ESN Carnival

Was in a mood to bake so I spent the PH baking a cake… Or rather, steaming a cake~ I’m more confident in baking cookies than cakes now after many failed attempts, so I wanted to try a simpler recipe – one that doesn’t require the oven and best part is I don’t have to wash the mixer (hate that the most)!

It was supposed to be an steamed orange chocolate cake, but because I was too lazy to go get oranges, I replaced the orange with errr… alcohol [The Confession Of An Alcoholic], which still turned out well, though the alcohol smell ain’t strong enough. And despite it being a steamed cake, it actually turned out better than the ones I had previously baked!
 photo 20141006_203625_zpsffc0d0cb.jpg

The ganache was a bit too watery and I used a mixture of white chocolate with semi-sweet chocolate chips, which explains the not-so-appetising Milo colour. But it actually moist the cake, making it a bit like lava cake!!! And if left overnight in the fridge, the texture would become chewy, a bit like Market O brownie, which I like too!
 photo 20141007_085816_zps16f48af6.jpg

Wouldn’t mind making it every week since it’s so hassle-free! But if only I have people to help me finish~ My pig brother is suddenlyyyy going into this whole being health-conscious thing that I’m facing this first world problem – like to bake but can’t find anyone to finish.

 photo 20141008_154451_zpsc660f425.jpg

Hello new IC~!

 photo 20141012_111522_zps0aad7b68.jpg

Bidding farewell after 11 years

 photo 20141008_222001_zpsc70c3c39.jpg

1 of Zee’s 249832648 chinchillas

 photo 20141008_221953_zps6d879116.jpg

The ultimate cam-whore

 photo 20141009_010407_zps85bb9b1b.jpg

Taking Thomas train home after a really impromptu K session!

Started using Premiere Pro 2014 version for a new project because it was started on this version and OMG~ I really lost count of how many times I have to relaunch my Premiere each day! It’s a PAINNNNNNN editing on Premiere Pro 2014 because it has so much problems!

Like every 15 minutes I edit, I have to relaunch it because the audio playback gets out of sync and I just can’t edit properly! But the worst was when it started corrupting my files, making me have to re-import and sync back again! ARGHHHHH! It’s madness! I really don’t understand why choose to start the project on this version in the first place! New doesn’t mean it’s always better, period!

 photo 20141009_123855_zps323a428c.jpg

Love visiting Ally’s room for this!
Isn’t he cuteeeee?

 photo 20141009_124230_zps2fc0473b.jpg


Staying away from all spicy food this week because of 2 pimples 😦 But comfort food is still always comfort food~
 photo 20141010_134446_zps7d23b416.jpg

Saturday was a whole day of MINDS followed by mind games with the volunteers after the project~ Decided to join at the last minute for the carnival after knowing that they are really short-handed for this outing.

We brought 16 residents for the ESN Carnival and yet we only had like 9 volunteers! Some were responsible for manning the game booths and hence we had even lesser volunteers to look after the residents. We had to keep coordinating amongst each other, looking after each others’ residents during toilet visits and etc.

It’s my first time attending the carnival and it’s basically an event organised by the Elderly Sector Network for the elderly from various homes. It’s not a MINDS event, but we are invited to be part of this meaningful programme. The residents contributed to this event by putting up a short dance performance for the elderly, and we also had 2 game booths for them to enjoy some kampong games (:

 photo 20141011_131436_zpsd841c3ed.jpg

Performance time!

 photo 20141011_131525_zps60596992.jpg

First time at Marina Bay Cruise Centre
Didn’t even know the existence of this place.

 photo 20141011_133050_zpsac1f48ba.jpg


Did not have time to take many photos because my hands are usually occupied. Did not even manage to catch our residents’ performance 😦 It was really a super short-handed outing because each of us were attached to at least 3 residents and I only have 1 pair of eyes, so you can imagine how many times I had to turn my head to keep making sure my residents did not wander off~

And when it came to bringing the residents around the food stations to get their lunch using the credit coupons given, it was worse. Like 1 resident may wanna eat from this stall while the other 2 wants to explore another, so we had to take turns to get the food, resulting in less time to walk around the carnival. If we have had more volunteers and we can have 1 resident attached to 1 volunteer (most ideal situation), then we could move around freely and do not have to wait for each other to finish the meal as well.

 photo 20141011_133047_zps69395f3d.jpg

Food stations

 photo 20141011_133113_zpsaa782280.jpg

Lunch time~!
The only time I am more free~

 photo 20141011_133120_zps1a75825b.jpg

Huge carnival it is!

 photo 20141011_135100_zpsa1930b25.jpg

Having our last-minute lunch

The plan was to get the residents to have their lunch first, then walk around the carnival before going to our game booths for our shift work of manning the stalls. But by the time everyone is done, it was time for our shift x.x

 photo 20141011_142440_zpsdf000252.jpg

One of our booths – ping pong game!

The idea is to throw the ping pong balls into the holes of the same colours to win a prize!

 photo 20141011_142435_zps28b214cd.jpg

Volunteer from another organisation caught cheating! Hahaha!

Thank goodness we still had time to walk around the carnival and play some games after our shift! The residents were really looking forward to that! But the same problem – you would be pulled to one station by one while the rest want to visit another station.

As much as it’s endearing to know that you’ve been missed and you ended up having someone sticking to you for the whole day, they can be quite “possessive” and wanting you all for themselves. So many of us were stuck in this situation and there was even a scene of both of us (another volunteer and I) being pulled by 2 different residents to 2 different area while the rest are wandering in the middle! Hahaha!

 photo 20141011_145433_zps409e8da0.jpg


 photo 20141011_145450_zps028edd53.jpg

Wheel of “prizes”!

Nevertheless, we still managed to work it out somehow and visited almost all the game booths! The residents were really happy because they won so many prizes from the games! Like 3-4 bags of them! A pity we have to hand them to the hostel in-charge because we cannot let them keep them, in case there are any dietary allergies or “dangerous items“. It’s not something we can control because what we deem as safe may not really be safe for them… Yea so that was the only sad part.

We really wish that the prizes would eventually be distributed to them, at least the snack items, because they were really happy to win them on their own, and happiness to them is really as simple as a packet of biscuit. They were kinda disappointed when we had to collect their prizes back…

Oh well~ I guess at least I believe they really had a very fun time at the carnival because I had! Hectic day, but we made it!

 photo 20141011_150852_zpsa0350b2f.jpg


Joined the volunteers for dinner after that and we ended the night playing some card game in Mac which requires quite a bit of thinking. I had problem trying to remember everyone’s identity and also a hard time guessing! Kept getting lost in the game…hahaha! But they are a funny bunch so we had lots of fun and laughter together (:I am so glad that I had went to help in the outing because I really can’t imagine having any less volunteers. The other volunteers also kept thanking me for coming and it only made me feel bad that I had not agreed earlier. They are the bunch that I really admire, dedicating almost every Saturdays for the regular projects.
Like I always said, no time is an excuse. It’s just a matter of what you prioritise. Some people prefer to spend their Saturdays going out with friends, some prefer to stay at home to catch up some dramas, while some prefer to spend it at churches or other religious worship. But these people prioritise these residents every week and I think it’s much more meaningful than anything else.

I am not saying that I am as noble as them, dedicating every of my Saturdays for the residents, but it’s something that I will work towards, and I will definitely be making more time to go back, especially when I know help is needed. Like what YH said, it’s always a positive thing to be there, never a negative. Everything there is positive – the people, the energy, the mind and etc. And that’s what I love about it.

It’s been 7 years since I first joined the project, and I am still going back irregularly because of this. I think being part of them has opened up my views towards the less fortunate and of course made me understand them more. Like if I have not joined, I may have been one of the narrow-minded ones thinking that this intellectually-disabled person is “crazy” or “siao” and wanna stay as far away from him/her as possible if I see one in public transports. But I don’t, because I know why they are behaving this way and that they are actually harmless.

Well, if anyone is looking for volunteering opportunities, do consider joining us for some positive energy at Terra Hope! No, you don’t have to sign a lifetime contract or commit for a minimum period – it’s all from within the heart, so you can drop by to see what the regular projects are like or how you can help. Project is usually every Saturday from 3pm – 6pm at MINDSville@Napiri (:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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