Parcels!!! :D

Received so many parcels this week starting with 2 on my desk on Monday morning! Hehe! It’s not useless stuff but really stuff that I need and found them cheaper online (:
 photo 20141103_102154_zps2dbc2130.jpg

Woke up with an impending sore throat and just didn’t feel like swallowing any solid food~ Had cheng teng instead in hope that it will help with the throat but I ended up puking everything out in the late noon! It’s not the cheng teng’s fault but more of lack of sleep, leading to a bad headache and hence the nausea…happens, so yea =/
 photo IMG_20141103_132844_zps71f5362e.jpg

I’m quite used to such headaches but the thing is I was so looking forward to the Standing Sushi Bar outing with the girls at night!!! I didn’t wanna cancel it because I’ve been waiting for someone to accompany me for the sashimi promo and I finally got the chance!

So even though I wasn’t in the right condition for raw food or having the best appetite, I still went ahead and had 15 pieces! Hehehehehehe~ Suddenly the appetite just came back xD
 photo 20141103_202654_zps4d6b9f4f.jpg

 photo IMG_20141103_210552_zps04b2de06.jpg

Jeju gifts from Kai Bin! 😀

 photo 20141105_143753_zps12c8235d.jpg

New! ((:

 photo 20141105_223125_zpsb819cbd7.jpg

Going back to childhood! HEHEHE~

Finally met up with Mommeyyyyyyyyy after like 3 months or so and finally gave her her birthday treat as well! Decided to visit Tony Roma’s again because I think she will like the ribs there, and indeed! 😀

 photo 20141104_210730_zpsc02d2f6a.jpg

And my turn to buy her a drink!

 photo 20141104_210704_zps7384101b.jpg

It’s quite gigantic but the pictures ain’t doing justice~

 photo 20141104_200544_zpsd3387061.jpg

My Mojito!

 photo 20141104_201451_zps1e8801d8.jpg

Same ribs as last week!

Spent the next 2 days working out after all the good food! Went for hot flow yoga again but this time round it’s a different instructor – a female one. Still soaked in sweat at the end of the session, but I felt that I can manage her class better~

I think the Indian yoga master is way too high level for me that every week I have to hold on tightly to the railing when walking down the long flight of stairs to the MRT, cause my legs may give way anytime! Really turned jelly I tell you! So at least this week was better; stretched and worked out, but no temptation to take cab home…hehe.

Thursday was weekly Zumba and we arrived in class wayyyyy too early that we ended up cam-whoring! Starting from feet first xD
 photo IMG-20141106-WA0012_zps973fb5be.jpg
 photo IMG-20141106-WA0023_zps1f994106.jpg
 photo IMG-20141106-WA0020_zps320250bc.jpg
 photo IMG-20141106-WA0015_zpsfbe7ce5e.jpg

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0028_zpse36b7508.jpg

Class photo!

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0013_zpsa7d99bfd.jpg

Awkward heart -_-

Shuning actually wanted me to help out in forming the heart shape, so I used 1 hand while holding the phone in another… Then I was like, “So who’s going to press the camera -_-” Hahahaha!

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0016_zpsf8a608e8.jpg

Much better now!

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0019_zpsce0131a7.jpg

London bridge is falling down~

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0018_zps867a97fd.jpg

Fall down le! D:

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0022_zps708cbc58.jpg


 photo IMG-20141106-WA0021_zpsba8df3e1.jpg

Sad dimples~

 photo 20141107_144246_zpse9db9dcc.jpg

More parcels and my long-awaited pillow case!!!!!!! ❤

 photo 20141107_223550_zpsc15ff507.jpg

Kumakuma is happy too! (((((:

 photo 20141107_223720_zpsf78e3382.jpg

Soooooooo cuteeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeee!!!!




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