Only VisionCare’s Grand Opening!

Survived another week of Ladies Nite! This is solely my project for now so I have to be the one coming up with the template for this brand-new programme~ Thank goodness it wasn’t as difficult or graphic-intense as I had thought!

Sinful Monday lunch because I was mad hungry! I don’t think I had ever ordered claypot rice on my own because it’s always a lot to me and I find it too oily~ But I was missing Hong Kong’s claypot rice very much! Haha!
 photo 20141117_135746_zps96ff84ab.jpg

 photo IMG_20141119_193912_zps8add59c3.jpg

Skinny Pizza with Mr Owwwwwwwww~!

Haven’t met up with him for a long time and he has grown a goatee this time! -_-”
Had a mini birthday celebration for him for the first time with his favourite pies from Windowsill! Hehe! And who would believe that this man just turned 44?!
 photo 20141118_203335_zps8f8eefa1.jpg

 photo 1559302_10152153623622824_849135843950359892_o_zpse2f0a3b6.jpg

Birthday man with his 2 “little girls”! 😀

 photo 20141118_231530_zpsa47eb03d.jpg

Polaroid shot!
14 years and still counting (:

 photo 20141118_221938_zpsfea6ca7f.jpg

Goodies from Batam & Bangkok! :3

 photo 20141118_221059_zps28232641.jpg

Selfie with my selfie tee! Haha!

 photo 20141118_210729_zps0b3475a7.jpg

Shared this with everyone who hasn’t tried it before! 😀

 photo IMG_20141121_103311_zps99fe590a.jpg

Cookie from my cute colleague!

 photo 20141118_134535_zps4fedddb2.jpg

Korean on that rainy day~

 photo IMG_20141121_092224_zps117ccce3.jpg


 photo 20141121_135254_zpsca7985bd.jpg

Green curryyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! ❤

 photo IMG_20141121_221818_zps43a6e70a.jpg

My well-deserved Häagen-Dazs treat (:

Oh remember I mentioned about a friend who has opened a spectacle shop? It was the grand opening last Saturday and I finally got the chance to visit the shop!
 photo 20141122_133651_zps23afcec4.jpg

 photo 20141122_133555_zpsfed51d9c.jpg


 photo 20141122_133544_zpsed691588.jpg

Everyone please support!

 photo 20141122_133618_zps055b5db2.jpg

Only Visioncare
Block 530 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-2383

 photo 20141122_133754_zpsdb3625bb.jpg

The interior!

They have wide variety of brands, designs and lens for specs and shades, so do drop to take a look if anyone’s thinking of getting one! (:
 photo 20141122_133900_zpsb3694627.jpg

We couldn’t help but started trying on different specs as well! xD
 photo 20141122_134020_zpsffa8c75c.jpg

 photo 20141122_132746_zps3e574a15.jpg

Min said I look too 斯文 in this -_- I thought that’s a good thing?!

 photo 20141122_133138_zps320639a1.jpg

Considering this!

Rushed off to MINDS for camp meeting followed by regular project~ We made Christmas cards this week! 😀 It turned out that Art is just not many volunteers’ forte, including mine…hahaha! We had such a hard time figuring out the sample before we could teach the residents!

Dinner with the volunteers after that and we checked out Casuarina this time round since we had 3 cars. Then right beside us, guess what I spotted?

 photo 20141122_193944_zps16655e08.jpg

My shop!!!!!!

 photo 20141122_193956_zpsa6d23ae8.jpg

So cute~~~

Even the staff’s working attire is bee design! Maybe I can consider working here? Hehe.
 photo 20141122_211206_zpsde10a592.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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