Our “Adventurous” Vietnam Trip – Hanoi (Part 1)

26 Aug 2014

Yes, I flew again 3 months after my Taiwan trip~ But this trip is kinda different because:

1) I was going to a non-shopping place; mainly sight-seeing.

2) I was travelling with Yinning and her 4 other friends.

3) It was the most nua and least prepared trip ever; no itinerary, just Google map. Not that I’m complaining, as long as I don’t have to plan anything. I usually go on trips with thick itinerary, but it’s tiring to do that. And not that we realised there’s much in Vietnam anyway.

4) It was a trip that we all couldn’t wait to get back.

5) It was an unexpectedly suay trip.

6) I fell sick the very day before the trip, which added on to the suay-ness. FML.

Yes, basically I caught a flu bug and was down with fever so I got permission from boss to leave early to see a doctor and to rest for the trip. I did not get well in time for the trip and fever was still quite on and off, but I flew nevertheless and suffered the worst nasal congestion during the flight.

I swear my nose was so in pain from the air pressure (plus flu) and it felt like every vessels in my nose was threatening to burst. It was a torturous feeling and I can’t imagine those people having sinus…gosh. Thank goodness I found a sleeping position that made me feel better after trying all poses. Also thanks to the saviour bread that the naggy one got me to buy prior the flight ((:

 photo 20140826_151813_zps1ea7f262.jpg

Over the clouds
(Some pictures contributed by travel mates because I was too nua this trip)

Got the SIM cards from the airport and the damn shop actually scammed us off 1 card but putting zero value in it! By the time we realised, we had already reached Hanoi. That’s the very first time we realised how scheming and dishonest the people there are, and trust me, this is not the only time for sure. More to come later in the trip~

Arrived at our hotel – Splendid Star Suite after a 1-hour ride that we had booked. This is one hotel that we really, really wanna recommend to everyone because due to unforeseen circumstances, we had tried a few other hotels during this trip but we still love this the most and love this only. Not to mention that the staff are really nice and helpful here, which is the only time we felt that there are still nice people in this country.
 photo 20140826_183936_zpscf239c2d.jpg

 photo 20140826_175454_zps971e3a57.jpg

Our awesome room for 6

 photo 20140826_175835_zps8cc6f0ae.jpg

Love the balcony!

The only downside is there is a church right beside so during the night, you may hear bell chiming away every now and then. But trust me, the room, the service, the free-flow juices (throughout the day) and nice breakfast will make up for it (:

As much as we would really love to nua in our comfy room, we had to rush out for our food tour! It’s a short tour recommended by Mr Ow and basically there will be a tour guide bringing us around to try different Vietnamese cuisines. We are glad that we had it on the first night because subsequently, we know where to get the good food~

Our first stop was none other than their Vietnamese Phở aka kway tiao!
 photo 20140826_185218_zps045719a0.jpg
 photo 20140826_185225_zps4e2b0477.jpg

I have heard of it a thousand times because Ping is such a fan of it but it was actually my first time trying it! My impression of the phở I see in Singapore is always full of bean sprouts, but the one in Vietnam doesn’t have at all! PHEW~ It’s very 清淡 but surprisingly very nice too! Just too much spring onions =X
 photo 20140826_183946_zps28171978.jpg

Moving on to next stop!
 photo 20140826_190646_zps3a7b7257.jpg

Guess what is this?
 photo 20140826_190702_zpsa806ec62.jpg

I forgot most of the names of the dishes but this is very much like our chee cheong fun with mushroom inside~ Not bad!
 photo 20140826_191300_zpsdb4b0b2d.jpg

Tried their fried eel as well but I’m not a fan of it =/
 photo 20140826_201101_zps5dcbb823.jpg

 photo 20140826_194427_LLS_zpsdcfd5796.jpg

Third stop!

 photo 20140826_195604_LLS_zps2a3b854d.jpg

Spring rolls & “curry puffs”!

They are actually very nice, especially the spring rolls which made the girls go back again on the second last night, but just way too oily for my liking. They are even nicer when dipped in their fish sauce, which we all fell in love with during this trip. They just dip everything in the fish sauce and the food instantly became nicer! Haha!
 photo 20140826_195632_LLS_zps2cf04b00.jpg

Passed by this popular Hoàn Kiếm lake where the tour guide explained to us the story behind it. I only remember it as the “Sword Lake” because the story has something to do with swords.
 photo 20140826_185749_LLS_zps2b946642.jpg
 photo 20140826_185912_LLS_zps867e7ab0.jpg

With our playful food tour guide! He was actually very happy to see us because he said it’s his first time having 6 young girls with him…hahaha! Later on we realised that it really seemed to be rare to have a group of 6 girls walking on the street because we kept getting stared at >.>
 photo 20140826_195859_zpsd7876375.jpg
 photo 20140826_195906_zps13d50796.jpg

Continuing our food tour with fruits! They are served in yogurt which tasted more like condensed milk to me =/
 photo 20140826_203918_LLS_zpse6872253.jpg

Eating by the roadside with vehicles constantly zooming past us!
 photo 20140826_213848_zps3c2e362d.jpg

 photo 20140826_204306_zps12bd9702.jpg

The real STREET style~

 photo 20140826_203025_zps04480a16.jpg

Authentic ice lemon tea next!

 photo 20140826_203108_zps5e57f045.jpg

With our female tour guide who is a Jay Chou fan!

I felt unwell again after the ice lemon tea and was starting to feel cold and losing my appetite, so I didn’t fully appreciate the remaining snacks that we tried. But I still tried a bit of each and this rice cracker thing was one of them~
 photo 20140826_211807_LLS_zps69e9374c.jpg

Popiah again but a sweet one this time! It tasted very much like the old-school sweet popiah with sugar cane candy inside which I really like (the one commonly sold with dragon beard candy)!
 photo 20140826_213526_LLS_zps62e241a1.jpg

But instead of peanuts, they replaced with coconut shavings, which I think is worse =X
 photo 20140826_223401_zps547bd557.jpg

Next up was Vietnamese beer, and each mug is only like 30 cents!!! It tasted like Tiger beer to me but less bitter, and I only had a few sips because I really don’t fancy beer and I was really feeling unwell.
 photo 20140826_211817_LLS_zpsa7c97cf7.jpg

 photo 20140826_222436_zpsef3ef32d.jpg

Saying “Cheers” in the Vietnamese way

 photo 20140826_215924_zpsd683b3a5.jpg

Passing by a nice gallery

 photo 20140826_213255_zps0e0f2172.jpg

Very delicate art pieces

 photo 20140826_220359_zps5b119d12.jpg


Vietnamese satay and we all think that Singapore ones taste better. Not that I am a fan of satay in the first place.
 photo 20140826_211020_LLS_zps39b2be67.jpg

 photo 20140826_220733_zpse23e1b4a.jpg

Lots of fats!!!

Our last stop was coffee – another thing that I don’t really like, yet another thing that they are famous for =/
 photo 20140826_215416_LLS_zps752aff0a.jpg

But this is not normal coffee, this is EGG coffee! I thought it would taste disgusting but it was surprisingly nice for someone who doesn’t like coffee! Tasted a bit like Tiramisu in a drink form (:
 photo 20140826_225223_zps0672ef96.jpg

Finally ended our first night and my body was screaming for me to rest. First to doze off but I think I was the first for the remaining nights as well…HAHAHA. Really sucks to be sick on a trip!

27 August 2014

Felt much better after a good sleep~ Slept in till slightly later because we had one whole day to tour around aimlessly. But before that, hotel breakie first! 😀 They have so many choices for breakfast and we were simply spoilt for choices. Chose a crab noodle in the end and although I did not find any crab meat, it was nice and another 清淡 meal (:
 photo 20140827_094948_zpsc336b62e.jpg

Cabbed down to our first destination – Museum of Ethnology, as recommended by the food tour guide last night. Definitely learned a bit more about Vietnam after touring around the museum~
 photo 20140827_110144_zpsc300ecea.jpg

 photo 20140827_110033_zps738d645e.jpg

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups! =O

 photo 20140827_110901_zps508cc4b4.jpg

Their traditional hats

 photo 20140827_110724_zps4c4a3d85.jpg


 photo 20140827_112954_zps395c8e47.jpg

Ritual tree

 photo 20140827_114138_zps06a08692.jpg

Oh they have lion dance too!

 photo 20140827_122150_zpsb0f40dd2.jpg

Interesting photography showcasing the olden days of Vietnam

 photo 20140827_122056_zps33d71fe9.jpg

Old house!

 photo 20140827_122227_zpse3ee32bc.jpg

Long house! 😀

Cabbed down to the West Lake for lunch as recommended by Yinning’s Vietnamese colleague!
 photo 20140827_132813_zps21467099.jpg

 photo 20140827_132904_zps225c497c.jpg

Lunching by the lake (:

 photo 20140827_133946_zpsdad3a774.jpg

Spring rolls again!

 photo 20140827_133147_zpsfffb2654.jpg

Their signature prawn cake

Did not manage to take picture of all the food but it was an okay meal~ Kept me full for the remaining day at least.

 photo 20140827_141453_zps8373490d.jpg

Hello birdie!

 photo 20140827_141535_zpsa5317015.jpg

Quite like this shot (:

 photo 20140827_142641_zpsd27d69f1.jpg

One of my favourite shots!

 photo 20140827_141419_zps2f04ffe3.jpg

West Lake

 photo 20140827_142704_zpsd0eccb13.jpg

Stroll after lunch

 photo 20140827_144330_zps09162988.jpg

Blue blue sky~

 photo 20140827_152954_zps305db358.jpg

Chilling time~!

 photo 20140827_144344_zps3884baa0.jpg

Looks like we’re on a cruise!

 photo 20140827_151243_zps06eae048.jpg

Pretty ceiling lights

 photo 20140827_151815_zps398f10ef.jpg

Emo Minion

 photo 20140827_155402_zps1ee80c09.jpg

Our first group shot! 😀

Oh the one beside me is also Shrine’s cousin by the way! They are all Yinning’s secondary schoolmates and they are such a funny bunch!
 photo 20140827_155355_zps37bfe991.jpg

I think we were supposed to head to the Temple of Literature but we couldn’t get a cab, so we decided to walk there~ Chanced upon some parliament house-like place and we started cam-whoring inside!
 photo 20140827_165529_zps6c64bf91.jpg

We continued walking a bit more and ended up at this Ho Chi Minh museum somehow!
 photo 20140827_160339_zpsa1e605a2.jpg

 photo 20140827_170114_zps4f794276.jpg

At our aimless destination!

In the end, we decided to forgo the temple since it was closing soon, but since the museum was also closing, we did not bother paying to go in and only stood outside to enjoy the aircon…hehe! Then this little boy suddenly came to sit in the middle of us. Nah he wasn’t begging for money, maybe he was just up-skirting…hahaha!
 photo 20140827_170517_zpsd073ca3a.jpg

The weather there was really kinda crazy; a moment it’s so damn hot and the next moment the sky was covered with dark clouds. We quickly made a move from the museum and got a cab back to hotel, since we couldn’t decide where to go next when it started pouring.

Nua-ed a bit before heading out to try this famous phở at Phở Gia Truyền, as recommended by Ning’s colleague again~
 photo 20140827_174504_zps609c5e49.jpg

It was apparently recommended by our food tour guide as well, but we had a hard time making our order simply because we didn’t understand the menu and neither could the staff understand us =/
 photo 20140827_181158_zpsa070cb66.jpg

In the end, we realised that they only serve beef phở, and most of us actually liked our chicken phở on the first night more. Luckily I shared a bowl with Yinning.
 photo 20140827_175540_zps04b013af.jpg

Booked for massage but since we needed some time to digest, we were off to chill at Ding Tea, which the girls were really excited to see the previous night. We have many bubble tea fans here you see~
 photo 20140827_190609_zps22e44262.jpg

 photo 20140827_200539_zps2bfb351e.jpg

Nice chilling spot!

 photo 20140827_201609_zpsf0e483f7.jpg

Our cozy corner~

 photo 20140827_201743_zpsa18023a5.jpg

Cheers with Ding Tea!

Felt unwell once again after another cold drink 😦 Just suddenly felt really cold again…sigh~ The fever just kept coming on and off during the first 2 days and it was really annoying. And just when we thought we could be off for a relaxing massage, the real suay thing happened which pretty much affected the remaining of our trip!

What happened was as we were walking through the Old Quarters to the massage place, we came by this crazy traffic junction which we always have a hard time crossing. Oh did I mention how bad the traffic in Hanoi is??? It’s even worse than Bangkok, so you can imagine how hard it is walking on the street, let alone crossing the roads!

Bikes and cars were perpetually zoom-ing past you and horn-ing at you, threatening to kill you every time you come in their way. And it’s not as if they have proper pavements for us to walk on! Most of the pavements are occupied by street stalls or parked vehicles, so it was simply a life-threatening moment every time we hit the street.

The tour guide said the reason for the absence of traffic lights and traffic police is because they want to preserve this “culture” – the culture of a busy street, which is probably what they are known for. I think it’s simply ridiculous to be preserving such culture when safety is so much more important.

So anyway, while we were trying to cross this terrible T-junction, I was telling one of my mates that maybe we should walk further down to cross cause it may be easier. Then the next moment when I turned around to look at the rest behind, wanting to prompt them to cross together, I saw one of them angrily grabbing on to a Vietnamese auntie’s arm. I quickly walked back to find out what happened and the angry mate said she felt someone’s hand taking her phone from her front pocket and this was the woman she caught the moment she turned around.

The Vietnamese woman was very furious and she emptied her pockets and showed us her non-3G phone to “prove her innocence“. There was indeed no sign of my mate’s Note 3 but she was very sure that this woman has something to do with it. Just that they are probably really skilled in this and had passed on the phone to someone else in no time. Then the next moment, another woman on the bike beside me quickly vroom-ed off, and we didn’t manage to catch her.

The angry woman that we caught started making phone calls and we were rather at a loss of what to do. We wanted to call the police but we did not know the number, neither do we know how to communicate to them. Yet at the same time, we didn’t know if the angry woman would be calling her people down, so we escaped from the place first after snapping some pictures of the street name.

We were all feeling rather frantic over the absurdity of this incident and decided to cancel our massage and head back to the hotel to ask the staff for help. Just when we thought the traffic was dangerous, we realised the people there are equally dangerous and we just couldn’t walk on the streets in peace anymore!!! We were all hugging on to our bags as though we have tonnes of gold inside.

Finally made our way back to the hotel and as much as the staff wanted to help us, I think she’s also kinda used to such thing happening around her country. She told us that it’s impossible to find the phone back, but we still insisted on making a police report for the insurance claim.

She tried making some phone calls to different police stations because apparently, there is this effed-up rule in their country that if your incident happened on XXX street, you have to report to this particular police station. If it happened on YYY street, that will be another police station’s business. LIKE SERIOUSLY?! I’ve always thought police are there to HELP us, so why should there be classification of whose business it is?!

After much explanation, the nice staff finally found the right police station for us and even agreed to go with us to be our translator, despite having to carry her 7-month big pregnant tummy with her! Arrived at the station and apparently, the police there are as eff-ed up as their system.

 photo 20140827_210955_zpse374a295.jpg

My virgin visit to the police station in a foreign country.

Firstly, there is no computer so everything is done on papers. Fine. Secondly, the police doesn’t even know how to speak basic English when even the hotel staff can!!! I just can’t imagine anyone desperately trying to make a police report and yet the police doesn’t understand a single word from you.

Thirdly, they were obviously uninterested to help and it seemed more like a chore to them. One of the higher ranked one even shouted at my mate in Vietnamese when she attempted to sit down at his table to fill up her particulars and he yelled at her to move away to the table beside because that is HIS table.

Seriously EFF-ed up!!! And after the whole long statement-taking, they could not give us the report because they still needed the superior to give an approval stamp….Zzzzzzz. So we were told to come back on another day to collect, but we ended up coming for another THREE times. That’s their efficiency, period.

So that ended our super dramatic second night in Hanoi. But the drama is not over; stay tuned for more dramas and suay-ness that happened during the next 4 days of our trip x.x

(via picsandquotes.com)

(via picsandquotes.com)


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