Movie Marathon!

 photo 20141107_103718_zps24d23bd7.jpg

Another of Nicholas Sparks (:

And also caught the long-awaited movie – Best Of Me from one of Nicholas Sparks’ books which I’ve read and loved! I remember it because of its sad ending, and as usual, the book is always better. But I still enjoyed and like the movie quite a lot ((:


Because sometimes, you can’t turn back on time.

Favourite Starbucks drink to keep me throughout the show! My first Venti size Starbucks 😀
 photo 20141108_100727_zps8c64ea28.jpg

Saturday was spent at MINDS as usual and this week we taught them how to make fruit salad! I was busy running around from table to table stealing ingredients for my group…hahaha! And I thought the mixture of thousand island sauce with jam is kinda weird but the residents seem to like it a lot~ They all almost licked up the bowls! Hehe!

After that was teaching through games – taught them about RULES~ One of the rules we emphasised includes no hugging or other body contact other than handshakes and high-fives, but right after the project, 1 of the female residents hugged me goodbye -_- Just when I thought we had taught them well…
 photo 20141108_172927_zps01e903f3.jpg

Anyway, super good news to share! I finally found a restaurant willing to sponsor the residents and volunteers’ dinner for the upcoming camp!!! 😀 It’s my first year joining them for this annual camp so I really wanted to help as much as I can~ Guess my hard work paid off after all and there is still 好人 in this world! Just keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t back out at last minute >.<

Second movie of the week was the highly-raved Interstellar, with the volunteers!

It’s an ultimate mind-blowing film, so much that my mind went chaotah in the midst of it because there were so many physics and scientific info to process!!! But no doubt it was a very good movie – the plot and all, just that I felt stupid after watching…hahahaha! Had to read up Wikipedia to fully understand  all the little details! Science, is just not my thing~

The 3 musketeers went out for cycling session on the fine Sunday but after less than 30 minutes, we stopped by St. Marc for drinks and light bites! Haha!

 photo 20141109_174929_zpscf726325.jpg

My must-have @ St. Marc!

Cycled all the way to Changi again and it took us more than 2 hours this time, because we had to cycle back from the cafe as well~ Actually I think the guys could have reached much earlier but somehow my bike is moving way slower than theirs no matter how hard I pedal -_- I really think it’s because my bike wheels are smaller as compared?

Well anyway, I decided to just relax and enjoy the breeze in the end and let them wait for me…hahaha! Dinner at Changi Village before heading to Chock Full Of Beans again! 😀 I’m like addicted to the cuteness of the drinks that I must go each time I am there! Hehe! So I demanded to go prior the cycling trip because I know they will always back out in the end (due to the queue or too full or etc).

 photo 20141109_211246_zps3abe5a90.jpg

Cuteness overload!

I requested for Rilakkuma again but in bee suit this time! xD
 photo 20141109_211132_zps65f10a30.jpg

 photo 20141109_211125_zpsf38efc6b.jpg


 photo 20141109_211429_zps5e27df45.jpg

VivianBee with RilakkumaBee! 😀

Chose Chopper for Shrine because that’s his favourite character!
 photo 20141109_211059_zpsfefc2312.jpg

Shrine: Will the person think we are referring to the real chopper knife???

Me: *when ordering* Can you draw the Chopper? Not the knife ahhh…

Staff: I know… The One Piece one right?

Shrine: You didn’t have to emphasise -_-“


 photo 20141109_211336_zps90ad9fc7.jpg

1 dark chocolate cake

 photo 20141109_211155_zps7c2c623b.jpg

2 cute drinks

 photo 20141109_213557_zps0b6aec6c.jpg

And 3 musketeers! 😀

Third movie in a week – Gone Girl, again~ Same thoughts, same feeling; I still think the woman is crazy.

Been craving for Pine Garden’s cakes especially the Black Forest and I finally had them! Delivered to my doorstep ❤ Thank you, “my boss“!
 photo 20141111_001731_zpsd7b1acb6.jpg

Nana’s Green Tea with the Mr. this time since we didn’t get to try it the previous time~ I taught him the best way to eat sushi is to stuff the whole thing into your mouth without judging or fear of being judged because that’s how you get feel the fusion of the ingredients melting in your mouth! Slurp! Hahaha!
 photo 20141112_202738_zps9b6da730.jpg
 photo 20141112_202813_zpseadc4bba.jpg

軍中樂園 after that and I didn’t really know what is it about but I just wanna watch because of Ethan Juan, and I like Taiwanese films in general (:

As warned by Yixuan about the slowness of the movie, I was kinda prepared for it so I didn’t find it especially slow. Yea there were times when I was shouting in my mind, “Cut!” “Cut!” “Cut!(in terms of editing) but I think I still prefer films having enough time for character development to those that are too choppy and convenient. This way I actually feel more for each of the characters, because I know their background stories better. Anyhow, it’s quite an interesting film; didn’t know there’s such “service” back then!

 photo 20141112_140556_zpsa45e125b.jpg

Sumptuous lunch!
Finished every bit of the curry! ❤

 photo 20141114_134722_zps1a95ceae.jpg

Another good lunch ((:

 photo 20141114_201005_zps7de95aeb.jpg

Craving and the best alternative for llaollao, which I have yet to try!

Survived my first week of Ladies Nite and I have many many many many many more weeks to go~ But it’s still not as bad as <<摆家>> because at least I enjoyed the noisy girls talking about makeup and fashion, and my producer is nice! Just that my schedule is really packed every single day now and I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to come back on Saturdays as well! >.<




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