Food For Thought

As the last Canelé outlet at Lido will officially cease its operation on the 17th this month, I decided to make a trip down to have one of my favourite macarons for one last time before they are gone 😦
 photo 20140811_210845_LLS_zps6b0d33e9.jpg

Too bad they were left with really few flavours for the day so I could only pick these 3 – salted caramel (my must-have!), rose and yuzu. Their salted caramel used to be one of my mood-lifters, and now I have 1 less thing to make me happy…
 photo 20140811_210748_LLS_zpsd8ac8a82.jpg

Ironically, I was browsing through this book from a colleague who has just broken up. Then we talked about finding something that makes ourselves happy each day, like that #100happydays thing that went on for a while you know.
 photo IMG_20140813_173535_zps216c6596.jpg

So the happy thing for the day was that I pampered myself with a good massage! Actually it was because my neck was getting so damn stiff, so is my lower back.
 photo 20140813_193949_zps5e6c9bc3.jpg

 photo 20140813_194015_zps53cbcc27.jpg


 photo 20140814_140959_zps9ae8b03d.jpg

Hot & spicy tomato noodle on rainy day! Shiok!

 photo 20140814_191649_zps65db727e.jpg

Much appreciated dinner (:

Had a super super impromptu advance birthday celebration for Ally! Ping just suddenly came into my room to discuss about the celebration since she was also going on leave the next day and Ally would be on leave on her birthday next week too. Yea so we came up with this impromptu decision to celebrate before everyone’s gone and the next thing we know, we were in Sheng Shiong getting cake and pressies! Haha!

In the end, guess what we lugged back for her? A 6kg watermelon – her favourite!!!

 photo IMG-20140812-WA0013_zps5a40cf97.jpg

The 2 preggies~

And because we did not have candles, the lighter was our closest replacement. Look at her -_- face! Hahaha! Cause she’s so not a fan of birthday celebrations xD
 photo IMG-20140812-WA0005_zps59192018.jpg

 photo IMG-20140812-WA0011_zps6d466883.jpg

Forever awkward girl~

 photo IMG-20140812-WA0009_zps1edd4232.jpg

Then she turned psychopathic!

 photo IMG-20140812-WA0007_zps1fe8694f.jpg

Signature seductive face 😛

 photo IMG-20140812-WA0008_zpsedcb51eb.jpg

Most stressful cake-cutting ever~

 photo IMG-20140812-WA0010_zpsef8e7bb3.jpg

S.H.Y again!

 photo 20140815_124908_zpsefc98799.jpg

A rareeeeeeee treat from Kenneth, who came back to visit us!

 photo 20140815_132021_zpse3ad788e.jpg

有味饭, checked~

 photo 20140815_194219_LLS_zpsc779d28a.jpg

Dinner with president

I wasn’t expecting but it was actually almost pitch dark inside! Luckily it didn’t take me too long to find the restaurant, but it was still kinda scary walking through the dark garden alone.
 photo 20140815_193808_LLS_zps80e810f2.jpg

 photo 20140815_194439_LLS_zpse9081073.jpg

Food For Thought, finally (:

 photo 20140815_195035_LLS_zps3757eb74.jpg


 photo 20140815_195533_LLS_zps36303335.jpg

Reminds me of a canteen! Interesting!

 photo 20140815_195021_LLS_zps709f159b.jpg


 photo 20140815_195847_LLS_zps81fc5a33.jpg

Full Work~

 photo 20140815_200120_LLS_zps783a8cae.jpg

Lemon-dill fish~

A place that I had been wanting to try and finally did. Not disappointed after all (:




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