“I like Yiyi”

Woke up early on Sunday for my first bowling session with my loveboy~! 😀 The boy is getting sticky to me that he actually asked me to carry him once he got off the car! Thank goodness I made it up the flight of stairs; this boy thinks he is still that 6kg baby. But I ain’t complaining because I like him being sticky to me ❤_❤

 photo 20140907_110658_zps5ca6b972.jpg

Bowling time~!

Oh I didn’t know the kids’ lane actually has bumpers at the side which means they will never kanna the “long gang“! OMG~ I think I need that too! LOL.
 photo 20140907_110700_zps2f03cc1c.jpg

Soon he got bored (as usual) and didn’t bother seeing how many pins he hit…hahaha!
 photo 20140907_110922_zps9923943a.jpg

 photo 20140907_111341_zps278837e4.jpg

Throw & go~

 photo 20140907_113317_zpsa7057459.jpg

Check out my cute socks! xD

 photo 20140907_111421_zps0470df1a.jpg

Selfie with le cheeky boy! ❤

Despite the photo turning out blur because of his hyperactive-ness, I loveeeee how his chubby cheek takes the shape of the ball! *pinchhhhh~!*
 photo 20140907_111420_zps3a61ae9b.jpg

He chose his own lunch venue because of the free toy cars -_-”
 photo 20140907_130849_zpsa540ff1b.jpg

Then he requested for selfies with me on the way back! But I know he always bluff me one x.x
 photo 20140907_133407_zps31241711.jpg

Trying to take control of my phone again -_-”
 photo 20140907_133359_zps8c1240f7.jpg

 photo 20140907_132942_zps3cf78558.jpg

Cheeky monster!

 photo 20140907_132954_zps780aa501.jpg

Big talkative mouth that can talk non-stop!

 photo 20140907_133450_zps05d6e3ee.jpg

Trying to act 樱桃小嘴 now~

 photo 20140907_133504_zps5317a0c7.jpg


 photo 20140907_133506_zps5215f4e6.jpg

Mimicking his face in the previous pic! xD

 photo 20140907_133453_zps9104d755.jpg

Cho~ cheeky face!!!
(Don’t you love his double chin?)

It was the usual afternoon nap time and he was willing to give me 2 of his 臭臭 for nap! Though it’s his 2 least favourite ones, at least he agreed to share with me! He is usually very, very stingy with all his things and was never willing to spare anyone any of his things, let alone his precious pillows~ But this time he willingly passed them to me! HEHEHEHEHEHE!
 photo 20140907_175541_zps42a203c3.jpg

Dinner after nap at the nostalgic place! (:
 photo 20140907_183008_zps3f12b402.jpg

Remember standing here for hours just enjoying the breeze and looking at our neighbouring country~
 photo 20140907_183138_zps722b9953.jpg

 photo 20140907_192950_zpsf9823715.jpg

The lil’ prince in his trishaw carriage~

Hope to be back soon for the same breeze, the same privilege.
 photo 20140907_192842_LLS_zps45862983.jpg
 photo 20140907_193734_LLS_zpsbefb05db.jpg

 photo 20140907_202412_zps3a1a031a.jpg

Dessert @ Daily Scoop!
Look who’s drooling xD

Best thing of the night – loveboy said, “I like Yiyi~” for at least 3 times in the whole day!!!!!!!!!!!! And he even wanted me to go home with him and sleep at his place (even though I was already at home)awwwwwwwww~ Hearts such stickiness and possessiveness! ❤_❤

 photo IMG_20140908_204734_zps779f56ce.jpg

Caramel custard pudding! 😀

 photo IMG_20140908_223430_zpscc99dca9.jpg

Gifts from Batam! Hehe!

 photo 20140909_122417-1_zps0f8b6d08.jpg

All-time comfort food (:

Impromptu decision to catch 《等一个人 咖啡》because I really don’t wanna miss any more movies.

It was soooooooo 白痴 and lame but it actually got me laughing the whole show! Oh I totally didn’t catch the poisoned nipple part! But after I got it, I just burst out laughing for a whole minute…hahahanahaha!!! Guess guys would get it more -_-”

The ending was touching, though I have guessed the twist halfway. “每一个人, 都在等一个人。
Thank you 九把刀 for always making me 哭笑不得! (:

Haven’t PhotoBooth-ed for a long time! Hehe!
 photo Photoon2014-09-10at2206_zps41528fa1.jpg
 photo Photoon2014-09-10at2207_zpsa554584a.jpg
 photo Photoon2014-09-10at22064_zps5eadc61e.jpg

 photo Photoon2014-09-10at22072_zpsf58c66c5.jpg


(via quotesandimages.com)

(via quotesandimages.com)


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