Had an outing with colleagues and our dearest AP and the latter brought us to November 8 cafe in Thomson! I know there are quite a number of new cafes in the area but I haven’t had the chance to explore them all~
 photo 20140823_124436_zps667a3d38.jpg

 photo 20140823_130122_zps60f44589.jpg

Pretty & relaxing place!

 photo 20140823_130110_zps96c5a343.jpg

November 8

 photo 20140823_125036_zpsdad218c7.jpg

Open concept kitchen

But the bad thing about this concept is you’ll smell like a big breakfast after stepping out of the cafe =X
 photo 20140823_124556_zps4785d87c.jpg

 photo 20140823_130116_zps429694d1.jpg

Cute drawings on the wall that reminds me of Siew Siew~

 photo 20140823_142436_zps703a4268.jpg


 photo 20140823_142455_zpsfc2580d9.jpg

耍 cool~

 photo IMG_20140823_131755_zpsa39e7cb8.jpg

My Salmon Benedict!

 photo 20140823_143803_zpsffe4938f.jpg

With my lunch dates!
Will be back for desserts next time! (:

Off for movie date – Lucy! I hadn’t caught a movie ever since my last movie date was ruined. Didn’t even know what Lucy is and I actually thought it’s Auntie Lucy! >.<

Off to check out the Singapore Night Festival for the very first time! I remember last year I was doing traffic counting for this event and this year I finally had the chance to visit! Haha!
 photo 20140823_205038_zps735d89e4.jpg

 photo 20140823_201544_LLS_zpsa021288e.jpg


 photo 20140823_201646_LLS_zps0862f3a4.jpg

Hair looks soooooo flat x.x

 photo 20140823_201951_LLS_zps48f116d4.jpg

Simple but sweetest date!

Squeezed through the crowd and managed to reach the National Museum~
 photo 20140823_204729_zps66be03f3.jpg
 photo 20140823_204802_zpseaf2ec82.jpg
 photo 20140823_204808_zps5451f936.jpg

 photo 20140823_205315_zps8552ea4c.jpg

Probably the coolest exhibit!
 photo 20140823_210026_LLS_zpsd05b0576.jpg

 photo 20140823_205701_LLS_zpsf7aa4c3f.jpg

Carving + lighting make wonders (:

 photo 20140823_210341_LLS_zps6bafefcf.jpg

More faces

 photo 20140823_210201_LLS_zpsb62f2426.jpg

Starting to look a bit devilish~

 photo 20140823_210331_LLS_zps63bbdfdc.jpg

And this looks rather scary in the dark!

Walked all the way from Dhoby Ghaut and ended up at Peranakan museum!
 photo 20140823_211613_zpsbe7ab485.jpg
 photo 20140823_211548_LLS_zpsd1f472ac.jpg

Last stop: Changi beach! (:
Really need to overcome my fear of driving!!!

 photo 20140824_173928_zpsfd2fabe7.jpg

K outing with NDPeeps the next day~!

 photo IMG_20140824_150630_zps4fab5888.jpg

《祖先保佑》lingering around~

 photo 20140824_174010_zps499fb41c.jpg

Trying to take a selfie with everyone! xD

 photo 20140824_165512_zpsa952aa3b.jpg

Impromptu preparation for the cute couple! 😀

 photo 20140824_165731_zps9e07087c.jpg

The sweet Minion couple tees again…hahaha!

 photo 20140824_165801_zps83067e00.jpg

Because every moment is worth a celebration (:

 photo 20140824_165805_zpsb5e13312.jpg

Happy advance Wedding Anniversary! Hehe!

 photo IMG-20140824-WA0030_zps8bfbb3e1.jpg

NDPeeps! (:

Decided to explore Creamier with Ah Tiff since I had been wanting to check out the place and it’s also rare for the east-sider to becoming over to this area! Again, the cafe was so crowded that we had to wait 30 minutes for the waffles! =O
But that’s not stopping me this time! MUST TRY this time!!!
 photo 20140824_192405_zps951cef25.jpg

 photo IMG_20140824_201034_zpsee5e5d7e.jpg

So finally, earl grey lavender & my mango passionfruit ((:
Nice crispy waffles!

 photo 20140824_213459_zps199ba52b.jpg

Cute Rilakkuma goodie box!

 photo 20140824_213549_zps297b6ec9.jpg

With lots of Japanese goodies inside!!! 😀

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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