Xiao Qian’s 25th!

It’s already December and I am still clearing November’s entries x.x
It’s been a busy and tiring week!

Celebrated Xiao Qian’s belated at Nakhon Kitchen! Didn’t know they have an outlet in AMK now so I finally get to try it! 😀
 photo 20141124_201651_zps55b9bdc6.jpg

 photo 20141124_203037_zps25f03c86.jpg

Our Thai dinner!

 photo 20141124_202501_zps64e15eec.jpg

Overseas snacks again from Nad & Ning! Hehe!

And again, what’s a birthday without a cake! Though it was a failed surprise, we still had fun with the candid expressions of the birthday girl xD
 photo 20141124_210103_zpsb3215290.jpg

Wanna-pose-for-camera-yet-afraid-that-the-candle-will-go-off face…hahahahaha!
 photo 20141124_210138_zpsa41f40cc.jpg

 photo 20141124_210135_zps3844b359.jpg

A quick pose!

 photo 20141124_210151_zpsacb2aac3.jpg

A quick wish! xD

 photo 20141124_210158_zps43765a33.jpg

Ending with a big blow!

 photo 20141124_210216_zps3e03f7a5.jpg

Cutting the Bailey cake from Pine Garden (next door)!

 photo 20141124_210225_zps3433dd07.jpg

Happy Birthday to the cute birthday girl! ❤

 photo 20141124_222900_LLS_zpsf2aeda89.jpg

Margarita night (:

Winter wear shopping with Mr Teacher~ Nope, it’s not snowing in Singapore (though it is on my blog). Neither am I the one travelling, it’s the Mr. who’s flying and I was there just as a winter wear consultant, even though I had not been to any winter countries before -_-”

So it was more like a cam-whoring time for me instead! Hahaha! Think I may really wanna consider getting a beanie!
 photo 20141125_201752_zps38be69b9.jpg

 photo 20141125_213509_zps351ae4e8.jpg

Conclusion: Winter wear makes you look FAT!!!

 photo 20141127_100955_zps44d6cbed.jpg

Cupid fairy’s mission this time!

 photo IMG_20141126_1528301_zpscf1e7796.jpg

Christmas came early~ My first Herschel! 😀

 photo 20141126_202937_zps429cdc1f.jpg


Breakfast treat from boss – Pek Kio wanton noodle! No idea where’s that but it’s indeed quite nice! Especially from someone who isn’t a fan of wanton noodle~
 photo 20141128_101951_zps7dbf305e.jpg

 photo 20141128_143938_zps535a3dc9.jpg

Japanese lunch

 photo 20141128_144414_zps41631f7f.jpg

My lunch, because I was still full from the wanton mee x.x

Met some cute friends on the way back!
 photo 20141128_150421_zps3ff9851f.jpg
 photo 20141128_150423_zps91e373f0.jpg
 photo 20141128_150427_zpsda0fabe7.jpg
 photo 20141128_150413_zps44819bc9.jpg
 photo 20141128_150412_zps4e53ee4a.jpg

 photo 20141128_211415_zpse04d1edb.jpg

My first try on 猪脚醋!Don’t even have to wait till 坐月子!HAHAHA.
Feel blessed whenever I am invited for home dinner ((:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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