Baby M

Saturday was spent with my cute residents again and I admit that I was a bit discouraged by the rain initially, but I still went in the end because my next weekend will be packed with a whole day of work at MBS and training as well, so I won’t be able to go.

The volunteers turnout rate was a complete opposite from last week and for a moment I thought there was some event going on! Not so much help needed as a result because we always give opportunities to the newer volunteers to interact with the residents. Anyway I’ve come to realise over time that we are not here just to help but to accompany them as well, so it’s still nice having residents coming up to you to say Hi or sticking to you ((:

 photo 20141018_164534_zpsf155b3b3.jpg

Out for a walk!
Residents helping each other *sweeettttt*

 photo 20141018_172626_zpsc2659144.jpg

Followed by captain’s ball!

Somehow, I was more high during the game than the residents because our group happened to be consisting of the lower functioning ones. But our duty is still to make sure everyone gets involved in the game, so I paired up with this Superman resident (he loves Superman and draws the logo damn well!) and I would pass the ball to him while he would score the goals. We scored like so many goals with our ultimate pairing! Hahaha!

Joined the volunteers for their usual dinner again but this time round, I brought the Hougang-ers to AMK instead. Then off to Sis’s house for stayover with the baby monster!

 photo 20141018_221143_zps09a840c1.jpg

Reading Thomas book together ((:

Then the monster turned all whiny when I didn’t wipe his runny nose the correct way -___-|||

Monster: Tissue! Tissue!

Me: *pass him tissue*

Monster: Isaac 要擦 (His way of ordering you to wipe for him -_-“)

Me: *wipes his nose gently in order not to hurt him*

Monster: 要大大力!!!(-_-“””)

Me: *pinches his nose and wipe*

Monster: 不是这样捏!不是这样捏!!!*Cryyyyyyyyyy and turned all whiny*

Me: Then 你自己擦咯 >.> *passes tissue back*

Really like a king leh! And a super mischievous one!
 photo 20141018_221653_zps8acf4ad8.jpg

 photo 20141018_221652_zps54f83c77.jpg

From whiny monster to cheeky monster again~

 photo 20141018_221752_zps001e3f1a.jpg

Cam-whoring in an attempt for him to join me~

 photo 20141018_2217520_zps26e65b4a.jpg

But seeing his glare, you know how I’ve failed x.x

 photo 20141018_222542_zps245f30f1.jpg

Glowing monster

 photo 20141018_221913_zps5f3b19dd.jpg

Finally! Though not the nicest ones~

 photo 20141018_222136_zpsd60abc80.jpg

Biting the chubby cheeks!

 photo 20141018_222132_zps492bc4f9.jpg


 photo 20141018_222129_zpsfc3ffaa7.jpg


Then it was bed time and the next morning, I got woken up by the cleaner who insisted on mopping every corner of the room I was sleeping in -_-

 photo 20141019_173832_zps3d63172f.jpg

How hardworking!

 photo 20141019_174424_zps7205e541.jpg

The professional cleaner-to-be

 photo 20141019_122854_zpsaef86e0d.jpg

The perpetual dilemma of wanting to drink but can never finish it alone x.x

 photo 20141019_201301_zpsa24e5c8a.jpg

Peace of mind

Love is when you have someone camping for Xiaomi charger for you because you completely forgot about it and yours is spoiled (:

Love is when you have someone camping for Xiaomi charger for you because you completely forgot about the promo and yours is spoiled 😀

To summarise this whole week, I actually only have 2 words – 淘宝。What happened was I was finally exploring this China version of Qoo10 after knowing that they have come up with a TaoBao SEA version, which is supposed to make purchases easier for Southeast Asians like us without having to go through an agent.

So I happily made a few purchases from the website after comparing prices with Qoo10 and waited for my loots… Who knows I later got informed that the buyers all do not ship to Singapore as they only ship within China!

My first thought was – “Why is it even called Taobao SEA when you are not going to ship to Southeast Asia countries?!” But fine, I got my refund, which was credited to the cheena version of their PayPal – Alipay.

My next attempt was to of course transfer the refund back to my card but guess what! All the bank selections are CHINA BANKS!!! On top of that, all the whatever verification details asked for are also meant for China residents – China 18 numerical IC number, China phone number and etc. Nothing is meant for Southeast Asians, in other words!

So I tried to seek help through their messenger customer service system and spent pretty much of my time typing to one staff after another in Chinese, IN CHINESE!!! Imagine the horror. And I thought reading stuff on the site was hard enough! I hate it when I’m compelled to type or read Chinese characters just because one doesn’t understand English; it’s such an international language…Zzzzz.

And so at the end of the 3298463873 conversations, the conclusion was – they only support China banks for now (and I was asked if I have one. I was like, “Why do I need a China bank account when I already said I am Singaporean?!”)

Then their advice was to that I use my balance to buy things, which resulted in another horror – me messaging 38973498 sellers asking, “有运来新加坡吗?” and all 38973498 said they only ship within China. TaoBao SOUTHEAST ASIA, seriously???!

Felt damn cheated and annoyed that I swore never to shop on TaoBao again! But first, I need to use up my balance first!!! Well, eventually I finally found a solution, which is to use 65daigou for their forwarding service (thanks to my lovely friends for their kind suggestions!!!) and I have successfully placed my orders so far, but let’s just hope nothing goes wrong again before the goods reach me >.>

Despite the cheap bargains and also having a solution to deliver my loots over now, I am still skeptical about shopping on TaoBao SEA again. Simply because I still don’t think they are ready to serve anyone out of China. Yea so that’s my bad experience as a warning to all friends out there – if you’re thinking of shopping on the site, then be prepared for a Mandarin battle.

On a happier note, a good friend of mine has opened her first spectacle shop! I don’t think I can name her yet but I think it’s quite obvious who is it…HAHAHAHA. Well anyway, before I get to snap some pictures and do a proper hard-selling advert, do consider showing some support if anyone’s keen on getting new specs! They are having some awesome opening promo right now so please drop by to take a look! 😀

Only Visioncare
Block 530 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 (near Pine Garden)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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