Sundate with loveboy

I have always been looking for cafes nearby that I can grab some cakes for le loveboy on the way but there really ain’t many nice cakes around here. But I recently found one hidden someone in Upp Thomson! 😀

 photo 20140810_132725_zpsd9275091.jpg

aka Ply Baked Goods (:

It’s so well-hidden that I almost missed it. I was there specially for the rainbow cake after seeing a junior posting a picture of their yummy-looking cake!

 photo 20140810_163102_zpsd692319f.jpg

Nicely packed in a box!

 photo 20140810_163131_zps6ef05de8.jpg

And boy~ The $8 slice of rainbow cake is huge!

I also got myself a slice of durian cake (how can I miss out on that right?) and despite it being a lil’ pricey for its size ($8.50), it was an absolutely no-regrets choice! I was intending to save some for Sis to try but as she was showering, the cake got smaller and smaller and eventually disappeared! HAHAHAHA. It was soooooo good that I couldn’t help it! Looks like I’ve found a new hideout (:
 photo 20140810_163304_zps2e61abed.jpg

Off to visit the cheeky boy and even though he told me that it’s time for his nap, he still continued rolling around on me -___-|||
 photo 20140810_1430280_zps36c7a8a9.jpg

This was what I meant by feeling like a dough under the roller.
 photo 20140810_143021_zps2f049f6d.jpg

Then when I asked to take a selfie with him, his cheekiness started again!
 photo 20140810_142822_zpsb2a9a9c4.jpg

Eventually he ran off, which explains this ugly dejected face of mine when I snapped. A picture speaks a thousand words -_-”
 photo 20140810_142436_zps5d8a276d.jpg

 photo 20140810_142521_zps8073f596.jpg

Running around without his pants on!

 photo 20140810_142523_zps43bb68b5.jpg

Notorious face after successfully ruining my selfie x.x

 photo 20140810_142511_zpscd2cdf4b.jpg

The best that I could get~
Mai hiam buay pai liao.

Oh he has also reached the “为什么” stage whereby he asks “为什么?” for every single thing! And he always asks in this nonchalant “为什么~?” manner, as though he’s just asking for the sake of saying those words! Hahaha!

Vic: 你再不睡觉爸爸要拿藤条打你了啊!

Isaac: 为什么~?


Took the boy to the Singapore River after his nap because he had been whining about wanting to see Merlion after a school’s handicraft session on Merlion~ Chanced upon a performance outside Esplanade and Isaac happens to be a great fan of live performances, including getai!
 photo 20140810_190339_zps1b17ff3b.jpg

 photo 20140810_191048_zpscae6e8b4.jpg

Le boy enjoying the music~

He was even tapping along with the music later on! Vic wanted to test to see how long he can sit there watching that, but he backed out in the end, because it seemed like the active boy really could sit there the whole day!
 photo 20140810_190811_zpsf358117e.jpg

 photo 20140810_192942_zps6f050893.jpg

Back here again~

 photo 20140810_192255_zps5b7ebb5d.jpg

Hello, Merlion!

 photo 20140810_192550_zpsad096ee8.jpg

Isaac’s first visit to the Merlion Park!

 photo 20140810_192617_zps032b69b3.jpg

Meeting the Merlion for the first time (:

Cho~ cheeky; cho~ cute! ❤
 photo 20140810_192452_zpse064fff9.jpg
 photo 20140810_192512_zps1035cd12.jpg

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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