This week hasn’t been so hectic because I’m back to drama~ Totally miss this face and her cuteness! Isn’t she just so cuteee?
 photo 20140915_115409_zps2bc210ff.jpg

 photo 20140915_142106_zpsf523bdb3.jpg

Brown rice with egg plant again

It’s funny how I used to dislike brown rice so much and every time I see it I’ll be like, “Eeeeeee~ Brown rice~~~” But now I actually looked forward to eating it and best when served with my favourite eggplant. I guess it’s the same thing for capsicum; used to hate it too.

Got buddy to help me redeem my Mouth Restaurant 流沙包 because it was the last day of redemption and I was greedy to have had bought the voucher. Now I have to swallow 6 流沙包. (Of course not.)
 photo 20140915_202443_zpsbad49139.jpg

But the first time when I tried it I already love it. It’s really, really good which is why I was tempted into buying the voucher again. Look at the generous amount of filling! And it’s the super nice and thick kind~
 photo IMG_20140916_093401_zps4710a3d7.jpg

 photo 20140916_141713_zpsd6344411.jpg

Olive never goes wrong.

 photo 20140915_161014_zpse00b151b.jpg

That same kind of care that I missed.
Thank you.

 photo 20140916_201657_zps280ce3b7.jpg

Chienny’s belated @ Sumire Yakitori House

 photo 20140916_201723_zps7a7ffb81.jpg

Food there is awesome.
Even the croquette and raw cabbage.

 photo 20140916_201309_zps4a2b3006.jpg

Fluffy udon~

 photo 20140918_141328_zpsd16b3076.jpg

Happy Chef’s Cordon Bleu.

 photo 20140918_182134_zps6362fba6.jpg

Sweet treats on the bad day.

 photo 20140918_182208_zpse0ed0a9b.jpg

Because Rich & Good is too far 😦


On the wasted AL.
The Fault in OUR Stars; cried a bucket.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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