Missed out these on Sunday’s post because there were some problem with the videos. But anyhow, after running all the errands and shopping with Bud, I went back home to welcome the arrival of my little prince!

He has been bugging to come over and it’s indeed very long since his last visit! Asked if he missed me and he actually nodded even though he just saw me last week *meltttttttttttttt*

He got us all so entertained again and I managed to hear him sing the carrot song again! Last week when he sang it for me, I was like secretly gushing over his cuteness!!!

Managed to catch it on video this time and I just kept replaying it! Hahaha! Those who haven’t seen it please watch, it’s so mad cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Nad Nad even said his hand really looks like a carrot and indeed! The more I look at it the more I feel like biting *bite bite bite!* xD

And he just walked off like that after singing! 有气质! ROFL.

And this was taken some weeks ago. Short but can totally sense his shynesssssss~ Mad cute *pinch cheeks*! ❤

New read for the week! Yes, I am a die-hard fan of Nicholas Sparks cheesy romance, so what~
 photo 20140819_100717_zps11985d5c.jpg

And I bumped into my primary school teacher in the bus on the way to work!!! I was skeptical if it’s her because she hasn’t changed a bit! I mean how can anyone still looks the same after 13 years right?!
 photo 20140818_090101_zps44c76412.jpg

Sent Bud her picture and we started discussing about it. Then after I alighted, I finally mustered the courage to ask if she’s 杨老师 and it was indeed her!!! Omgggggggg~ And she’s still teaching in Townsville after 30 years!

I knew she would still remember me once I tell her my full name because she has taught both my Sis and Bro before as well so she knows my mum pretty well! Most of my primary school teachers remember us because my mum used to make frequent visits to our school not because of our poor behaviour, but just to check on us -_-”

She’s one of my favourite Chinese teachers back in school because she loves to tell us stories, and I always enjoy her story-telling sessions so much! But I also remember that I disappointed her once when I stood up for a friend who was wrongly accused and she got so angry with my slightly-agitated attitude that she threatened to call my parents. So that night, I went home and plugged off my house phone line…HAHAHAHAHA! That was definitely one memorable incident, and one that I first learned what is 义气 (:

Start of a new week; start of a new project~ It was a lonely Monday because both Ally and Ping were on leave, but I was also very much occupied with work that I decided to skip lunch. It usually happens whenever I have a new project, just see the need to chiong till a satisfactory level so that the client feels safe to let me handle the project.

Was mad tired on the first day of the week as a result, but also because I didn’t catch enough rest over the weekend 😦 Thought I would be heading home to rest but came an impromptu meetup with PPGs! Again, 义气 over anything so I dragged myself over to Nad’s house for a mini house party while we accompanied her on her stand-by night! Thank goodness she wasn’t called up in the end~

 photo 20140818_213248_zps469b164c.jpg

Twelve Cupcakes from Xiao Qian! ❤

 photo 20140818_214025_zpsff1e053c.jpg

Our high tea at night! Hehe!
Cupcakes with TWG chamomile tea!

 photo IMG_20140819_184304_zps926e666f.jpg

Hong Kong gifts from Ping! Hehehehehe!
Rilakkuma pajamas, Rilakkuma luggage tag & Rilakkuma voice-recording bear! 😀

 photo 20140820_135836_zps2be34a54.jpg

SUPER YUMMILICIOUS Mushroom Brown Rice Lunch! ((:

Received a text from the super nice Balaclava‘s staff last week informing me that the place’s gonna close soon at the end of the month due to end of lease. First Canelé and now Bala~ Even the nice pancake stall near my office has closed down few months ago! –CRY!!!!– There goes all my favourite places!!!

Since I couldn’t make it for their farewell party, I decided to make a last visit there on their second last ladies’ night! Really appreciate and touched that the staff actually bothered to message the customers to inform them about it; such service (:

 photo 20140820_210133_LLS_zps2d0c764d.jpg

Midori Sour!

 photo 20140820_211703_LLS_zpsf889822c.jpg

TWG macarons from Yinning for being late! Haha!

 photo 20140821_192513_zps49ae7c1f.jpg

The 1hr 25mins rainbow cakes surprise ❤

Cause I was too engrossed in work till I didn’t have time to check my phone!!! Can imagine a silly cat waiting and waiting for me to see the message! Felt really bad when I finally saw the spam of messages x.x

 photo 20140821_192436_zps627c4f07.jpg

Feeling rainbow nevertheless ((:

Though something nasty happened later and I gobbled up the 2 cakes, I still managed to have a good taste of them. The original one has a tinge of lemon in it and it smells good! Tastes good too of course!
 photo 20140821_202922_zpsd13db200.jpg

Ruined the chocolate one a lil‘ when I was trying to escape from a cockroach x.x
But still so pretty and nice! Has got choco pops in it!
 photo 20140821_205105_zps0148ea06.jpg

 photo 20140821_221733_zps64fcd864.jpg

Random shot

 photo 20140821_222227_zps8f633ebb.jpg

Random selfie

 photo 20140821_222421_zps27f4ea23.jpg

Random AMK meetup with KB & co

 photo 20140822_134113_zps231f3a1a.jpg

The good Friday lunch!

 photo 20140822_134126_zps01afcda0.jpg

The usual must-have (:

 photo 20140822_134059_zps4c1ca09f.jpg

Never tasted lettuce this good with the sauce! Hehe!

 photo 20140819_203904_zps35fb9a36.jpg

The annual thing (:

 photo 20140822_221615_zps998c4d92.jpg

Impromptu durian night with Mommeyyyyyyyy~

 photo 20140822_221612_zps4d38a5de.jpg

All-time favourite!
Anytime, anywhere!

But somehow all the fruits including durians look sooooo small nowadays that the 3 for $10 one actually looks smaller than my $1 durian!!! So in the end we bought the box one cause they look more worth it…hehe. When it comes to durian, quantity > quality 😛
 photo 20140822_221921_zps0f6f7b7b.jpg

 photo 20140822_222023_zpsfd416d26.jpg

Turned out quality is not bad too!

 photo 20140822_223239_zps71a2d150.jpg

Heart this yellow thing!

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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