game app – Can You Escape which I played before and really liked it!

So the girls saw this Groupon promo and we decided to try out~ Chii Hian was the only one who has played before, though not at Freeing SG but at Escape (another company). And despite of that, she was soooooo nervous before the game!!! -_____-|||

 photo 20140807_201705_zpsc3e6aad1.jpg

Various themes

I thought our room would be like pitch dark and I was even thinking of wearing my luminous green jacket so that the girls would not lose me…hahaha! I am excited to solve the puzzles but I’m quite scared of dark =/

Luckily the room theme that we chose – The Unforeseeable Pyramid is not so dark~ But photography is not allowed inside the room and we were also too busy trying to solve the puzzles within that 45 minutes, so no photos of our process; can only describe our experience within much spoiler ahead.

 photo 20140807_211531_zpsdc6f7c18.jpg

The Unforeseeable Pyramid

Basically our theme consists of 3 rooms and in our first room, there’s a luggage with numerical padlock that we have to unlock. We searched around the room and managed to find the “hints” for us unlock the padlock and found hints for the second room in the luggage.

The first puzzle was considered very easy and we managed to clear in no time, so I thought the second one was “chicken feet” as well~ But it turned out that it’s not as easy as we had expected and we spent quite a while there before we finally “tikam” out the code to unlock the third room!

The third room consists of another 2 luggage, 1 with numerical padlock and 1 with the key lock. I managed to decode the numerical one using some “knowledge” and experience from the game app and retrieved some hints that we would need for our next stag from that luggage. But we still had that locked-with-key-lock luggage!!!

Proceeded back to our first room with that locked luggage nevertheless and there’s a Pharaoh statue in the first room with a yet another numerical lock and a tag saying that that will be the last puzzle that we gotta solve. So in the midst of solving for the numerical codes to unlock the statue, Chii Hian and I were also searching around for the key for that locked luggage…

I was like poking around the various holes in the room, not leaving any corner untouched and I thought the staff must be laughing their asses off if they’re watching us through CCTV or something, because in the end none of the holes have anything to do with the hints except that they are part of the set design! -_-”

We had 1 helpline throughout the game and I actually wanted to keep it for real desperate moment. Who knows the time was ticking by so fast and we had no choice but to ask for help~ So we finally managed to unlock the statue with the helpline and that’s where the key for the luggage is actually hidden!!! So much for poking around…Zzzzz.

We thought unlocking that luggage would be our last puzzle but guess what’s inside the statue besides the key? A freaking MUMMY and another LUGGAGE!!!!!!! Faint!!!

It’s damn freaky having to hug that Mummy and unwrap him (or it?) because the bandage wrapping around him consists of the last code to unlock the last luggage’s numerical lock! By then we were only left with like a minute to decipher the code and it definitely took us more than that~ So we failed our mission at this very last stage! 😦

But the staff said that given the difficulty level of this room, it’s already pretty good that we managed to reach this stage. Not sure if he’s just being nice, but I thought the puzzles weren’t all thattttt difficult to solve, just that 45 minutes never felt so fast before.

Oh well~ It’s still quite a fun experience for us! But I heard from Chii Hian that Escape‘s even more challenging and impressive! I was indeed expecting something more than just numerical locks, based on my experience from the game app…hehe. But actually win or lose, it’s still the same, as in there’s no prize or whatsoever, it’s probably just a sense of accomplishment (:

 photo IMG-20140807-WA0010_zpscdf1362d.jpg

最终还是 ‘逃’ 出来了!

 photo IMG-20140807-WA0011_zps1d21ce00.jpg

Good job, everyone!

 photo IMG-20140807-WA0009_zpsb027b47c.jpg


 photo 20140806_213157_zps9d8073f7.jpg

2 nights marathon starting!

 photo 20140808_233920_zps47ddc2e3.jpg

Butter cookies, anyone? (:


(via firebones.tumblr)


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