Life Is Beautiful Wrap Party~!

Continued with the war week and war time usually means no time to eat my cereal breakfast and sometimes lunch too~ But got a kind donation one morning! Hehehe~ Very nice chocolate chip muffin! 😀
 photo IMG_20140911_130810_zpsccfd67b1.jpg

Got invited to another wrap party and it’s for the current drama project that we’re working on – Life Is Beautiful! It was held at Bugis+ again but this time at another bar – SHOW Club~
 photo 20140911_191333_zps957f39b8.jpg

 photo 20140911_191559_zps72fad865.jpg

Nice interior with stage!

 photo 20140911_191542_zps26f0be90.jpg

Mini buffet!

 photo 20140911_191750_zps265ea227.jpg

Beer party starts now~!

But we were considered the early birds and it was rather awkward, until the crowd started flowing in and our favourite character in the drama – Yahui also came in! We were so elated to see her that we shouted, “嘉嘉~!” when we saw her instead of calling her real name! xD

Told her how much we love her in the show and she was very sad that everyone loves her 嘉嘉 (the character) and not her…hahaha! But honestly, it’s because of the show that I started knowing her and liking her. Plus the way she speaks is so much like how she is in the drama that I felt like I’ve met her personally in the show before! Haha! She’s such a friendly person by the way! (:

Then Dasmond came and asked why we are all so “low“, so he suggested playing some app game – Guess The Word that is like Charades. It indeed got us all very hyped up!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20140911_201647_zps399f44c8.jpg
 photo 20140911_202026_zps1fb1c69e.jpg

Even the VIP – Ling Song jie, who is always being mentioned and thanked during almost every Star Awards, also joined in the game! So spontaneous! 😀
 photo 20140911_202235_zpsf0e0b95a.jpg

 photo 20140911_202741_zpsbbc0e73e.jpg

Li Zhen jie’s turn!

And because the category we played was Singapore actors/actresses, all the bitchiness and gossips started coming out from the mouths of different cast and crew! “嘴巴很大的!” “胸很大的!” “现在脸不一样的那个!” LOL.

Quote of the night:

Me: 你的名字有在里面吗?

Dasmond: 有啦!我是红的 okay!!!


A glimpse of our noisy round of charades! (Not the noisiest one though) xD

 photo 20140911_193803_zpsf2c37582.jpg

The funniest director, but also the most “dangerous” one…hahaha!

The cam-whore session started and we quickly jumped on the bandwagon to take a picture with our favourite 嘉嘉!!! She even did her signature pose in the show for us…hahaha! So cuteeeeeee please! xD
 photo 20140911_204722_zps2dada489.jpg

Transformed back to Yahui! Still cute!!! Hehe! 😀
 photo 20140911_204741_zps444eee6d.jpg

 photo 20140911_2049560_zps204c27e9.jpg

With our favourite character!

 photo 20140911_205400_zpsfac36cb3.jpg

With our favourite 监制!:D

The 监制 that is always so patient and appreciative towards us, and the 统筹 (production coordinator) that always organise such awesome wrap parties~! It’s my second time working with them so far (first was 最爱) and they are really nice people to work with/for! (((:
 photo 20140911_205246_zps975d246e.jpg

Finally found the chance to take a picture with Ming Jie as well! Hehe! 有没有帅到~~~~~
 photo 20140911_211117_zpsa8958a17.jpg

Selfie with his long arm as selfie stick! Hahaha! It’s our second time meeting him because he had previously came to our office to view his scenes to check on his own performance, but I missed the chance of asking him for a photo xD
 photo 20140911_211245_zps154c7dcd.jpg

More selfies~! 😀
 photo 20140911_211151_zps33e2945a.jpg
 photo 20140911_211220_zps45e8e1d3.jpg
 photo 20140911_211153_zps08f48416.jpg

Was trying to take a shot for them but more and more kept joining in! Hahaha!
 photo 20140911_212706_zps29835a73.jpg
 photo 20140911_2127090_zpsea0dbf6c.jpg
 photo 20140911_212712_zps50d21121.jpg

 photo 20140911_212807_zpsf8b8a1a6.jpg

Selfie with the very 红 Dasmond! 😛

Really hope they win the Favourite Onscreen Couple award! Their 默契 is really superb and they are just soooooo cute together! So much fun editing their scenes! xD
 photo 20140911_212606_zpsf7215283.jpg

 photo 20140911_212611_zpsf91e7a5a.jpg


 photo 20140911_214055_zps0548bfd4.jpg

Before party

 photo 20140911_214040_zpsefc5c051.jpg

Party starting~

 photo 20140911_213721_zps9417fc2f.jpg

Party started!

 photo 20140911_215225_zps86b30afe.jpg


 photo 20140911_215226_zps5f1f7bf8.jpg

Because Life Is Beautiful! (:

And as the party got more and more high~~~

The wolf evolved!!! ROFL.
 photo 20140911_204659copy_zps107a652d.jpg

 photo 20140911_204702copy_zps7957609e.jpg

Poor girl must be traumatised…hahaha!

Waited a long time before we finally took a picture with Pierre Png because he was seated way inside~
 photo 20140911_221521_zpsc7216b24.jpg

Had a chat with him because it’s our second drama project with him as male lead and he had actually heard about us ever since 最爱是你 from the EPs! ((:
 photo 20140911_221545_zpsc84f2375.jpg

 photo 20140911_215828_zps705647e4.jpg

Band of the night! xD

Special performance by Ming Jie & Ian!

 photo 20140912_001522_zpse19c0d21.jpg

The real live band of the night~

The party got more and more high as we all immersed in the music! Got dragged to stay by the 酒鬼 director who came late and I had soooo much beer as a result! I’m not a fan of beer at all because it makes me damn full but that was the only available 😦 Luckily towards the end when I felt really bloated, I could use my helpline – “I don’t wanna drink liaooooo~ I tell my brother ah!” Because some of them know my brother as well 😛

Was supposed to wait to go off with Miss 统筹 but eventually I was tired and I realised that she would be the last to go off since she’s the main organiser! Sneaked off with the APs in the end and we were all dreading work the next day…haha~

But definitely had fun at the wrap party! They are all a fun-loving bunch and awesome people to work with! 😀 Group shot koped from Yahui because mine was too dark~ Oh I was sitting so right in front because I went to pass my phone to the photographer -_-”
 photo IMG_20140912_091306_zpsf42727ac.jpg

I still wanna post mine cause XMJ was sitting beside me!!! HAHAHAHAHA.
 photo 20140911_203947_1_zps648d035a.jpg

收工咯~!!!But again, 我们还没有 x.x
Anyway, Life Is Beautiful only premieres next year but do support when it’s out okay!!! You will love 嘉嘉 like we do, I bet!




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