1st Trip with Loveboy

19 September 2014

Had a mini 3D2N getaway trip with Sissy & family and it’s also my first trip with le loveboy~ The main motive was to visit Legoland because Sis has got free tickets, but we decided to stay another 2 days since we are all the way there and since Isaac loves to stay in hotel so much.

Stopped by a petrol station and look what I found! Old school snacks from my childhood days that come with free toys!
 photo 20140920_224128_zpsa92c5167.jpg

It’s usually rubbish inside but I got them just to relive my childhood…haha~ Even got a Doraemon fan from the Jo Jo box which I think is not bad already. Though it’s a manual fan that I gotta keep pulling and releasing the string at the side to get it working -_-”
 photo 20140919_103528_zpsc6b48b2c.jpg

 photo 20140919_105258_zps0d59c4ae.jpg


Finally arrived at Legoland in a shorter time than I had expected~!
 photo 20140919_110131_zpse2c43c1a.jpg

 photo 20140919_110354_zps6740c674.jpg

And finally made my virgin visit here as well.

With my favourite travel mate! Because she’s the most easy-going one (:
 photo 20140919_110313_zpsbf9df3a7.jpg

Best pose for sunny days, cause I can barely open my eyes!
 photo 20140919_110324_zps3b14896f.jpg

 photo 20140919_142345_zps84027c0a.jpg

The super expensive resort~

 photo 20140919_110958_zpsc83f5e4f.jpg

Lego mannequin!

 photo IMG_4442_zps7d4ad347.jpg

With the Lego mascot!

 photo 20140919_111132_zpsabe7718d.jpg

Isaac’s favourite – Choo choo train~

 photo 20140919_111146_zpsf3a3b1e4.jpg

Letting the train pass

 photo 20140919_112703_zps3ba47e8e.jpg

His first ride – Driving!

 photo 20140919_1127150_zpsc807a781.jpg

Buckling up

The ride is for 3 and above and technically, Isaac isn’t 3 yet. So he was like the youngest drivers amongst the rest, which is why the staff followed him around throughout his drive…haha!
 photo 20140919_112859_zps6b65f8d0.jpg

He didn’t have enough strength to step on the accelerator at the start, which is why he was lagging behind the others~
 photo 20140919_112832_zpsc2b363af.jpg

Stressed up face because he couldn’t catch up with the rest! Hahaha!
 photo 20140919_112902_zps35672a77.jpg

 photo 20140919_112903_zpsd22bcca5.jpg

Most stressful driver ever

 photo 20140919_112944_zps2e1f4840.jpg

“Oh no~ I’m the last!”

Joanjoan was quite impressed that he managed to make a smooth turn and park nicely in the empty lane…haha~ But we all know that the boy is crazy over cars and driving that he often directs Vic or Sis how to drive and criticises about others’ parking skill – “Park 歪歪, wrong!” or “Park 这边,wrong! 要 park 在 carpark…” -_-”
 photo 20140919_112959_zps0ba59548.jpg

And he even got his driving license now! xD
 photo 20140919_113414_zps8a32ab86.jpg

I am overage for the ride but I found one that I can at least fit in!
 photo 20140919_111526_zpsaedb94ac.jpg

 photo 20140919_113059_zps9481141f.jpg

Reluctantly posing for us

 photo 20140919_113129_zpsc21f2d93.jpg

“Cars are for driving!”

Our next ride was the boat ride and there’s no age limit for this…hoho~ Quite fun! But if only the route is longer 😦
 photo IMG_4458_zpsa88b52e5.jpg

I was supposed to take photos for Sis they all as well but every time I turned around, their boat was in opposite direction from the rest because Isaac was the one taking control..faint~!!!
 photo IMG_4460_zps50c9f1c9.jpg

Finally making their way back! Sheltering the little prince because it was scorching HOT! So hot that I got sun burnt on one side of my shoulder…Zzzzz.
 photo 20140919_114733_zpsc5f093c7.jpg

 photo 20140919_114904copy_zps281a43b3.jpg

Piglet & family

 photo 20140919_114907_zpsf18eb0d1.jpg

Happy ride!

 photo 20140919_114916_zpsba293632.jpg

Isaac the helmsman!

 photo IMG_4467_zps0167929f.jpg

Waiting for our next ride – choo choo train!

 photo 20140919_115623_zps92873d03.jpg

Here comes the train~

 photo 20140919_121630_zps50dc56c7.jpg

Arrived at the fire station!

 photo 20140919_121652_zpsf0631d26.jpg

With Mr. Firefighter

Saw people playing this rather fun firefighting game and we decided to try as well. But it turned out to be so tiring cause we gotta drive our fire engine to the house by pumping the “engine” up and down…
 photo 20140919_122133_zpsab0e684d.jpg

And then alight to pump for water to save the fire before driving the vehicle back again!
 photo 20140919_121805_zps87448877.jpg
 photo 20140919_121757_zpsc3b2e47e.jpg

 photo IMG_4483_zps97aa6ec0.jpg

Used up all our arm strength for this!

The timid boy didn’t dare to take this ride so only Joanjoan and I took it~
 photo IMG_4488_zps7fd49bbd.jpg

 photo 20140919_122855_zpse23d0a16.jpg

Her 12974987th weird pose

 photo IMG_4485_zpsecbd4cd4.jpg

Flying up high!

 photo 20140919_123345_zps18c6cf89.jpg

Riding the Lego camel!

It was close to lunch and Isaac’s afternoon nap time, so Sis they all left for lunch while Joanjoan and I continued to stay to take the more exciting rides~ Chanced upon the Lego displays and I am quite impressed that it’s all built with these tiny blocks!

 photo 20140919_125447_zps03af2d90.jpg

Our Riverside Point!

 photo 20140919_125453_zps8116aa12.jpg

Elgin bridge!
(Thanks to the SG River project, I am now able to name many bridges -_-“)

 photo 20140919_125514_zps7eaa8e54.jpg

Cavenagh bridge!

 photo 20140919_125548_zpscc597aaf.jpg

Fullerton Hotel

 photo 20140919_125530_zps790dab49.jpg

And even Singapore Flyers!

 photo 20140919_125519_zps16d8dc0d.jpg

Our skyscrapers~

Visited the new Star Wars attraction and I thought there would be some interesting rides. But it turned out that it’s just an exhibition of various Star Wars planets built by Lego. And before that, we were supposed to watch a short remake of Star Wars clip which is damaged -.- The screen kept going to black (but sound still on) and we missed out all the exciting parts as a result! Zzzzz.

I even gave them the benefit of doubt initially that maybe it’s their way of creating suspense, but when it kept happening, and then at the climax, the screen went black again for a long time and when it’s back, it’s the end – I was speechless.

But at least the exhibition is quite cool~ Think my pig brother would like it, since he watches Star Wars for like 2394793287342089747498379487219812012097 times so I also couldn’t help but grew up watching a little and hearing him blabber about the different characters. I could recognise some of the characters but most are still aliens to me -.-”
 photo 20140919_131632_zps5aebaaba.jpg
 photo 20140919_131625_zps82f203d6.jpg
 photo 20140919_131555_zps72e79ad7.jpg
 photo 20140919_131818_zps6fa345ef.jpg
 photo 20140919_131842_zps811a252d.jpg
 photo 20140919_131757_zpsd56049ba.jpg
 photo 20140919_131727_zps4a0d34f4.jpg
 photo 20140919_132046_zps2b5984cd.jpg

They are not just still displays, some of the Lego sets can move~
 photo 20140919_131645_zps25c234e2.jpg

 photo 20140919_131700_zps9af22203.jpg


 photo 20140919_132129_zpsdf748d3c.jpg
 photo 20140919_132058_zps6521f45e.jpg
 photo 20140919_132104_zps36eaeb00.jpg
 photo 20140919_131936_zps41b4deba.jpg
 photo 20140919_131848_zps3fad2cd0.jpg
 photo 20140919_131923_zps8127146b.jpg

 photo 20140919_132157_zpse4657fd6.jpg

C-3PO & R2-D2!

 photo 20140919_132245_zps2e0390ba.jpg


 photo 20140919_132236_zpsd42c9623.jpg

Can’t tell if that’s Luke Skywalker or Han Solo =/

 photo 20140919_132409_zpsb28196d8.jpg
 photo 20140919_132336_zpsd756648e.jpg
 photo 20140919_132345_zps54523aa5.jpg

The Lego figurines of the various characters!
 photo 20140919_132607_zpsc4dd8cb5.jpg
 photo 20140919_132558_zps1a160817.jpg
 photo 20140919_132709_zps37741276.jpg
 photo 20140919_132617_zps3d0021ed.jpg

 photo 20140919_132654_zpsc7e81cf5.jpg

With Yoda master & R2-D2!

 photo 20140919_132818_zpsb0e449a2.jpg

With the character that Isaac’s most scared of – Darth Vader!

 photo 20140919_132837_zps731d61e8.jpg

Almost couldn’t see him~


 photo 20140919_132901_zps6aba0b6d.jpg

Lego-built C-3PO


With C-3PO!

 photo 20140919_132920_zpsc568bf1a.jpg

With the cute R2-D2!

 photo 20140919_140406_zpsf6bdd6f1.jpg

Lego giraffe with long lashes
*blink blink*

Finally off for our roller-coaster rides! We tried the one that Joanjoan said it’s less exciting first and OMG~ I don’t know it’s the age or what but I actually got scared for the first time on a roller coaster! Every time there’s a sudden turn, I feel like I’m gonna fall off the track anytime! =X

Maybe I just don’t trust the safety measurements of the country. But I think I’ve also become more “kia si” as I grow older. I used to walk home at 2-3am not feeling scared at all but nowadays I feel paranoid and scared when walking home even before midnight!

Went for the next ride which is supposedly more scary and the roller coaster itself indeed looks more complicated and scary, with all the steep slopes~ But this time round I told myself I must adopt back my “死就死” mindset and enjoy the ride like how I usually do!

Unfortunately, it started raining heavily when we were in queue for the next ride x.x
We didn’t wanna miss this most exciting ride in the park but when we saw the people coming back from the ride all drenched from top to toe, we backed out from it. Then the ride was closed due to the rain after that!

We were a bit sad that we missed that last chance of taking the ride, so we checked out the 4D shows first to see if we can still catch something before going off~ Unfortunately again, we missed the show by 5 minutes and gotta wait 25 minutes for the next! D:

The rain only lasted for a short while and by then it had stopped, so we decided to try our last chance for the roller coaster ride and ta-duh~! It has reopened! So we took that as our last ride and this time round, I didn’t feel as scared anymore. The steep slopes were still scary but I think the sudden turns in the previous ride were even scarier, cause when the roller coaster suddenly jerks to one side, it might move off its track and …………….. =/

Well anyhow, at least we kinda tried all that we wanna play except for catching the 4D show~ The park looks big at first but in the end, we still managed to finish in half a day.

 photo 20140919_142554_zps495b4010.jpg

Conquered Legoland Malaysia~!

Packed our lunch and went to reunite with Sis before heading to our resort~ We got an apartment for the 5 of us and it comes with a big living room – big enough for Isaac to run around for the whole 3 days…
 photo 20140919_172345_zps97e4a1fc.jpg

And a kitchen cum dining area!
 photo 20140919_172355_zpsdfa512f9.jpg

 photo 20140919_172425_zps8b9dbe17.jpg

Barney’s bedroom!

 photo 20140919_163352_zps6bb809b1.jpg

Our bedroom!

Part of the reason why Isaac loves to stay in hotel/resort is because of the swimming pool~ So le boy was so excited to hit the pool that he’s all suit up!
 photo 20140919_171653_zps0eefaf21.jpg

I was also looking forward to swim but sadly, it started drizzling when we arrived at the pool! Look at how sad the boy got…awwwwww~
 photo 20140919_171510_zps03d6ceff.jpg

 photo 20140919_171504_zps3f61da53.jpg


And when we went back to our room, he continued to look out of the window at the rain…like so emo!
 photo 20140919_171628_zpsced561b3.jpg

 photo 20140919_171624_zps11acf491.jpg

“Isaac wants to go to the pool 😦 “

Dropped the swimming idea and went to one of the malls~ But Joanjoan and I were still feeling full from lunch, so we decided not to join Sis they all for dinner and went shopping instead! Then we saw A&W!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite feeling full, it still got us excited and had us planning for it after our shopping!

Got some stuff from Daiso including a cute bear-shaped frying pan! In the end we realised that their Daiso is only cheaper by 4 cents compared to ours -_-”

Also managed to get a pair of shoes that I really love at the end of the day! Off for our A&W waffle and curly fries!!!
 photo 20140919_202314_zps2ae91596.jpg
 photo 20140919_202331_zps871cd6b9.jpg

Joined Sis they all at the arcade and had fun feeding the Hippo and playing the Nemo spraying game with le loveboy! Then he got attracted by some scoop the balls game and was making a din when he didn’t manage to get any. Luckily there’s a nice girl who managed to scoop 3 and offered him 1, so he was happy again~

Was super full but Vic recommended us this CoolStick and so Joanjoan and I bought one to share. It’s really quite cool~ Instead of usual cone, the ice-cream is filled in a wafer stick! And the ice-cream is really yummy, even though it looks like shit in the picture =/
 photo 20140919_214547_zps1eae0c0c.jpg

Back to the resort for mask & rest~!

20 September 2014

Fulfilled Isaac’s wish of going to the pool the next morning since the weather was good!
 photo 20140920_095844_zpsfaabc6fc.jpg

But water was damn cold!!!!!!!!! *shivers*
 photo 20140920_101921_zps27f5e1f9.jpg

 photo 20140920_102224_zps338c8320.jpg

Chilling by the pool~

They have the same “edgeless” pool concept as our MBS SkyPark’s Infinity Pool, except that ours has nice skyscrapers while theirs lead to an ugly drain =/
 photo 20140920_102416_zps34ccdef9.jpg

 photo 20140920_1026550_zps9517d51b.jpg

Thank you Mojo for being my photographer!

 photo 20140920_102639_zps6fcc7f85.jpg

Corpse found

Went to find le loveboy and he was still sitting by the pool, happily scooping water with his pail and pot! It turned out that as much as he loves going to the pool, the timid cat doesn’t dare to go into the water! –FAINT!!!– And it’s not even deep, it’s so shallow that kids younger than him are in the pool and they can still stand in the water~

We kept encouraging him to go down but he just refused and kept saying, “Don’t want preaseeeeeee!” Super timid leh! And he is satisfied just scooping the water and pouring it everywhere like that~ But of course happier when he gets to pour over Yiyi’s head! -_-”
 photo IMG-20140922-WA0004_zpseaf3c47d.jpg

I can imagine all the kids’ urine being poured over my head x.x
 photo IMG-20140922-WA0005_zps50775bd9.jpg

But all for his joy~! (:
 photo IMG-20140922-WA0003_zps318dde3e.jpg

I love doing this to him! *bite bite bite* xD
But I think he’s so immune to it by now that he doesn’t give a damn whenever I do it to him…haha!
 photo IMG-20140922-WA0000_zpsc295128d.jpg

All the pouring in exchange for our precious moment together! Always our lil‘ baby! ❤
(He indeed looks so tiny here! But he’s actually a BIG cheeky monster~)
 photo IMG-20140922-WA0001_zps4192584c.jpg

Oh at the end of our swimming water-playing session, I managed to get him into the water for a short while before he went back to sit at the steps. But at least he sat on the second step, which is lower than where he had been sitting (:

Went to Sutera Mall for lunch and after Sissy went back for Isaac’s afternoon nap, Joanjoan and I stayed to shop again! Was hoping to do Keratin hair treatment there as well but most of the salons don’t offer that and the only one that offers it is rather expensive too, so dropped the idea and went off to our next mall – Tebrau City!

Took a cab there and there was a massive jam…Zzzzz. Luckily we set off early and still managed to finish the mall before meeting Sis again in the evening for dinner. There was nothing much in the second mall though, but I still managed to get 3 tops, 1 bottom and another pair of shoe for the day!

Off for dinner and Joanjoan was scared off by the amount of food being ordered xD
I explained that’s why I’m always so full whenever I have dinner with them…haha!
 photo 20140920_192616_zps6894043c.jpg

Brought Isaac to the arcade again in Tebrau City but this time he was quite sick of the games already. Instead, his attention was all on the ball-scooping game again which he refused to give up after each time he failed to scoop anything!

So he threw a tantrum and caused a scene there by insisting for more and more coins to play even though he promised each time that it would be his last try and that got me angry, because Yiyi doesn’t like anyone who break their promise 😡 And I will not give in to that either. Gonna make sure he doesn’t grow up being a sore loser if not no one will trust whatever that comes out from your mouth anymore.

 photo 20140920_210009_zps1b257f49.jpg


21 September 2014

Checked out on the last day and made a quick trip to KSL for lunch before heading back~ Managed to dabao the nice Asam Laksa for my pig brother to try this time!

Stopped by for a car wash and this was the result of the strawberry cream puff I got him xD
 photo 20140921_135553_zps81149fbb.jpg

 photo 20140921_135559_zps8b2e4d90.jpg

Ugly fringe but heck. It’s our selfie!

 photo 20140921_135601_zpsd91b0662.jpg

Trying to lick off the evidence~

 photo 20140921_113208_zps4c287801.jpg

On the way back

 photo 20140921_113336_zpsfae6e36a.jpg


 photo 20140921_113333_zpsc5e60a70.jpg

With my bulldog friend

(via chicktipshq.tumblr)

(via chicktipshq.tumblr)


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