Gardens By The Chance!

Chock Full Of Beans again this week but this time round I finally get to see the 3D art drink!!! 😀

 photo 20141115_102412_zps0cc2dbdb.jpg


 photo 20141115_102607_zpscf634c55.jpg

Even the butt is detailed and cute!

 photo 20141115_101825_zps85521d9a.jpg

I stayed loyal to my Rilakkuma but requested just the head this time! Hehe!
Rila in love~

 photo 20141115_102437_zps271d6c61.jpg

Beary happy day! ((:

 photo 20141115_103908_zps5db412fa.jpg

End product – “I’m sinking! Help me~~~~~~~”

 photo 20141115_104059_zps04759285.jpg

My end product – Pau-shaped Rila x.x

Saturday was burnt with work again, all the way at Gardens By The Bay!
 photo 20141115_121144_zps513fb714.jpg

 photo 20141115_121141_zps5914e61e.jpg

When the weather is still fine~

The super rare day I am, or rather, I have to be in jeans…Zzzzzz. SO HOT PLEASE!!! How do everyone stand wearing jeans every day?!?!
 photo 20141115_122654_zps14e5f88b.jpg

Went to shop and slack in MBS Shoppe after the stupid 1-hour briefing (waste time only!) and because everything is so atas there, we ended up slacking on the couch instead of any cafes~
 photo 20141115_142019_zps896bf6fb.jpg

 photo 20141115_142933_zps0a10e212.jpg

TWG macarons!

 photo 20141115_143030_zps41f7d5e5.jpg

Rose Tea & Chocolate Earl Grey!

 photo 20141115_145650_zps2326c152.jpg

Back to the garden!

The registration started all of a sudden when we were back from the washroom and it was 2 hours plus of non-stop goodie bags distribution~ Not too hectic to handle but just that we didn’t get to sit 😦

 photo 20141115_175456_zps26ce289c.jpg

Dinner time!

Had a super rush dinner (but quite a good one) before we were off to help out for the super hectic food distribution!!! So chaotic with so many food choices with flimsy bento boxes and with disgusting “zup” flowing out from the bento sets! At the end of the 1 hour plus Diner Dash, our hands were all sticky and oily! Damn disgusting! And it was so tiring somehow…Zzzzz.

 photo 20141115_191818_zps8befa9b3.jpg

Finally cleared the super long queue! @.@

Had nothing much to do after that as the guests were all catching the movie screening~ A pity it was drizzling, so the big screen and picnic idea was completely wasted!

Took a stroll around the place and was amazed by how beautiful the Skytrees look at night!!!!!! I kept exclaiming to Chii Hian, so much that she actually noted down on her phone to get my boyfriend to propose to me there in future! LOL!!!
 photo 20141115_200727_zpsc92e488e.jpg
 photo 20141115_200704_zpsbe57e3e6.jpg
 photo 20141115_201559_zpsc79f764d.jpg

After taking the above shot, I was like…

Me: Chii Hian! 有没有 feel?! 有没有 feel?!

CH: 什么 feel???

Me: Postcard 的 feel!

CH: 有啦,有啦~

LOLOLOLOL. And I just went on exclaiming and praising all my shots…hahahahaha!!!
 photo 20141115_201029_zps8d0710ee.jpg
 photo 20141115_200919_zpsf285cd71.jpg
 photo 20141115_201808_zpsff53ef68.jpg
 photo 20141115_201841_zps49b6a6ee.jpg
 photo 20141115_201911_zps8393cefc.jpg

 photo 20141115_200801_zps081fba2a.jpg

Mystic feel!

 photo 20141115_201712_zpsdfbb5b2b.jpg

梦幻 feel!

At the end of the event, the staff were giving out leftover snacks from the goodie bag and the 2 of us hesitated for a long time before going over to take, cause I am paiseh! Hahaha!

After taking…

CH: Eh! I want the chicken one! *change*

Me: I want the cheeseball one! *change*

Staff: Just now act shy act shy don’t wanna take, now still choose ah?!


 photo 20141115_210625_zpsf716032a.jpg

Our goodie packs…hehehehehehe~

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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