The Lil’ Sweetness

It had been a busy week being thrown between two projects that I really had a nightmare about Singapore river. Shots of the project kept floating in my mind; it’s like my mind is worrying about this river project while my heart is worrying about drama~ Miss my drama 😥

In the midst of doing Singapore river, drama AP came in to pass me this red wine! “监制给你的。他说不用用杯了, 直接喝。” Hahaha! Not sure if it’s the effect of drinking on an empty stomach, I was actually feeling giddy after I finished the bottle! =/
 photo 20140901_183253_zpsfefd1b7f.jpg

 photo 20140902_133349_zpsaccd6b24.jpg

Lemon Meringue pie for lunch because I was full from the nice potato salad from Sis! (:

 photo 20140902_210922_zpsb755c48a.jpg

Abby’s farewell again~
(Sinful fondue!!!)

Finally checked out Little Wimbly Lu! I am glad that they have decided to open another more accessible outlet at MyVillage!
 photo 20140902_221813_zps0ffafff7.jpg

But I still prefer the beautiful interior of the original outlet~
 photo 20140902_225244_zpsad5bf3ba.jpg

 photo IMG_20140902_223225_zpse685455a.jpg

Finally tried their waffle and it’s indeed niceeeeeeeee!!!

My must-have root beer cake! But somehow tasted different when not served in the usual glass 😦
 photo IMG_20140902_223840_zpsd789cf8a.jpg

Lemon meringue again! Haha! Too bad I was really full~
 photo 20140902_222812_zpsbfad4fc7.jpg

 photo 20140904_133222_zps4086991a.jpg


 photo 20140903_150529_zps2fbd21dd.jpg

Best rainbow cake I’ve tried so far (:
Thank you, my sunshine ❤

Impromptu JB trip with Ah Lyn to get mooncakesssss! And look who I bumped into! Haha!
 photo 20140906_133248_zps14c3b31b.jpg

Jammed till we were both hungry~ Finally settled in Nando’s for a shared meal because I wanted to save my stomach for other food too! Hehe!
 photo 20140906_151411_zps99dbdbab.jpg

There was 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo exhibition going on in City Square so there were Doraemons everywhere!!! 😀
 photo 20140906_164208_zps80529550.jpg

We didn’t buy the ticket for the exhibition but we still managed to catch a good glimpse of the cute Doraemons!
 photo 20140906_164912_zpsd97b83b7.jpg
 photo 20140906_164544_zpsc63abb01.jpg
 photo 20140906_164503_zps809f23a2.jpg
 photo 20140906_164933_zps9f195081.jpg
 photo 20140906_164956_zps9680809f.jpg

 photo 20140906_164710_zps0bbe5b34.jpg

Simply cuteeeeeeee~

 photo 20140906_163850_zps19b06d70.jpg

Even has the house that looked so much like the cartoon!

 photo 20140906_164038_zpsbb48cf2a.jpg

Spot the time machine drawer~

Did you know?
Doraemon’s original paint colour was yellow. His colour changed after getting his ears gnawed off by a robot mouse. This caused him develop fear of mouse and slip into depression on top of a tower, where he drank a potion labelled “sadness”, which augmented his depression to the point where, as he wept, his yellow paint washed off, and his voice deepened. (via

 photo 20140906_170948_zpsd5adfe9d.jpg


 photo 20140906_164235_zpsb27c5e11.jpg


There were game booths around as well but they all looked so tough for you to win a prize!
 photo 20140906_160121_zps4062d6f1.jpg

But aren’t they cuteeeeee?!
 photo 20140906_160136_zps84f6f8e9.jpg

 photo 20140906_160007_zps292825da.jpg


 photo 20140906_160309_zpse6518957.jpg

Pink Doraemons!

And guess what’s Lyn’s loot? A big bread!!!
 photo 20140906_163559_zpsd5833a6b.jpg

Not a normal bread but a memory bread! 😛
 photo 20140906_163634_zps50a20db2.jpg

 photo 20140906_184631_zps0fdb18c2.jpg

Disappointing yam pudding drink~
Miss our ShareTea!

 photo 20140906_194443_zps9197a55d.jpg

Finally had space to try the Asam Laksa!!!
Shiokkkkkkkk~ But got my nose running x.x

Got back with bagsssss of loots and our cute mooncakes! Spent like S$100 each in total =OOOOO
At least I got myself something too – a cheap tee and a cheap skirt! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20140907_001150_zpse72564bd.jpg

 photo 20140907_001305_zpsba18f214.jpg

Mao Shan Wang Hello Kitty!

 photo 20140907_001356_zps71a12d50.jpg

But my mooncake doesn’t have Hello Kitty on it! D:

 photo 20140908_172643_zpsca17f7f5.jpg

At least the Doraemon one still has its face on ((:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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