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The week didn’t start well because of people who push their luck, people who try to squeeze you dry and the kind of people that I hate. I will not give in to unreasonable request because I am not that 18-year old intern anymore, I will only strive to achieve as much as I can, even if that means sacrificing my lunch break once again.

 photo 20141027_144751_zps916c16f4.jpg

A decent olive rice once again, finally.

 photo 20141027_163917_zps1aeded32.jpg

Thanks to the lunch delivery, at least I managed to eat something, though it took me 2.5 hours to finish it as I edit.

 photo 20141027_190941_zpsbc5efcbb.jpg

With desserts as well; can’t be more thankful.

 photo 20141027_213443_zps4d41385a.jpg

Weekly Zumba!

I’m glad that this time round they sweated a bit more after heeding my advice of “Just keep moving!” 😀
 photo 20141027_213530_zps9ccfeb37.jpg
 photo 20141027_213501_zps1917798f.jpg

 photo 20141028_135915_zps26a67e5e.jpg

No eggplant is a good excuse for some sinful popcorn ‘chicken’!
Verdict: It actually tastes better with rice than noodle! So I was wrong all this while~

 photo 20141028_202749_zps8cf9c92c.jpg

Finally get to try the famous Tanjong Pagar ramen!

Everyone was so damn full because no one wanna share with me >.> You see lah!
Anyway still can’t find any ramen that is on par with Japan’s 無敵家! D:

 photo 20141028_205054_zps5e24ac54.jpg

Cute cupcakes from Butter Studio for the cute birthday girl!

 photo 20141028_205134_zps4c0f3095.jpg

Happy belated Birthday, Siew Siew!

 photo 20141028_205225_zps23bb6048.jpg

The last to turn 25 when we are all turning 26 soon T.T

Ever since Applebee’s closed down in Singapore, I have been craving for the spinach dip and I finally satisfied it! Though not as good because this is cheese > spinach, it’s still pretty nice! The best alternative we could get already ((:
 photo 20141029_200625_zps3a5d2a21.jpg

 photo 20141029_210425_zps1d8680a7.jpg

Fleshy Tony Roma ribs~

 photo 20141029_221147_zps44faaffb.jpg

欢迎光临! -_-“

Had 2 days to slack before the new variety project starts and although it’s good news that we are getting variety project again, which means clients may have been saying good words about us (I hope so!), I am still dreading the next 4 months 😦 Cause I know I am most likely the one taking the project and that will mean goodbye to OTOT – Own Time Own Target drama schedule and hello to the real OT…as in overtime!

I know I may be more suitable for variety programmes but I still hate this fact. Hate having other people in my room and hate having to deal with humans! Sigh!

Decided to leave early and go for the 7pm Hot Stretch yoga instead and I know it’s gonna be tougher than Hot Flow, but I didn’t expect it to be thatttttt tough! I don’t know if the spot I was standing was too hot or what, but I felt like I was dying just 15 minutes into the class. And I almost couldn’t make it through the 1 hour D:

Friday night with Mr Teacher at Hoshino Coffee! He actually couldn’t decide between Nana’s Green Tea or this so we decided to each queue for one! LOL. Can’t believe we really came up with such crazy idea!

Tried this french toast after overhearing the person queuing behind me commenting that it’s the highest voted must-try dish! Made the right choice cause even the food critic said it’s nice! xD
 photo 20141031_205551_zps523ae69c.jpg

The night is still young so I brought the mister who has been living in the well to explore Emerald Hill! No.5 was so so so happening with the Halloween party that even I was overwhelmed, let alone him! Would have been a crazy night if my girls were there!!!


“有 leh! I don’t know how long it has been since I last hang out in a place like this. That’s why I should hang out with younger people like you more!”

Hahahahaha!!! I love it when I make people realise there’s actually so much more out there than a routine life. Especially those who haven’t been living their lives to the fullest. So just nice he is lacking of a life and I am always eager to help one explore more of life~ I think I should be the ambassador of LIFE itself!

 photo 20141031_223106_zps2e87894d.jpg

Halloween @ No.5

Anyhow, No.5 was way too crowded and I couldn’t find Mr Manager either 😦 So we decided to try out Cuppage area and that’s when we came up with the impromptu decision to sing K instead! Cause we can have both side of the world – drink and sing as well!
 photo IMG_20141101_022008_zpsa0a95206.jpg

 photo 20141101_000005_zps8d96cb74.jpg

Cheers to another K buddy~! 😀

And we actually sang all the way till close to 3am! I don’t know it’s the system or what but we were both somehow very tired and 喘 the more we sing~ But haven’t had such a good Friday night for a long time and I am glad to be able to make someone’s day as well (:

Had an awesome weekend as well starting with a good Saturday with the residents and volunteers! We taught them how to make bag tags this week and remember the resident that I mentioned who loves Superman a lot? He even did this extra artwork on the sponge after getting fascinated by my Superman tee! xD
 photo 20141101_163647_zps858fb90d.jpg

He actually told me to stand there to be his model but he can actually draw it by memory. Cause he always draws it so well that I think he can even do it with eyes closed! Even I can’t draw one by memory, so I am always proud and impressed of him!
 photo 20141101_164320_zpsbd90869e.jpg

Makes my day! (((:
 photo 20141101_164419_zps50410f5c.jpg

Brought the residents out for a short ball activity before project ends and then we had our TH camp meeting~ It’s my first year helping out for their camp after missing it all these years and I hope I can still play a part this time in the midst of my busy schedule!

Meeting lasted all the way till past 7 so we had late dinner followed by a shorter card game session in AMK. Bumped into an ex-resident working there and it’s surprising that I still remember him very clearly from 7 years ago. Although we had a hard time declining some of his requests (e.g. Facebook, contact number and etc), it’s still good to know that he has been doing quite well all these years. 我们都老了~

Sunday was with loveboy starting with our morning date at ECP! 😀 We rode the big family bike for the first time and luckily I could still barely fit into the front row (meant for kids)! Haha! So the both of us get to enjoy the breeze and didn’t have to paddle while Sis and Vic were panting away xD
 photo 20141102_110001_zpse874dee9.jpg

In the midst of our 1-hour ride~ He’s like giving a smirky act cool face! So funny! (Look at the shagged Vic behind~)
 photo 20141102_110920_zps8dab93b2.jpg

Brought le boy up to the Amber Beacon tower because he kept bugging me to bring him up~ I had been wanting to go up to there as well and I didn’t expect that my loveboy would be the first to go up with me! Hehe! But I just read that the tower is actually haunted!!! =OOOOOO
 photo 20141102_114618_zps0010882e.jpg

 photo 20141102_114620_zpsd4239684.jpg

Our lovely date ❤

Photos from 2 weeks ago at the Jacob garden! So happy that the 洁癖 boy is finally adapting to the sand! He used to hate them so much that he refused to play at playgrounds with sand -_- The next step is to really get him into the pool!
 photo IMG-20141101-WA0010_zpsf147a9fa.jpg

 photo IMG-20141101-WA0009_zps2abda584.jpg

With our sand castle! 😀

 photo IMG-20141101-WA0005_zpse3e94c48.jpg

Cheeky boy insisted on adding the pail on top -_-“

 photo IMG-20141101-WA0002_zpsa08db54b.jpg

Refused to look at camera again 😦

Anyhow, sharing a nice song that is by a local talent. Heard it from a documentary in office and it attracted us all to the suite because it’s just too nice! Really love it! But too bad it’s not available in K~ Almost made me tear up when I watch it with the sad documentary…感触良多。。。Shall share the really nice documentary if I have the chance.

Oh and happy Halloween everyone!
This is the reason why I don’t really celebrate Halloween – sometimes it looks more like the 7th month.
 photo IMG_20141101_024908_zpsb9294f1b.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)



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