Isaac’s First Performance!

Stayed over with the baby monster again because Yiyi gonna wake up early for le boy’s first performance! 😀 Didn’t wanna miss it no matter what and didn’t mind waking up for the ones I love no matter how early!

Me: Can I have 1 臭臭 preaseeeeeee~ (mimicking him)

Isaac: Not ONEEEEEE~ *shows hand sign for 1* Is TWOOOOOOO! *passes me 2 臭臭 again!*

Me: *meltttttttttt~*

 photo 20141122_234931_zps4e89375b.jpg

For my sweet dreams ❤

 photo 20141123_080755_zpse7315d61.jpg

Old school toys – aeroplane & parachute!

I jumped on the bandwagon when YH was buying some old school toys for his nephew the night because I kinda agreed with what he said…

YH: We need to teach the kids that fun is not just from iPad and iPhone~ We should show them what we used to play!

WC (another volunteer): I think your nephews will laugh at you. Like “Huh…why you all so poor thing back then”

LOLOL. And in the end, WC was right!!! Well, Isaac didn’t LAUGH at me, but he completely ignored me when I was happily playing with toys from my brother’s generation which of course had some influence on me!

He literally just stared at me, wondering why am I throwing stuff in the air and watch them fall eventually, then turned back to continue playing his toy trucks! LOL!!! Seriously don’t know whether to laugh or to cry…hahahahaha!

Off to his school for his mini year-end concert cum opening of his new campus! And because it’s a new environment, the boy was still in the midst of getting used to the place all over again~ As expected, he started crying the moment we stepped in and actually Sis and I were already mentally prepared that he may not wanna perform in the end.

Nevertheless, we still got him to change and prepare for the rehearsal. But the moment he had to go into the classroom for rehearsal, he bawled and bawled like a baby, wanting us to go in with him! I went in with him, thinking that it may be easier for me to sneak off than Sis, cause she will be too soft-hearted too, but in the end the boy clung on to me the whole time and I couldn’t escape!

 photo 20141123_094203_zps2cff40a9.jpg

Stopped crying but looking nervous at his friends rehearsing~

The moment I tried to move away a little, he started grabbing onto my arm with both hands and repeating, “Isaac 要 Yiyi 在这边” for 329749729317392 times even though I was there all the time because he was holding on to me! -_-”

Kept encouraging him to join his friends and stand up to dance but he just refused to leave his seat, so I tried to calm him down but initiating a cam-whore session! And even with that, you could see how tensed up his smiles were! Hahaha!
 photo 20141123_093329copy_zpsa69d70ff.jpg
 photo 20141123_093348_zps32484627.jpg

 photo 20141123_0933480_zps1e8b9902.jpg

Nervously glancing at his friends…

 photo 20141123_093332_zpscb4dede8.jpg

Wanting to join but yet afraid to~

Then right before the performance commenced, I was finally chased out by the teacher because they needed to have a proper preparation and it’s unfair to others since I was the only “parent” in the room~ As expected again, le loveboy started to bawl again and clinging on to me like a koala this time! His teacher tried to help to pull him off and that’s how I managed to escape eventually, with him still crying x.x

The long-anticipated mini concert finally started with 2 special emcees, who are also Isaac’s preschool sweethearts aka princesses! Hahahaha! Yes, this boy has a thing for 姐弟恋! He always likes 姐姐 more cause they dote on him instead of snatching toys with him like the younger ones! xD
 photo 20141123_101858_zps260fbec3.jpg

 photo 20141123_102442_zps86f42c19.jpg

The K2 kids performing the first item!

 photo 20141123_102355_zps7d209acb.jpg

Doesn’t that boy remind you of the character in UP?! xD

 photo 20141123_103041_zps4e8529b9.jpg

The super cute K1 doing 《上山打老虎》rhyme!

I did not take videos for all the performances except Isaac’s but I did take this one because it’s really cute! Especially when you see the Indian kids reciting so well too! xD

And finally our loveboy’s first item – my favourite 洗萝卜 song! 😀 We thought he was only involved in 2 items but it turned out to be quite a number! So glad that he had stopped crying and also did not run to us or anything when he came in~ He just looked nervous at first but still managed to perform all his items!!!
 photo 20141123_103440_zpsc0dc466f.jpg

Oh in case you’re wondering why he’s dressed in such long shirt and ugly tights, it’s because the teachers requested for it since he will be acting as a plum in one of the items later on~
 photo 20141123_103412_zps7c8a0ab4.jpg

This is the Chinese story-telling performance by a K2 girl which Isaac was acting as plum~ Look at the ah peh way he sits! -_-”
 photo 20141123_103916_zps29352c02.jpg

He rolled up his pants on his own, making him look more like ah peh!
 photo 20141123_103928_zpsaa6bf8e2.jpg

 photo 20141123_104053_zps08eaf94d.jpg

Getting more and more comfortable -_-“

Performances by his 2 princesses again~
 photo 20141123_105454_zps6b91a2d3.jpg

Sis and I were like choosing future wife for Isaac, discussing about the 2 princesses and we both agree that this one is prettier! Hahahahaha!!!
 photo 20141123_105648_zps07ad9ab6.jpg

 photo 20141123_105312_zps8e23e43f.jpg

So cute~ 😀

 photo 20141123_104651_zps8b2c9a30.jpg

Butterfly dance!

Performances by K2 again~
 photo 20141123_110602_zps145438c3.jpg
 photo 20141123_111418_zps02ec465c.jpg
 photo 20141123_111441_zps8ac3868a.jpg
 photo 20141123_111418_zps65d153c6.jpg

 photo 20141123_110633_zps84d0dbd6.jpg

The cute character from UP! xD
Oh he’s quite sensitive to sound~

And here comes our yellow banana!!! ❤
 photo 20141123_111823_zps52dcb180.jpg

Yes, he’s acting as a banana for this Open Banana song and it’s uber cuteeeeee! A pity I don’t know why the teacher chose to make them face the back for the start of the song so we couldn’t enjoy the full cuteness of it. But le boy already sang the whole song for me the previous night before bed! 😀

 photo 20141123_111924_zpsf0cfbd6c.jpg

Ah Peh scratching after performance~

 photo 20141123_111919_zps3d177b64.jpg

Pouting maybe because he knows it’s the last item…

 photo 20141123_111916_zpsd31adca9.jpg

Looking sad 😦

Finale dance – Happy song for everyone! It was basically like a disco time for all the kids~
 photo 20141123_111636_zpsab33821a.jpg

The poor boy was busy gorging himself with food from the reception because he did not have time for breakfast prior the rehearsal! Poor baby!

Another cam-whore session with Yiyi and he obviously looked much relaxed and happier now! 😀
 photo 20141123_115702_zps069ded74.jpg

 photo 20141123_115638_zps11fdbf7e.jpg

Enjoying the Pocky reward from Yiyi! Hehe!

 photo 20141123_115658_zps17d4768c.jpg

Getting him to make funny face together~

 photo 20141123_115640_zpsab18bf81.jpg

Busy eating!

 photo 20141123_115656_zps95b8691b.jpg

Our funny faces! 😀

 photo 20141123_115650_zps91a198f5.jpg


 photo 20141123_115647_zpsff2b8881.jpg

He really looks like he’s trying to gek sai! LOL!

Left for JB trip with Shuning and Chii Hian and the latter was late for 25 MINUTES! (Yes, must write in my blog also 😛 ) Brought Shuning to explore KSL Mall first because it’s her first time to JB!

 photo 20141123_144721_zps5dfb8cf9.jpg

Must-have golden balls from Sushi King!

 photo 20141123_144714_zps98960c03.jpg

Overly-red salmon sashimi but it’s still SASHIMI!!!

 photo 20141123_175232_zpse020abd4.jpg

Black Balls!
Verdict after second try: SG one is indeed better~

 photo 20141123_193506_zpsaa183991.jpg

Penang laksa again! *slurrrrrrrp!*

We definitely ate more than this and I spent all my money again x.x
But at least I’ve got a few loots (4 tees + 1 sports bra) this time instead of spending everything on food! Hehe

Ending off with the compilation of Isaac’s performances! Though many parts he was busy pulling his tights or in his own world due to shyness or distraction (he likes to pretend to do other stuff when he’s shy), I think he still enjoyed the overall experience! So proud of him because even I have stage fright at 25, so I really admire this 3-year-old for finishing his whole performance in front of so many people! 😀

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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