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Lil’ sweet thought: Something that reminds you of someone while shopping in the supermarket, so you figured you can make her day a little with this small gesture (:

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Olive rice crave: Nice wok smell but no olive smell at all!!! Boohoo~

Officially started Zumba again with Shuning and Chii Hian and it was both the girls’ first time trying out! They were pretty lost and so was I, but at least I’m used to it and know that the technique is to keep moving even if you’re lost…hahaha! Not sure if they enjoyed it but I sure did. Though not the best class I’ve attended. Could have sweated more!

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Oh Happy Birthday vivianbee.wordpress!
8 years of memories, wow~

And happy 1st anniversary to my new job company as well! It was actually last week but I totally forgot about it! 1 year passed real fast yet thinking back, from the first 摆家 project to my 4th drama project now, not forgetting all the boring/exasperating/traumatising projects in between, indeed a lot seemed to have happened. But despite all the occasional, or some may say frequent rants, I am still proud of this 1 year because it has been the most productive one so far…HAHAHA. More importantly, I am glad that I survived (:

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梅菜扣肉饭: Trying out all the different dishes again before the owner/chef/menu changes.
I don’t know why I keep secretly hoping that they hire DeliVege chef!

Finally went for Hot Yoga again as well and after I spent like 20 minutes locating the place…

Instructor: *apologetic face* We may have to cancel the class because you are the only one who registered for this time slot…

Me: *bewildered* Huh… Then I have to go home???

Instructor: Yes… Maybe… But you stay here and wait first, we’ll see if anyone else turns up.

And thank goodness, 3 other ladies came and we had a mini class of 4! 4 is like a private class, whereby the instructor has ample time to focus on you, bend you, torture you, and manipulate you like plasticine. But it’s a good thing, because that’s the only time you go beyond your limits! Haha!

Me: *in the midst of being tortured and giving the =OOOOOOOOOOOOOO agonising face*

Instructor: This should open up your spine, not your mouth…

Me: *shuts mouth immediately =X *

I must say that my legs were all turning jelly just 20 minutes into the class! Can you imagine how torturous this hot flow class is? But the Indian instructor is pretty nice and humourous, which made the tortures a little better. And besides yoga, he has taught us some life values as well:

Practising yoga is not just about the flexibility in your body, but it’s the flexibility in your mind as well. How you handle things that happen in your everyday life… If a person shouts at you, what do you do? If you do not have the flexibility in your mind, you would do the same and shout back. So what happens? This becomes a bigger conflict. But if you have the flexibility in mind, you will treat it as the person is barking and let the matter rest. Same when you order a cup of tea without sugar, but you got a cup with sugar, so what do you do? Get angry over it and make a big fuss? Or does it matter if you drink that one cup of tea with sugar? It’s just 1 cup, it’s just a small mistake made by the staff. Why ask to see the manager, why risk someone’s rice bowl just because he/she made a small mistake? So if you have the flexibility in mind, you will be able to think well and act calmly.

And the very next day, I saw a taxi driver and a passenger quarreling right under my block – the latter was throwing a huge fuss because the cabbie charged her card on Masters without asking her, and she wanted NETS actually. The woman shouted and shouted at the cabbie incessantly, and I could heard it all from my level. In the end, they even got the cops here. Seriously? Over Masters or NETS? She needs yoga.

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Cafe-hopping @ Bukit Timah: Hot Chocolate on the rainy Deepavali!

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Paired with mad mad mad awesome 64% chocolate macarons from The Missing Pan!
Did I mention mad mad MAD AWESOME?!

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Brunch @ Choupinette – the place that is recommended for their eggs!
Thumbs up! But why you all so farrrrrrrr T.T

Headed off to town to search for Isaac’s costume and then movieeeeee~! Yes! Le boy is gonna be involved in his year-end concert and le Yiyi is excitedddddddd! 😀 Even though he’s not acting as a bee but a banana (I thought yellow and black only means bee!!! -_-|||), he’s gonna be cute. He’s gonna be cute even if he acts as a tree.

Anyhow, back to the movie. Caught Gone Girl as recommended by Ally and my brother. I was told that it’s R21 because there’s 1 sex scene, so that’s how I conveyed it. In the end, there were so many of them…oops~ Hehe. At least we are all above 21! xD

So the movie, 2 words – mind and fucking. It’s indeed so much about the mind, and so much fucking and in the end it turned out to be so mind-fucking that I was still thinking about how sick a person can be. Or how vengeful a person can get when it comes to love. It kinda scares me actually.

Nick: Fuck. You’re delusional. I mean, you’re insane, why would you even want this? Yes, I loved you and then all we did was resent each other, try to control each other. We caused each other pain.

Amy: That’s marriage.

Sick. So fucking sick.
I just can’t imagine sleeping beside someone who may be planning on killing me any night. And I am really sick of people getting together hoping and expecting that each other will change into that desired person you want him/her to be.

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Dinner @ Concetto: Saveur is still so much better!!!

(via oprah.com)

(via oprah.com)


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