49 Seats

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Monday morning horror.

Actually not so much of a horror for me cause Ally was the one who got freaked out and both Cheryl and her were gaping at me when I reached. I was like, “Huh? Both forgot to bring keys???” *silence*

It was until I walked nearer then Ally showed me her broken key and then the other half stuck inside…hahahaha. The result of too much spinach! But miraculously, she managed to get it out with her short nails! O.O

Caught 痞子英雄 2 (Black & White: The Dawn of Justice) and finally had my nachos! Miss it so much but I always can’t find anyone to share with~

I spent the Sunday watching the prequel – Black & White: The Dawn of Assault so I could understand many flashbacks and relate to scenes that are being mentioned. But I think it’s still very far off from the drama itself, which is really, really good by the way. Like one of the best drama I’ve ever watched and it’s really rare that I like something that doesn’t really belong to the romance genre, so it must be real good!

Anyway, back to the movie – it’s not bad but I find that there are too many things happening at the same time; I didn’t know where to focus my excitement on after some time. Oh and too much explosions. For a moment I was wondering if it’s directed by Michael Bay. But of course, my main focus is still on Mark Zhao…muahahaha.

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49 Seats

I don’t know why I suddenly suggested this place for the girls’ birthday celebration but it’s all their first time there and they were excited. Anyway I remember the food was good the previous time I was there~
 photo 20141014_231014_zpse76c61e5.jpg

But I actually forgot that I had tried the mushroom soup before and I insisted on ordering it after reading that it’s highly-recommended!
 photo 20141014_200644_zps99ad02db.jpg

The same main course that I shared with Yinning the previous time and it’s so nice that I wanted to have it again this time! Switched to cheese fries for sharing and it became such a sinful-looking meal now =/
 photo IMG_20141014_201358_zpsc7d35529.jpg

Got Cedele red velvet (because I wanna eat that xD) and eggless truffle cakes for the girls’ belated birthday celebration! So full, but so yums~
 photo 20141014_210256_zpsdd59d99f.jpg

 photo 20141014_210222_zpsd2a8cdef.jpg

Happy belated birthday to the September babies!

 photo 20141014_210343_zps4b09a0eb.jpg

Making wish~

 photo 20141014_210358_zps3d535ae4.jpg

8/9 & 25/9

Got a big Craftholic bear for Limin because she never fails to go into the shop whenever we pass by one! As much as they are cute and fluffy, and I love the pastel colours, I can never imagine having space for one. But still can borrow to pose right~
 photo 20141014_213433_zps1646aede.jpg

 photo 20141014_215500_zps888183fe.jpg

The real gift for me!

 photo 20141014_215644_zpsf68aed81.jpg

Shuning’s souvenir from Taiwan!
Now I finally have a nice pouch for my Polaroid cam!

 photo 20141014_220130_zpsd657377d.jpg

Different characters for everyone! 😀

Made this group photo collage because Chii Hian was disappointed that we totally forgot to take lots of group photos as planned!
 photo IMG_20141015_1_zps766842c9.jpg

 photo 20141015_120701_zps10847b0d.jpg

New drama – new favourite character

 photo 20141016_215900_zps918bbbaa.jpg

K-session again~

 photo 20141016_215913_zps4b72cc13.jpg

Gay moment #2864873683276

 photo 20141016_142422_zpse1a7602f.jpg

The unexpected lunch – craving satisfied! :3

 photo 20141015_115745_zps58d6a955.jpg

Happy Mimi with big VJC’s parcel! Hehe!

 photo 20141015_120203_zps6b9316f5.jpg

Love receiving parcels!
(Looks like I’m posing with a bag of trash though)

 photo 20141017_140143_zps103bff9e.jpg


 photo 20141017_211109_zps4232a005.jpg

Pretty surprise from Sample store!

 photo 20141017_215247_zps9d19cea8.jpg

Impromptu tea + catch-up session (:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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