Burnt Out Weekend

 photo 20141023_203112_zps3602df80.jpg

First Love: A cheaper alternative to satisfy Lady M’s craving!

 photo 20141023_203225_zps255fe50c.jpg

Original, Oreo & Matcha (:

 photo 20141023_203253_zps429bf771.jpg

Though still can’t beat Lady M!

 photo IMG_20141024_114110_zps5036d8b7.jpg

❤ my cute socks!

 photo IMG_20141024_104238_zpsbad9f9de.jpg

Breakfast 😦

Starting on a dairy-free diet (except for nacho cheese, which is way too irresistible!) because I did a research after this irritating pimple decided to reside on my face for so damn long and I read about how bad milk is for the skin!!! So no more cereal with milk in the morning! And that also means many hungry mornings D:

Apparently, I’m not being exaggerated as I’m not the only one who read about it! I told a few of my friends and they told me they are trying to stay away from dairy products because of that too! I know mine is just like 1 or 2 pimples, but pimple to me used to be RARE!!! And even when it pops out, it usually takes just a few days to go off on its own, but now it always takes forever! So 1 or 2 is enough to freak me out or annoy me, let alone having to sacrifice my breakfast.

 photo 20141024_163159_zps0258b9f9.jpg

I know sugar is bad for pimples too, but some sweetness is irresistible.
Thank you! ((:

 photo PhotoGrid_1414333566233_zps583cef8b.jpg

After enjoying much of its cuteness! xD

It was a super slack Friday because we all finished our stuff pretty early and were basically dead bored. Decided to gather Mimi’s friends for a “family photo“! 😀

 photo 20141024_181237_zpsf7ff47e3.jpg

Mimi (mine), Finn (Ally’s)
Raindoo (Ping’s) & Jake (Ally’s)!

 photo 20141024_182034_zps704141f5.jpg

Ping’s candid version!

 photo 20141024_194748_zpscc065b88.jpg


 photo 20141024_195609_zps2e7d9bdb.jpg

Yummiest Korean pancake!!!

Entire Saturday was burnt with 13.5 hours of work; it’s really the entire day minus sleep and travelling! I don’t even wake up so damn early for my own job, but for the sake of expanding my savings………………. x.x

It was actually a reputable company’s D&D event so it’s a mega event held at MBS, involving 6000 guests, almost all the ballrooms of level 3 for cocktail reception, two level 4 ballrooms and one HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE level 5 ballroom for the dinner!
 photo 20141025_110812_zpsd2460bd4.jpg

And I really meant HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE! Should have taken a panoramic shot and you’ll be as overwhelmed as me!
 photo 20141025_100554_zpsd33ae940.jpg

We had plenty of time the whole day because the D&D only started at 5pm, so I really don’t know why they want us to report so early. But as long as we get paid, I don’t mind~ So we basically slacked the whole day off with a couple of errands and briefings occasionally. Most of the time we were just sitting around, waiting for things to do and waiting for time to pass. We even went shopping for a while! Haha!

 photo 20141025_123249_zps933d5b24.jpg

Before light up!

 photo 20141025_141907_zpsab540972.jpg

Mini Cooper as lucky draw prize! =O

 photo 20141025_110825_zpsc0af3b3a.jpg

Touring around like a sua gu~

 photo 20141025_110851_zps2f5fae4b.jpg

Such beautiful light!!!

 photo 20141025_114824_zpsce698ce0.jpg

The not-nice lunch =/

 photo 20141025_104624_zps70cd4f13.jpg

The mandatory shot!

 photo 20141025_104636_zpseee6fd31.jpg

With my working partners for the day!

 photo 20141025_104716_zps30180a07.jpg

Full of <3! 😛

And yes, we just slacked all the way till dinner….
 photo 20141025_162618_zpsffc6a4e6.jpg

 photo 20141025_162430_zps34bea69a.jpg

Light up! Time to work!

Oh the whole morning I kept telling Joanjoan and CH that I wanna do carpark redemption and I hope I get it because that’s the easiest job with least human interaction and Joanjoan and I really got it!!! Super lucky! HEHEHEHE!
 photo 20141025_165551-1_zpsc3d43f6e.jpg

Too bad CH couldn’t join us because they only needed 2 persons at the counter 😦 But she was assigned to do registration, which is not so bad too! And again, Joanjoan and I spent the whole night slacking off at our counter…haha!

Of course there are people coming to get the complimentary carpark tickets from us, some begging for it but we only have to give to those with the balloted carpark vouchers, explain to those who don’t have, and answer some other enquiries. Surprisingly and thank goodness, everyone was quite understanding and nice, so we didn’t face any difficult ones demanding for the tickets (:

And our busiest time was probably that 5 minutes before the dinner officially started, when a flock of them just came in to redeem and I almost couldn’t tear the tickets in time! I was like, “Joan! 救我!” Hahaha! Because I was the one nearer to the entrance so everyone naturally came to me first! Luckily I had Joanjoan tearing the tickets for me while I do the exchange of the voucher for ticket!

Then for the rest of the time, we only had occasional guests coming to redeem, so most of the time was quite slack~ That’s when we started have all sorts of weird cravings – Pocky, 64% chocolate macarons, savoury food and etc! Hahaha! In the end, we succumbed to our cravings and hunger and went to get some snacks! xD

That’s how bored we were~
 photo 20141025_203957_zps15a6980c.jpg
 photo 20141025_203953_zps32ca1b89.jpg
 photo 20141025_204009_zpsd2012b46.jpg
 photo 20141025_204007_zpsd657398b.jpg

And look at the amount of parking vouchers we collected for the night!!! Though we still had like 300 over complimentary tickets unredeemed at the end of the day =/
 photo 20141025_205055_zps34c5400a.jpg

Ended the night with much exhaustion and some wine because the lucky me happened to bump into Nadine’s friend, who was there for the D&D! Muahahahaha~ Too bad he came really late, when I was already leaving, if not those drinks could have perked me up! But at least technically I wasn’t drinking at work then! 😛

Sunday was burnt off for training as well~ It was actually a “refresher course” for us, who have already went through the training, so I thought we would be there to really “REFRESH” our memories, but who knows it’s actually a next level for us! –CRY!

I was the first to finish each time but if it’s not for 老师’s enlightenment, I really wouldn’t realise how something so complicated can actually be quite easy! I really need his eyes to see “out of the box” T.T
 photo 20141026_164743_zpsfce42ee3.jpg

 photo 20141026_151038_zps787042f0.jpg

Break time!

 photo 20141026_151043_zps1343b55c.jpg


And the cafe-hopping continues! 😀
 photo 20141026_195009_zps9659b524.jpg

 photo 20141026_195202_zpsb1fe0773.jpg

The Coffee Daily

 photo 20141026_195111_zps89c2e575.jpg

Super old school!

 photo 20141026_201127_zpsa5e6e6fd.jpg

Baked macaroni with mushroom: Overcooked!

 photo 20141026_200943_zps7a104bed.jpg

Premium brunch set: Okay-ish

 photo 20141026_204002_zpsec603b49.jpg

Waffles with ice-cream: Crispy but no waffle smell, and don’t you think the waffles are a bit too black???!

So the verdict is: The only good stuff were the ice-cream (minus the waffles)! Hmmmmm… But I still don’t mind exploring (:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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