Fade away.

Bidding farewell to this cutie pie soon as new projects are coming in; more and more boring ones. I thought history is bad enough, but wait till you gotta hear ministers talk for an hour. FML.
 photo 20140925_114846_zps47b3bb3e.jpg

And guess which familiar face I saw on our screen~!
 photo 20140922_170618_zps9f485e6a.jpg

 photo 20140922_170631_zps5557b21f.jpg

Our NDP 之花!
Why always so cute one~

 photo 20140926_114416_zps5897932e.jpg

Byebye Watsons bottle. Hello Pinkie!

I want my Batman too :(

Finally Batman-ed! But not mine 😦

 photo 20140922_144823_zps62c53885.jpg

Retail therapy; I need a bigger cupboard for shoes!!!

And speaking of shoes, I had this really, really suay day whereby I was one of the ones being stuck in THIS damn train fault. I waited and waited – first the announcement said it will be delayed for 20 minutes, so fine, I waited. Then another 15 minutes… But the train still did not move after this long wait!

When it finally started moving towards Somerset, I was like, “Okay, at least I did not wait for nothing.” Then came the sudden brake which caused this PRC lady beside me (who was busy talking instead of holding tight!!!) to lose her balance and her heel stepped right on the side of my foot, into my shoe and even got stuck inside!

It was so so so damn painful because I could feel my skin being scrapped off and also that intense pain on my bones – the part her heel had stepped on! So it was like two injuries added together and it was DAMN DAMN DAMN PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was feeling so much pain yet I was trying to get her damn heel off my shoe! And then my foot started to bleed, while I was still battling with the internal pain where the bruise was forming up. So fucking pain that tears were forming in my eyes as I realised how a suay day it has been and with everything else happening.

The PRC apologised and continued chatting, but I can’t blame her, can I? She did not do it on purpose and I could only count myself for being suay. And the suay-ness continued when the train decided to move back to Dhoby Ghaut, because the train fault in Somerset was not fixed yet, so I was back to where I was stuck, after 51 minutes. 51 fucking minutes, I counted!

Had to limp my way to get a bus because I still feel pain when I put weight on my injured foot. Then at the same time I had to keep wiping off my blood to make sure it doesn’t stain my new shoes. So yea, fuck you, 23rd Sep. Now I can’t even rub my bruise because my wound will be hurting.
 photo 20140923_230436_zpsf4e72436.jpg

 photo 20140924_120343_zps5b88140a.jpg

Cupid’s mission this time~

 photo 20140924_121154_zps563f3793.jpg

I added a toilet roll of message!

 photo 20140924_120429_zpse1955529.jpg

A selfie with the cute Finn before I return to the rightful owner!

 photo 20140924_121602_zpsa102db91.jpg

Cupid’s reward~
Super nice! Got me craving for tau huey again later that week.

 photo 20140924_135122_zps3707fca7.jpg

My first Nasi Padang~
Nice! But not something I will have it often; too sinful.

So glad that I was determined enough to catch Step Up: All In! Although the plot is way too easy and predictable (it just gets worse, doesn’t it?), the dance was damn awesome and watching dance is enough to make me happy. The choreography is so dope that I would have regretted not watching. And with all the old casts in, it just makes everything better. Well, except for the plot.

 photo 20140925_105543_zpsb446cf16.jpg

Ally’s gifts from Hong Kong!

 photo 20140925_194717_zpsf8b18744.jpg

Midori Sour, concocted by the manager.

 photo 20140925_230203_zps9df390b9.jpg

Butter Studio

 photo 20140926_141357_zps183a2ec1.jpg

To satisfy the Jollibean soy pudding crave.

 photo 20140926_171751_zps1b9ea06e.jpg

Miss Preggie’s treat

 photo 20140927_094430_zpse7402ff8.jpg

Edlyn’s church wedding!

Earliest wedding ceremony I had attended. Almost had to march in together with the bride!

 photo 20140927_085816_zps419107cc.jpg

Rilakkuma theme!!!

 photo 20140927_085810_zps31b01cf5.jpg

Sooooo cute, isn’t it?!

 photo 20140927_101254_zps9109e48d.jpg

Baby ones at the back~

 photo 20140927_102512_zpsd67fcd41.jpg

With the newly-wed

 photo 20140927_114340_zps704579ca.jpg

And finally, the best olive rice that I had been missing! :3

Can’t believe it’s been 9 months since I last had it!
Auntie: “失踪啊?!Oops. But it’s still as nice and even the plate colour is still the same~

 photo 20140927_202927_zps6b562a35.jpg

Mao Shan Wang

 photo 20140927_151049_zps9b99c6ec.jpg


虽然不一定会帮忙, 但还是想好好学习, 因为是难得的机会。发现很多小细节看似简单,但却很考功夫。而有些看似很难的东西,在老师手里,就变成很简单似的~ I think 老师真的超有天份的!虽然很 stress, 但老师还是不忘一直提醒我们要轻松看待。*崇拜!*

 photo 20140928_151254_zpsab437d5b.jpg

Smoke break

Finally went to try out the highly-raved Keratin treatment, any difference? Pretty smooth and silky for now, just don’t know if it’ll last.
 photo 20140928_151436_zps8b11afff.jpg

 photo 20140928_151354_zps14b15761.jpg

Selfie with 老师!HAHAHA.
因为老师像明星一样,所以 too shy to ask for a graduation shot~

 photo 20140928_002010_zps7f753c8b.jpg

Midnight oil D:
When was the last time I had homework?

Super nice corn potage snack from Daiso that was introduced by Joanjoan. It was introduced on Tried and Tested and it’s all out of stock from so many Daiso I went! –CRY!!!– Luckily I still have 1 more packet! Let colleagues and friends try as well and everyone said it’s nice! Daiso, please stock up 😦
 photo 20140928_135058_zpsfaa2094c.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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