Old Habits (:

This weekend wasn’t packed but still quite awesome because I spent it with my loved ones~! Had a good start waking up with Mac breakfast right beside my bed, delivered by the pig brother while I was sleeping ((:
 photo 20140913_101434_zpsd3c4a0c0.jpg

But I can never finish the whole breakfast set on my own actually~ And thank goodness I did not finish it, because I had an impromptu Saturdate after that! 😀
 photo 20140913_101446_zpsdb53a96b.jpg

 photo 20140913_125506_zps166bb593.jpg

Because some old habits never change (:

Exploring yet another vintage cafe for the first time~
 photo 20140913_120811_zpsbee5f941.jpg

The owner must have spent a bomb because he really has lots of antique collections!
 photo 20140913_120752_zpsb786a9a8.jpg

 photo 20140913_120953_zpsfaea1255.jpg

Old school clocks

 photo 20140913_121151_zpsc9369343.jpg

Old school stuff

 photo 20140913_121046_zps40835cd1.jpg

All school movies?

 photo 20140913_121033_zps86092077.jpg

Old school cupboard

 photo 20140913_121548_zpse520fa6a.jpg

Old school sewing machines as tables!

 photo 20140913_120930_zps9fe76c32.jpg

Not so old school but cute~

 photo 20140913_122029_zps7bc177fc.jpg

Portobello sandwich! 😀

Ended off with my favourite rum & raisin ice-cream! Okay, I realised I have too many favourites for ice-cream flavours…hehe. And I do agree that this is a lil‘ too sweet~
 photo 20140913_124249_zps18cb7ec7.jpg

Back to one of the 老地方 but in the day this time – first time, in fact. Day has its own beauty and night has its own tranquility, but either way, it’s been some time~
 photo 20140913_133813_zps20c98744.jpg

Did lots of crazy stuff; koalas, flashing, all the nonsensical stuff as though it’s overseas! It indeed felt a bit like Bintan though… How I wish~ But I do miss such craziness! Such YOLO and feeling-like-21-again feeling…hahaha~ Appreciate this short but sweet quality time ((((((:

Back to rest before heading out again to GRUB for dinner with my love girls~!
 photo 20140913_193442_zpsb4e8aafd.jpg

 photo 20140913_200512_zpsc8e50802.jpg

And yes, I just couldn’t get enough of Portobello!!!

 photo 20140913_193914_zps9a6df391.jpg

Super nice mentaiko fries! 😀

 photo 20140913_210205_zps69727ef7.jpg

Dessert – chewy brownie with ice-cream!

Yinning joined us at Nad’s house because she had her yoga class and we started our house party rolling again! 😀 By then, I had finished ranting about the whole Vietnam trip, from day 1 to day 7 to Nadine and Xiao Qian! Hahaha! I think I am scaring everyone not to go Vietnam…oops~

Had our first bottle – Elderflower wine, courtesy of Nadine again! I was so determined to contribute something this time round as well so I brought along my Moscato and some tidbits! (:
 photo 20140913_223504_zps9c486714.jpg

Introduced the girls to the Charades game that Dasmond introduced at the wrap party and we had so much fun playing!!! Hehe! So much laughter that it came to a point when we laughed till our stomachs were all cramped! Hahahahahaha! Too many epic moments!

*Yinning guessing 成语 - 德高望重*

Us: Okay, second word is … what is the opposite of 矮?

Yinning: 高!

Us: Okay, so something 高, something, something… Errrrrr what is the opposite of 轻?

Yinning: 蓝?

Us: *burst out laughing and laughing!*

She thought we meant the colour – 青 and it’s so funny that we were laughing so hard till we couldn’t explain to her what’s going on, until she took a peep at the answer and burst out laughing too! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was like, in the first place, why is blue even the opposite of green?!?!

So the A+ student started saying that she thought we meant some colour wheel…FAINT!!! We called her the A+ student because there’s a category – A+ Student that we tried and the first word was – Ammonia, then she just blurt out, “Oh~ NH3!

We were just stared at her with that “WTFFFFFFFF” look because all these formulas are soooo foreign to us by now and yet she just blurted out as though it’s ABC!!! My goodness. Indeed our elite student after all. Oh but we gave up on that category eventually. Hahahahaha!

 photo 20140913_223439_zpsa21adad1.jpg

Leftover fries, tidbits, durian mooncake and drinks over charades! ❤

 photo 20140913_234112_zps80de817b.jpg

Second bottle – super nice Bottega Moscato!!!

Despite being tired, cause it was already past 1am, we couldn’t have enough of such quality time with each other! So we opened the Moscato that I brought as our third bottle! Hehehe! Why is time always passing so fast when we are together!!! 😦

Had to trouble small eyes (Nad’s boyfriend) to come and send all of us back in the end because it was really late and he claimed that he’s nearby. It turned out that he came all the way from town area just to send us back before heading home, which is in the west! Really sweet of him~

Visited the dentist on Sunday because it’s something I had been procrastinating. It’s supposed to be 6 months regular check for everyone, but I think the last time I went was more than a year ago, cause I really hate going to the dentist!!! >.<

Each time I go, I need to muster so much courage so I would rather do everything in one appointment and get it over and done with! Needed to fill 2 cavities but luckily the dentist is quite nice, so the pain was still bearable. Just that I realised when I have too much things in my mouth at the same time or open my mouth too wide for a long time (plus I’m nervous), I will feel like puking.

So when the assistant actually put something else in my mouth apart from saliva suction tube that has already been in my mouth, and the dentist started preparing to do the filling, I had like 3 different equipments in my mouth that I actually got up making the puking sound.

The dentist joked that it’s the assistant’s fault but when it happened the second time, he realised how sensitive my mouth is and told the assistant to remove whatever that’s in my mouth. So embarrassing! Thank goodness I did not really puke~ I remember the same thing happened in primary school and I even puked out my kaya bread during the dental visit because my appointment was right after my recess and I was also sooo soooo soooooo nervous x.x

Rest of the Sunday was spent with another loved one – my pig brother, who was fixing up my nano block for me! It took him more than an hour and I just can’t imagine having the patience to sit down for so long, figuring where these tiny pieces (that look all the same) belong =X
 photo 20140914_152533_zpsbe31c115.jpg

 photo IMG_20140914_165612_zps4b0bcbc5.jpg

Completed!!! Hehe!

(via hj-story.com)

(via hj-story.com)


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