NDP 2014

Thanks to the 2 nights baking marathon, I did not have to rush on this big day like last year~ What was left to do was just packing the cookies into my usual goodie bags and adding on personalised message cards! Did not bake enough cookies actually, so I could only give the VVIPs and missed out on some that I planned to give 😦
 photo IMG_20140810_124422_zps6eeacd6f.jpg

Thought I could save on cab fare this year but in the end I still cabbed due to false alarm x.x But oh well~ I have so much stuff to carry! The 3 big Cs – cake, cookies and costumes are heavy enough for me, so that’s my annual excuse to cab…hehe. All the early birds snatching to take picture with the cakes~
 photo 20140809_133610_zpsddac30f7.jpg

Since I am also considered quiteeee an early bird (though still late by 2 hours), I pulled Leng Leng and Lyn to take a shot too! xD
 photo 20140809_133849_zpsa5926aad.jpg

 photo 20140809_140412_zps592819a5.jpg

The annual thing.

 photo 10557318_10152698420232664_8726312037561980251_n_zpsf627062d.jpg

The not-so-surprise surprise~

 photo 20140809_140708_zps91ec7979.jpg

Seriously, who wears shades for birthday celebration??? -_-“

 photo 20140809_141432_zps3ac3687c.jpg

Happy Birthday~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 photo 10537749_10152698420667664_8032299695572065144_n_zpsa807df3d.jpg

Photobombed by many.

Not that I wanna say, but all these “Can I have the cake?” “Can I have a piece?” “Can take?buay paiseh-ness is seriously getting on our nerves. You DO NOT go to a party asking for cake; you wait to be served, period. Especially when you’re nobody to us and we have much closer and important people whom had not even gotten the cake! You don’t expect me to get a cake big enough to serve all of you, do you? Geesh.

 photo IMG-20140811-WA0011_zps7885a25f.jpg
 photo IMG-20140811-WA0010_zps973247b1.jpg

 photo 20140809_141230_zps8a887e22.jpg

Birthday host with shades really looks ridiculous =X

 photo Image1_zpsc509bd21.jpg

Test shot with Ah Lyn!

The funny girl brought her Polaroid camera but did not bring batteries -_- Luckily I know the place better now so we managed to run out to get the batteries!

 photo 20140809_161922_zpsa561ba6b.jpg

Mini cupcake for us!
Thought it’s red velvet but it’s not 😦

 photo IMG-20140811-WA0016_zpscb6eec76.jpg

Photobombing while conquering the super long security check queue!

Finally took some photos with Kelly but it ended up to be Lyn’s biggest regret…LOL. Not only did she start nagging about our hair, our makeup and etc, she also forced Lyn to paint her face! xD
 photo 10541060_10152698441537664_373924490001486934_n_zps885125c9.jpg  photo 20140809_175353_zpsb6a5da86.jpg

So jiang jiang~! Here’s my new Barbie doll!!!
 photo 10409656_10152698441957664_3333850762791210461_n_zpsa5a2fc8a.jpg

But her lips couldn’t stop shaking and I ended up doing a terrible job, so Kelly had to take over…ROFL.
 photo 20140809_180047_zps8f10dfd4.jpg

 photo 20140809_180100_zps2debe421.jpg

Check out her hot pink lips in the pictures below! xDDDD

 photo 20140809_180617_zps9e99d20e.jpg

Forever kanna photobombed.

 photo 20140809_180659_zpsd2ca5a20.jpg

Again -.-“

With my favourite Steven 老师!!!The one that is always encouraging me with his “跳好好啊!” and even when I gave him the cookies, he actually said my handwriting is nice! OMG~ No one has really said that to me before because I’m quite well-known for my messy and ugly handwriting! Haha! But being encouraging as usual, he said as compared to youngsters nowadays, it’s considered very nice (((:
 photo 20140809_180513_zps272fe5c6.jpg

 photo 20140809_181401_zps3f2cea6e.jpg

With Karen!

 photo 20140809_181329_zps76767432.jpg

From dung to master

 photo 20140809_181420_zpse3099899.jpg

老爷,公公 (eunuch, not grandfather) & the 仆人

 photo 20140809_181535_zps574b59ed.jpg

With Uncle Tan and his signature lollipopsssss! 😀

Solo pics~
 photo 20140809_181843_zpse55513a9.jpg  photo 20140809_181903_zps03ee59c4.jpg

 photo 20140809_181925_zpscd2cdcd6.jpg

Thank you, Ah Lyn~

Followed by endless selfiessssssssssssssss!
 photo 20140809_1820540_zps9e473ebc.jpg

 photo 20140809_182058_zps12920cc7.jpg
 photo 20140809_182301_zpsc217c337.jpg
 photo 20140809_182259_zps3036d32d.jpg
 photo 20140809_182348_zps84af4d9d.jpg
 photo 20140809_182352_zps734f1c92.jpg
 photo 20140809_182239_zpseb20de33.jpg
 photo 20140809_182449_zps473bef70.jpg

 photo 20140809_181617_zps3db275e4.jpg

With Eric!

 photo 20140809_183055_zpsa305d113.jpg

With the 幕后的女人!

 photo 20140809_183537_zps293cbcf1.jpg

With the cutest auntie and her signature -__- smile xD

 photo 20140809_183433_zpsa427dbd8.jpg

Leng Leng smiling cho~ happily! Hahaha!

But she said the picture made her look damn gigantic, which is true, so another take! Without Lyn in my group this year, she’s now the one helping me with my sari and etc ((:
So glad that she’s finally back this year!!!
 photo 20140809_183512_zpscc324acb.jpg

Shot taken by an auntie during one of the rehearsals and she developed it for us! Nice shot with both of us smiling so happily 😀
 photo Image2_zpsdf880cc0.jpg

 photo 20140809_184245_zps85849542.jpg

With the NDP friend that I made last year!

 photo 20140809_184904_zps0cb26726.jpg

Dashed over to take a shot with Uncle Tan again when I saw him with the funny wig! xD

With one of my group leaders for the year! The original one left halfway so they had to take over and they were quite lost too, due to lack of experience, but they were very open to our suggestions and trusted me to decide on what I think is best for our row (:
 photo 20140809_190105_zpsb909b3c6.jpg

 photo 20140809_185447_zps9dc076a5.jpg

With my group – D4 Indian group!

 photo 20140809_184847_zpsff925577.jpg

Will you be flying by here again?

 photo 10443251_765450753497002_3170785012519253643_o_zps7242ee71.jpg

With the cute little Indian boys~

 photo 10495579_765450583497019_5228195349883070314_o_zps3e6a64be.jpg

Then everyone started joining again~

 photo 10560515_765450703497007_3696811049690030139_o_zps9750a3d6.jpg

More and more!

The show was over in no time but I heard that we did a really great job!!! Indeed 台上一分钟,台下十年功!Although it didn’t feel like the last show, I still put up my best show and tried to smile as much as I can (though Steven 老师 still caught me on the big screen with pursed lips)hehe~ No matter how many times I stand on that stage, I still can’t help but feel a lil’ nervous!!!

But at least they weren’t any cameras facing me this time round; I was only caught on the big screen and not on TV! Guess I really hid myself well this year 😛

 photo 20140809_195936_zps84d67942.jpg

Preparing for finale!

 photo 20140809_195732_zps4a8ccec2.jpg

Cam-whoring with the cute kiddos again 😀

This boy was standing in front of us for the finale and during last week’s performance, he actually did a dance step in the opposite direction from all of us! Initially I gave him the benefit of doubt, thinking that maybe Eunice 老师 told him to do so but in the end his friend was like, “This way lah!!!” and he quickly changed direction embarrassingly…hahaha! So cute~
 photo 20140809_195726_zps45c81f1a.jpg

 photo 10446088_10152304254347029_5233276886935055806_o_zps42568dbf.jpg

Taken by Ping during last week’s finale!

Cam-whore session after the final show!

 photo 10593186_10152610456216944_2730946407580959528_n_zps15f645cc.jpg

Uncle Tan photobombing!

 photo 10485921_10152610456146944_2175061027421370621_n_zpsf7cbf216.jpg
 photo 20140809_202441_zps7deef694.jpg

And and and! My achievement this year – I finally took a solo shot with my most respectable 老师!I respect him not so much of his choreographing or dance talent, but more of his good temper. He’s the one who has been training with us every week under the hot sun and even though we kept complaining and complaining, he never once did.

He was more passionate about making this show right and making sure that we are really ready for the performance! Because of such passion, it makes me wanna work harder for him, for myself, and for all the audience (:
 photo 20140809_202546_zpsa25d2cec.jpg

 photo 20140809_202640_zpsd8bee150.jpg


And as everyone was partying around and snapping countless of photos, there was suddenly a mini fireworks show dedicated to all the performers and everyone who is involved in NDP 2014! So finally I had the chance to capture some fireworks shots! 😀
 photo 20140809_2033340_zps1848321f.jpg
 photo 20140809_203334_zps227a3a21.jpg
 photo 20140809_203352_zpsb1944305.jpg
 photo 20140809_2033560_zps7a911564.jpg
 photo 20140809_2033510_zps957f4042.jpg
 photo 20140809_203400_zpscf097a1b.jpg
 photo 20140809_203358_zps95f4c642.jpg
 photo 20140809_203404_zps7d28cc15.jpg

Oh and I had supporters again this week! But the most annoying one; just look at that face! >.>
Should have cropped him off leaving just Tim and I!
 photo 20140809_205028_zpse03acf0d.jpg

We just can’t stop our cat-fight whenever we see each other! It’s either he’ll be pulling my hair (which is what he was doing in the picture below, that’s why my hair looked so effed up) or I’ll be kicking at him. Yes! That’s the violent friendship we share!
 photo 20140809_205150_zpsff058d46.jpg

 photo 20140809_205159_zpsfd4214d3.jpg

Jaybeeeeee clique~!

 photo 20140809_205446_zps5fe43525.jpg

Using my phone to cam-whore -_-“

 photo 20140809_205457_zps0c6af8ed.jpg

With Karen’s sister and her husband!

And of course, we took our annual Polaroid shots ((:
 photo Image_zps2f33a7b1.jpg
 photo IMG-20140811-WA0007_zps82820787.jpg
 photo IMG-20140810-WA0009_zps0c41984d.jpg

One last cam-whore session back at the F1 pit before we change from the costumes!
 photo 20140809_211847_zps624dfdb7.jpg
 photo 20140809_211948_zps34e13c60.jpg
 photo 10478505_782126938495151_5959563039587677613_o_zps71564686.jpg
 photo 10317775_782126875161824_410471007113182715_o_zps0f4f2b0e.jpg

And then it was chilling session at Paulaner with NDPeeps~! 😀
 photo 10599395_10152699484622664_8024524980492980553_n_zps7ddaa2d4.jpg

I was so sad that they did not have any seats for us inside and I could only keep going in occasionally to listen to the live band~ Then at last, they had seats for us inside! And it’s my favourite spot! Yay to live band! Double-YAY to comfy spot! Hehe!
 photo 10352261_10152699484882664_3780893593896297182_n_zpsc0a59ab6.jpg

 photo 10544784_10152699484687664_3602616638660702213_n_zps62f4e818.jpg

NDPeeps ❤

Was offered an opportunity to do something beyond my role and although it is a good opportunity to learn something new, something more, I don’t know if it’s a good idea. More can sometimes do you harm, and more can also means more responsibility, more expectation, more attention and more time. Especially now that I’ve decided to just focus on my part and finish up this show, which I had done so, 我想明年的事,明年再说吧。

(via yanilavigne.net)

(via yanilavigne.net)


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