Our “Adventurous” Vietnam Trip – Halong Bay

28 August 2014

After all that happened the previous night, we really couldn’t wait to get away from Hanoi! We were in fact so looking forward to our 3 days 2 nights cruise trip to Halong Bay! Woke up early in the morning to pack and prepare for our 8am departure~

 photo 20140828_072815_zps2c9431fb.jpg

Morning tea @ the balcony 😛

 photo 20140828_072856_zps2c4fe922.jpg

Obviously just posing…hehehe!

 photo 20140828_103031_zps4bd41b90.jpg

On the 3-hour bus ride to Halong Bay!

 photo 20140828_103027_zpsc6c1e174.jpg

I can lie here all day~

After a few stopovers including a Pearl Museum which was quite interesting because it’s my first time seeing how pearls are actually “made“, we finally reached the harbour! Waited for our cruise to be ready before we boarded this small boat to get to our cruise~
 photo 20140828_130042_zpsa21a628b.jpg

Felt scary when we had to put on the life jacket, as though the small boat may sink anytime! >.<
 photo 20140828_130922_zps28bc5e20.jpg

 photo 20140828_130409_zpsd12f7ed0.jpg

The happy girls~! 😀

And finally boarded our private cruise!!! Look at all the alcohol~
 photo 20140828_131310_zps94e8f2e1.jpg

The one we booked was actually a bigger one – Dragon Pearl Junk – for 16 people, but we were upgraded to a private family cruise – Prince Cruise at the last minute due to insufficient people. I was quite skeptical that it’s an “upgrade” since we would be on a smaller cruise and it also sounded dangerous to have just 6 girls on board with 8-9 men (staff)! Like if anything happened to us, we wouldn’t be able to escape in the middle of the sea~ But the good thing is, we have all these crew serving just us! Hahaha! Such luxury!

 photo 20140828_131847_zps9968a87a.jpg

Welcome message from the captain!

 photo 20140828_132034_zps099205df.jpg

Welcome drink – Pineapple juice! 😀

 photo 20140828_132233_zps41dc94ff.jpg


 photo 20140828_131433_zpsab2ffbdb.jpg

Hungrily waiting for our lunch to be served! 😀

 photo 20140828_134741_zps78906967.jpg

Fan of salad but not a fan of this -_-

 photo 20140828_134023_zps4d7de28c.jpg

Nice seafood soup!

 photo 20140828_140632_zpsf2f15b85.jpg

8-course meal on the shaky cruise~

It actually started raining heavily outside and the cruise was shaking quite badly at times. I even got a bit giddy halfway when I was eating! Hahaha!
 photo 20140828_140637_zps3c4140a5.jpg

Did not manage to snap pictures of all 8 courses but they are mostly seafood~ When asked if we have any special request for food, I actually said no spring onions and onions, but I forgot to include parsley and they had it in many dishes! T.T

 photo 20140828_143652_zpsecb71fa8.jpg

Fruits as dessert!

Checking out our rooms after lunch and they were awesome~!
 photo 20140828_132544_zpsd13bef6d.jpg

A little small but cozy~ I think it’s not exactly a cruise, but it resembles more like the smaller private yachts that I saw during the Yacht Show (:
 photo 20140828_133241_LLS_zps745b67ae.jpg

 photo 20140828_132722_zps6d01bfd8.jpg

YAY my first “yacht” experience! Hehe!

 photo 20140828_161801_zps5d90409d.jpg

With awesome view outside!!!

 photo 20140828_161833_zps74957bc3.jpg

We can see Halong Bayyyyyyy!

 photo 20140828_150332_zps33b0a00b.jpg

Small but clean private bathroom

So the Prince Cruise is actually made up of 4 rooms (each with individual bathroom), a narrow corridor outside the room, a kitchen, a dining area, staff rooms and an upper deck! (:
 photo 20140828_133121_LLS_zpsb14fe597.jpg

 photo 20140828_163757_LLS_zps8469c507.jpg

Walking around chatting with our “neighbours”! xD

 photo 20140828_132454_zps5361818a.jpg

Captain navigating!

The tour guide briefed us on the plan for our tour and despite being a lil‘ disappointed that we may have to skip kayaking for the day due to the bad weather, the tour guide promised that we would have plenty of time the next 2 days to do so. So while waiting to arrive at our first island, which would take a few hours, we took the chance to snap some pictures of Halong Bay on the upper deck!
 photo 20140828_133800_zpsc48369a7.jpg

Not the prettiest view due to the gloomy sky and rain 😦
 photo 20140828_133632_LLS_zpsf5f9f9fd.jpg
 photo 20140828_145444_zps0c870119.jpg
 photo 20140828_145421_zps4a710fe7.jpg

 photo 20140828_145531_zps6914dad1.jpg

Limestones everywhere that we wonder how they recognise where they are~

 photo 20140828_133727_RichtoneHDR_zps3a3d3797.jpg

Selfie with the view and it was super duper windy! The wind was like threatening to throw us off the cruise anytime!
 photo 20140828_145653_zpsd55682c1.jpg
 photo 20140828_145645_zps3a8ec111.jpg
 photo 20140828_145705_zpsa272cb2f.jpg
 photo 20140828_145709_zps4de90236.jpg

 photo 20140828_145803_zps55c5ec7a.jpg

The only way to keep my fringe in place -_-“

 photo 20140828_145954_zpsa70f3286.jpg

Many slanted photos because it was sooooo shaky!!!

 photo 20140828_161603_zps8ed87ff5.jpg
 photo 20140828_161615_zpseb65e4f2.jpg

Played Asshole Daidee together at the dining area and I was stuck as the Queen! Hohoho~ Makes me like Asshole Daidee more than the original because I can keep winning xD

Got real giddy the more we played so we decided to take a break and rest in our own rooms! The room just made me more nua than ever and I could really lie there all day to just watch the view!
 photo 20140828_164841_zps9bf41f5e.jpg

The rain never really stopped for long and halfway while we were resting, the tour guide frantically called out for Yinning to inform her of the very bad news 😦 Due to the really bad weather (and a boat that sank which we found out later), the government has issued an order for all the boats to turn back, which means our 3D2N cruise was forced to cancel!!! –CRY!!!!!

No more kayaking, no more dinner in the cave, no more cozy private rooms but hello Hanoi again! x.x
We were so reluctant to go back because initially it was only 3 days in Hanoi (including our last day), but now we had to spend another 2 days there when all we wanted to was to escape from that city of scammers and thieves! Sigh~ Really a super suayyyy trip!

 photo 20140828_164946_zpsa0f4a3d8.jpg

Emoooooooooo 😦

 photo 20140828_164811_LLS_zps6df8b0c2.jpg

Last few glimpses from the room!

 photo 20140828_173507_zps1bbeb456.jpg

Goodbye, Halong Bay 😦

 photo 20140828_164912_zps76f0dec8.jpg

Goodbye traditional rooms~

But the girls remained very positive and we had a major cam-whore session with all the remaining time we had on board because it would take a few hours to travel back to the harbour~ Of course we had lots of stuff to settle as well, like the refund, which suddenly made us damn rich, and of course arranging for our accommodation for the 2 nights!

The tour agency that we booked the cruise from actually wanted us to find our own accommodation, but it was so last-minute and by the time we reach Hanoi, it would be as late as 9-10pm! So suddenly we became like a bunch of homeless people but luckily after much calling, that super kind pregnant staff at Splendid Stars (our hotel for the first 2 nights) told us to just go back and she would settle everything for us! 😀 *super touchedddddd*

Since we couldn’t stay for 3D2N, we took enough photos to make up for it!
 photo 20140828_174351_zpsd9b83492.jpg

 photo 20140828_173806_zpsd1317823.jpg

6 Princesses on Prince Cruise!

 photo 20140828_174313_zps4084734b.jpg

The cutie shot~

 photo 20140828_175239_zps00980e53.jpg

Our turn! xD

 photo 20140828_175429_zps200fd97b.jpg

Joining in!

 photo 20140828_175704_zpsffa1bf57.jpg

With our neighbours #1

 photo 20140828_175552_zps50b7e32a.jpg

With our neighbours #2

 photo 20140828_175805_zps7f7aa092.jpg

With Shrine’s coussie!

 photo 20140828_175526_zps91403910.jpg

Endless cam-whoring

 photo 20140828_180159_zps87950299.jpg

Solo on the window!

 photo 20140828_181335_zps687fdacb.jpg

Nice shot of Ning!

 photo 20140828_180204_zps0c0c21be.jpg

Really sad to bid farewell to this room 😦

And then it was our 8-course dinner for the final farewell~

 photo 20140828_181848_zpse33a73ce.jpg

Not my kind of salad again! D:

 photo 20140828_183857_zpsa7e17789.jpg


 photo 20140828_184940_zpsc9e1df85.jpg

Nice custard caramel dessert!

The awkward moment when the captain was giving his farewell speech just hours after he had given his welcome speech =/
 photo 20140828_190641_zps69c7ec69.jpg

By the time we finished dinner, we were also nearing the harbour and the rain was still pretty heavy, which means our cruise was still shaking quite badly. We were given ponchos to put on followed by life jackets, so that we could board that small boat again to get to the harbour. Then all of a sudden, our relaxing cruise trip turned into like a frantic 逃难 moment!

I did not realise how serious a situation we were in and I was still helping Yinning with her poncho, then before I realised, the tour guide was suddenly frantically buckling up my life jacket because I seemed the most ready and he was like, “Okay! You go first!

The next thing I know, I was battling the rain and super strong wind and I was supposed to climb down this slippery ladder in the dark to get to the boat! I was kinda horrified for a moment that I actually stepped back with that “OMG I’m supposed to do this?!” reaction! I was so scared that I may just slip and fall into the sea but yet it seemed like such a frantic moment and the staff were trying to get us off the cruise as soon as possible!

So I quickly gathered all my courage and held on tightly to the ladder as I climbed down into the boat, with the help of the staff of course. The girls started joining me one by one and we were all suddenly so damn awakened by what’s going on. It really seemed like we were in some kind danger with the staff shouting around and behaving so frantically; it’s like we needed to escape immediately!

But that wasn’t all because the small boat seemed even more scary! With all of us together with the staff and our 6 heavy luggage on this tiny boat, it really seemed like it may sink anytime, especially when the wind was rocking us real badly!!! SUPER SCARY PLEASE~! Thank goodness we reached the harbour safely in no time and I must really applause for the staff for how well-trained they are. They really managed to help us “escape” in the shortest possible time and although we did not learn about the sinking of the boat incident from them, I think they had really tried their best in ensuring our safety (:
Quite a memorable experience!!! Haha!

So it was another 2.5 to 3 hours bus journey back to Hanoi and our day was gone just like this 😦 6 hours to and fro. But at least we did see Halong Bay and did enjoy a bit of the cruise! Just that we did not choose the right season to go so we missed out quite a bit from this trip~

Back to our favourite hotel but because it was fully-booked, we had to bunk in at their sister hotel – Splendid Jupiter instead.
 photo 20140828_223059_zps470bea7a.jpg

It wasn’t as nice as Splendid Stars and we had to split rooms into 2 each, but at least we had a place to stay for the night. Furthermore, Yinning and I got this huge bed to ourselves! 😀
 photo 20140828_220701_zpse4a6aae6.jpg

 photo 20140828_220940_zpsd243399e.jpg

Slightly more rundown bathroom~

But in the end we realised only our room has got the huge bed while the other 2 rooms were both rather small and not-up-to-standard in terms of cleanliness too. The girls were all disappointed with their rooms but those were the only ones available. So in the end, we decided to take in 1 more person – Shrine’s cousin and split into 3 in each room, so that at least 1 more person gets to enjoy our big bed before we find another hotel the next day~

Such an exhausting day even though we did not do much!

(via picsandquotes.com)

(via picsandquotes.com)


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