Isaac turns 3!

Had an advance birthday celebration for the loveboy on Sunday and the excited Yiyi went over earlier for some bonding, in hope that the birthday boy looks at my camera more than the cake later on -_-”

 photo 20141005_140226_zpse8d3a16c.jpg

Rolling around with his 臭臭ssssssss

 photo Photoon2014-10-05at1650_zps3a8c8580.jpg

Disturbing me with his Magiclean after his nap~

 photo Photoon2014-10-05at16502_zps55efd245.jpg

Warming him up with a cam-whore session!

 photo Photoon2014-10-05at16503_zps320f3ed5.jpg

But he just refused to smile D:

 photo Photoon2014-10-05at16504_zps0f3c2b4f.jpg

Finally laughing at me for copying his face

 photo Photoon2014-10-05at17143_zpsf1741acb.jpg

Changed into his handsome birthday outfit!

 photo Photoon2014-10-05at1715_zpsff923c16.jpg

Yiyi & Isaac

 photo Photoon2014-10-05at1710_zpsd83cd9c8.jpg

“Ahhhhhh~ I want to go mop floor!”

Dinner was held at The Famous Kitchen this year and the food was not bad. Then it was the birthday boy’s long-awaited cake-cutting session! I was shopping for his present in Toys”R”Us the other day and I got Sis to ask him what he wants. His voice note turned out to be, “Yiyi, Isaac 要买。。。Isaac 要买。。。。。。Yiyi, Isaac 要买。。。。。。。。。cake!” FAINT~!!!

Imagine I was playing that in Toys”R”Us and anticipating his answer, yet it turned out to be his gluttony answer again -_- Nevertheless, I really got Bro to get him 1 more cake after knowing that his Barney one is pretty small~ I just didn’t want the boy to be sad over his cake, and since he wanted cake so much, I shall fulfill his wish by letting him have 2 cakes!
 photo 20141005_194846_zpsdbf8ee65.jpg

As usual, he was more excited about the cakes than the whole photo-taking session that he forced a smile through all the way -_- And he was getting all impatient by the time I took with him! But at least he still managed to force a smile…haha!
 photo 20141005_195333_zps65ecd65d.jpg

 photo 20141005_195354_zps722268df.jpg

假笑 take 2!

 photo 20141005_195356_zpsc2bb157a.jpg

更假的笑 take 3!

 photo 20141005_195650_zps67b8428b.jpg

Exciteddddddd + shy face~

 photo 20141005_195640_zps17eb157d.jpg

Singing the birthday song!

He was indeed very delighted having so many people celebrating for him (:
 photo 20141005_195626_zpsd8725b55.jpg
 photo 20141005_195624_zps04ebb156.jpg

 photo 20141005_195656_zpsc97ca30c.jpg

Making his toughest wish…

 photo 20141005_195648_zps9755cf34.jpg

“May my wish come true!”

 photo 20141005_195707_zps96e5c480.jpg

Blowing the candles

 photo 20141005_195755_zpsd6b83196.jpg


 photo 20141005_195759_zpsdcd6431d.jpg

Thomas cake first~

 photo 20141005_195801_zps1807b499.jpg

My ever-ready-for-camera Sis; it’s in our genes

 photo 20141005_195810_zps5634022f.jpg

Cutting Barney and it flipped up! Oops~

After the cakes, it was time for presents~!!!
Surrounded by all the big pressies from Yiyi, Jiujiu, Gugu and Gu Zhang!
 photo 20141005_201234_zps1a291f18.jpg

 photo 20141005_201242_zps0cdd913c.jpg

Opening the first present from Yiyi and JiuJiu (:

 photo 20141005_201321_zps480843f9.jpg

“What is it….?”

 photo 20141005_201444_zpse9d48352.jpg

It’s a Ukelele!

It was actually Bro’s idea because Isaac loves playing with Bro’s spoiled guitar whenever he comes over, so my crazy-over-music brother insisted on getting a Ukelele for him!

 photo 20141005_201515_zps3b1bbe6b.jpg

“I have my own guitar (ukelele) now! :D”

 photo 20141005_201522_zps0d1b4823.jpg

Happily strumming!

 photo 20141005_201526_zpsac6aa060.jpg

But I think the “chor lor” boy will smash it up soon -_-|||

Second present from Yiyi and Jiujiu – Thomas Lego set! I hope he has the patience to build, unlike his Yiyi =/
 photo 20141005_201710_zps8e68f449.jpg

Happily digging them out, wanting to play right at the restaurant floor!
 photo 20141005_201720_zps6c50986d.jpg

 photo 20141005_201815_zps2ede71ad.jpg

Opening the last present – from Gugu & Gu Zhang!

 photo 20141005_201827_zpsadc7d07a.jpg

He was definitely excited to see the steering wheel! He loves to drive!

 photo 20141005_202032_zps7b86474d.jpg

Elated with all his presents!!!

Previously when Sis asked him what he wants to wish for for his birthday, he said, “Toys“, so I guess he really got his wish fulfilled! He has got so many new toys now ((:
 photo 20141005_202110_zps2730af8d.jpg

On the way back to our house, the birthday boy actually made a request to go up – “等一下给 Isaac 上去一下 Yiyi’s house。” It’s so cute because he usually demands for things, so it’s so cute hearing him making such “request” that sounds a bit like an order too…hahaha!

And because he tried to be naughty, Bro scared him with his police cap because Isaac is super scared of police! You should see his freaked out face, it’s always so funny!

 photo 20141005_211914copy_zps7cf32548.jpg

And don’t he just looks sooooooooo cute in the cap?!

 photo 20141005_211919copy_zps232bd128.jpg

“I am a police too! Bang bang!”


Happy Birthday, my loveboy!




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