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Finally cafe-hopped again and this time round, it’s all the way in the east! I am usually quite lazy to travel so far but since the little one has been bugging me to check out this cafe together and I also happened to be going to the east for dinner, I finally made my journey to the east to check out this To-gather Cafe (:
 photo 20140816_174322_zps2ea259ad.jpg

Apparently, it’s like the must-try cafe in the east and especially in Bedok area!
 photo 20140816_174309_zpse12a982f.jpg

I like the place because of all the beautiful words around the wall~
 photo 20140816_164750_zps20fd03f7.jpg

And what’s more important than a beautiful laughter each day? That’s why I am a sucker for people with good sense of humour I guess.
 photo IMG_20140817_114052_zps2583ab78.jpg

We were actually there to check out their matcha lava cake and after spending a longgggg time deciding on which mains to order, we ended up forfeiting them and chose 3 desserts instead!
 photo 20140816_165027_zpscbe45e00.jpg

 photo 20140816_165001_zps6a01300a.jpg

Matcha Lava Cake!

 photo 20140816_164904_zpsdeffd961.jpg

Chocolate Lava Cake

 photo 20140816_165249_zps1e65260c.jpg

Tiramisu supposedly with alcohol but I can’t taste it!

The matcha lava cake is definitely awesome especially for green tea lovers! Though it wasn’t thatttt flowy like the chocolate one, it was still pretty unique and good, especially when topped up with an ice-cream with caramel sauce! Woooots~!
 photo 20140816_165121_zpscd5af0db.jpg

The chocolate lava is pretty nice too but a lil‘ too mainstream. But dark chocolate lovers will love this because the chocolate is thick and leaves a bitter-sweet taste in your mouth!
 photo 20140816_165237_zpsa8d3b2fe.jpg

 photo 20140816_174416_zps3c4bed2f.jpg

Failed attempted to take with the signboard -_-“

 photo 20140816_174708_zps7aa2089d.jpg

Mission accomplished!

We were so full that we decided to walk back to Bedok Mall and the 5 bus-stops distance actually didn’t seem that far! Shopped around Bedok Mall for the very first time and look what I found! It’s my QUEEN BEE – a bigger version of my current bee ring!!!
 photo 20140816_184506_zps1265d742.jpg

Look at the size difference! A pity that the wing is pink but I still bought it nevertheless! 😛
I can no longer find them anymore because the shop in JB that I used to buy them has officially closed down, so I need to collect them all before they extinct!
 photo 20140817_123213_zps0f41a898.jpg

Saw the familiar “dragon bee” as well (:
 photo 20140816_184455_zpsf1af5112.jpg

 photo 20140817_122917_zps033d5bd3.jpg

Adding to my collection!

 photo 20140817_122946_zps06462a10.jpg

A line of beesssssss~

Off for dinner at Anna’s house and it’s really sweet of her to have invited us over for a good home-cooked meal! It’s been so long since I last received such a warm invitation and her cute mum is so excited to promote her famous homemade yong tauhu…hahaha!
 photo 20140816_203403_zpseffbd556.jpg

It’s so nice to see 老师s again as well because the ladies were rehearsing at Anna’s place so it was a rewarding dinner for them! 我有口福了。。。嘻嘻!And as usual, it was a full-of-laughter dinner over drinks! 😀

At first I was still a lil‘ hesitant about joining too early because Mommeyyyyyyy would only join us late after she touch down, so I may be left out. But it turned out that I didn’t feel so at all that night and we had so much fun laughing at each others’ jokes! They also discovered and were amazed that I can actually drink that much. ..hahaha!

I really like how despite the different background (as in dance background), different status and different age, they never once made me feel left out. It’s like we can just talk so casually and about anything; they had never made me feel like, “Oh you’re not a dancer so you’re not part of us” or “Oh you’re just a participant so why are you here?” When we’re at the table, we are all equal.

Oh one of the joke of the night happened while we were making fun of Anna’s mum – Mdm Pok’s surname.

Anna: My mum and my dad very jialat, because my mum’s surname is Pok and my dad’s is Leow, so add together it’s Pok Leow!

Anna’s mum: Yah that’s why now pok liao (broke)!


Anna’s Sis: Then my husband and mine also very jialat, cause his surname is Seow, so Seow Leow (siao liao) -_-”


Me: Then I think I can’t get married to any of your family members also. Cause my surname is See, so See Leow (si liao)! x.x

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! So so00 soo00oo much laughter in a night and especially more when Mommeyyyy finally came back from Aussie! So after the Cinderellas left, the 3 of us actually stayed up till like 2am plus to chit-chat! Wish I can have my own house party and stayover tooooooo!

Was left with a plan-less Sunday after I made the impromptu decision to back out from the buffet high-tea~ Thought of the expiring Loft Cafe waffle deals that I bought and hadn’t have a chance to use yet, so I had an impromptu Bud-date instead!

 photo 20140817_135648_zps29f1dc4d.jpg


Bud was also amazed by how good the waffles are~ Thank you for accompanying me for them and for running my errands with me!!!

Accompanied him for tie-shopping after that and I had almost forgotten how to tie a tie! Gosh~ How can I ever forget that. It’s a skill that every girl should acquire! Not the nicest attempt though…hehe.
 photo 20140817_155340_zps04c9941c.jpg

And after much research, tasting and contemplation, I finally splurged on Goodwood Park‘s durian mooncake this year! I had been saying I wanna get them each year but every time I just couldn’t bear to buy them, because they are so expensive!!!

So this year, I finally decided that I will just splurge once to try and that’s it, since I don’t like to have regrets and I wouldn’t wanna die not trying them…hahaha! Was contemplating between Goodwood and Home’s Favourite because despite Goodwood having a more reputable name for durian stuff over the years, the latter has also been receiving fantastic and in fact, even better reviews than Goodwood!

I managed to sample Home’s Favourite and Bud and I both think that it’s okayyyyyy. Skin is a little thick and the mao shan wang durian is nice, but still not as wowwwwww as we had expected, given the price. Goodwood doesn’t give out sample, which I guess is a tactic that I fell for, because I ended up buying just so that I can really TRY!
 photo 20140817_201136_zps006d9732.jpg

Furthermore, Goodwood has 2-piece set, which is also why I chose it, because even if it’s not nice, at least I only splurged on 2 instead of 4! Though $40+ (before discount) for 2 mooncakes is still super expensive!!! *heart painnnnn*
 photo 20140817_201054_zpsfc691a11.jpg

In the end, the verdict is …
Home’s Favourite one is indeed nicer!!! T.T

Goodwood‘s skin is even thicker than Home’s Favourite, and worse, harder! The filling was shiok but still not any better than Home’s. Now I finally understand what buddy’s friend (whom we bumped into) meant by Home’s Favourite ones are like ice-cream – you can never cut them in proper pieces.


My most expensive mooncakes ever.
But still, no regrets! At least I finally tried!!! And still shiok~~~


I am typing this because I am fuming right now with someone’s dirty act and I am gonna make this official once and for all. If you have anything against me, come to ME personally. You DO NOT drag my work in nor disrupt the lives of the people around me. Once you do that, it’s official; I will not hold it down further. You can have all the time to go after me, tracing my life, stalking my blog or going to the extent of attempting to follow me in Instagram (but deleted your request later on; how embarrassing to be caught stalking), I don’t fucking care. Just don’t disrupt my work or anything where my passion lies. You have lost that bit of respect I am left of you and instead, what I feel of you now is just shame. I feel ashamed for you. Ashamed for all your dirty acts, one after another, despite of acting all “holy“. Geesh. But before you go on with another sneaky dirty move, my piece of advice is – You’re just digging your own grave deeper and deeper right here. So don’t bother blaming others after that.

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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