Typical Singaporean!

Had a hectic start for our project on this particular week whereby there were only 4 volunteers including myself when I reached! Usually by this timing, some would be helping to get the residents down, while some would be preparing for the art & craft~ But this week, before I could get briefed about what we gonna do, I was asked to bring the female residents down since I was the only female volunteer there.

Then it was 1 volunteer to each table for the art & craft session, which was quite chaotic! (Usually we have about 3 volunteers helping at each table.) It doesn’t help that one of them at my table was throwing a huge tantrum when we didn’t allow her to take extra paper. Yea it may seems like it’s just a piece of paper, but over here we always try to standardise things – one each means one each.

So in the midst of teaching the residents how to make the paper Christmas tree, I also had to deal with the one who tore up her piece of paper to express her displeasure! I could just ignore if she didn’t wanna make the tree, since I have like 8 other residents who are waiting for me to teach, but not when the tantrum went to the extent of tearing up others’ work to further express her anger!

It was quite mission impossible having to teach and lecture at the same time – I only have 1 mouth. It was also impossible to drag her off the others because it’s best to let them calm down than to further agitate them. Yea so I could only keep trying to stop her and thank goodness more volunteers arrived by then, so I could resume teaching and leave the lecturing to the others. Phew~ Definitely not a good start!

 photo 20141129_180756_zps34f5bd60.jpg

Preparing for MINDS camp!

 photo 20141129_180948_zpseeb50a40.jpg

They said I look like catwoman with this -_-“

Dinner with the volunteers as usual followed by our regular card game! Although we have played it so many times by now, we still always have new things to laugh over each week! Hahaha! Gonna miss hanging out with them for the next few months, but will definitely still be back for occasional dinners with them! (:

Half of Sunday was spent at Sis’s place before going off for Sundate with Mommeyyyyyyyy! The loveboy almost didn’t wanna let me go off….awwwwwwww~ ❤

 photo 20141130_184933_zps79f221da.jpg

Our Mexican dinner @ Baja Fresh!

 photo 20141130_184925_zps726a7164.jpg

Huge fan of quesadilla!

 photo 20141130_194426_zps3a6bf53f.jpg


 photo 20141130_194529_zps0b9ed16d.jpg

Very full but always cannot resist ice-cream sandwich!

Accompanied her to watch Rise of the Legend which is not bad, but definitely doesn’t beat those martial arts films by Donnie Yen or Jet Lee~

Finally took a break from Ladies Nite project and it wasn’t exactly a break, because I wish I didn’t have that break~ I am always thankful for nice producers and interesting projects that I can at least relate to, so I am happy with my Ladies Nite! Haha!

 photo 20141203_141538_zps3fac9e33.jpg

Finally had my yam duck rice again!!! ❤

 photo 20141201_200811_LLS_zps9172a1b3.jpg

Somewhere over the rainbow ((:

Went for 2 days of hot yoga (since I missed last week) followed by Zumba on the third consecutive day and it was mad shaggeddddddddddd! Felt like a 80-year-old after that – aching all over~ But hot yoga really, really helps my stiff back so much!!!

Rewarded myself with a sinful Friday night of sweet treats with Kai Bin & co! I had been wanting to try the latest craze – llao llao but the queue is always so crazy! The girls didn’t mind queuing and at the same time, Kai Bin wanted to try the other latest craze – Honey Creme, and both happened to be at 313, so we actually queued for both! Hehe! Typical Singaporean much! xD

But my queue for llao llao was so much longer and crazier that I had a shock! For a moment I thought I’m like some fangirl queuing for some concert ticket! And I don’t even do that! Seriously crazy!!! But then again, I am the kind that “everything must try at least once!

So 10 minutes into the queue, Kai Bin and Chii Hian came up with 3 Honey Creme – candy floss, honey comb & comb honey!
 photo 20141205_211059_zps840346e2.jpg

We were all so excited to try but it turned out to be okay only~ Couldn’t quite taste the difference between the honey comb and comb honey, but I think it’s definitely nicer than normal vanilla ice-cream, which I usually dislike. Luckily it only took less than 10 minutes!

 photo 20141205_210919_zpsae366200.jpg

Nevertheless, Honey Creme – checked! 😀

 photo 20141205_211438_zpsa409b3f7.jpg

Do you see it? Soft Ice-cream & Beeeeeeee!

And then after another 40 minutes, we finally got our llao llao too! We all felt that llao llao is much nicer than Honey Creme because there are so much stuff inside – fruits, topping and syrup/sauce~ I actually quite like it personally and have no regrets queuing for, but if I have to queue 50 minutes each time, I will definitely reconsider 😦
 photo 20141205_212157_zps46a1bb1a.jpg

 photo 20141205_214326_zps3975361a.jpg

Thank you girls for fulfilling my wish! 😀

Quote that I stare at every week in the midst of enduring through the poses!

 photo 20141203_213157_zpsa497a98f.jpg

(via my yoga studio!)


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