Bookworms Gathering & Sis’s Birthday!

The favourite part of Christmas is probably all the gatherings coming up, which explains why I hadn’t had time to blog! Apart from meeting up with the usual groups of friends, this year there is also a special gathering organised by 1 of my secondary school seniors for our CCA group!

I think I seldom mention what CCA I was from because it’s probably the most boring CCA ever to some and something not really worth mentioning. I mean people will usually be like, “Oh I was from the band“, “I was from Girl Guide” or “I was from netball“,  but if you say you were a librarian, the reaction you get is probably, “Ohhhhhh…” Yea…just ohhhhh.

I don’t feel embarrassed about my CCA (it’s just not worth mentioning), because it was actually something that I had been wanting to join! I mean I love to read since young but my mum didn’t allow me to be a librarian or join any CCA in primary school because she thinks it’s a waste of time. So since CCA was kinda compulsory in secondary school, librarian was of course my first choice (:

So yea it was my first time gathering with the bookworms ever since graduating! It was held at Josephine’s new house, which is really beautiful by the way, and I was amazed how she managed to have 10 people staying in her house!
 photo 20141214_144751_zps51eaecf5.jpg

The seniors started to arrive one by one and we started our pizza party soon after! I was the only one from my batch and hence I was also the only junior there (kept emphasising on that) 😛
 photo 20141214_154319_zps9dfe6884.jpg

 photo 20141214_160434_zpsc34fd5d1.jpg

Moscato contribution by yours truly & Choya from senior!

We also took the chance to celebrate our CCA teacher-in-charge – Mrs Fong’s birthday in advance! I only have very vague impression of her because by the time I joined, she was only left with 1 or 2 years with us before she left for another school~
 photo 20141214_145615_zpsf32002bc.jpg

Anyway, I just realised that her son is also my schoolmate back in poly! Such a coincidence!!! (:
 photo 20141214_145630_zpsc1fcc19c.jpg

It was an awesome gathering to be crapping and bickering with each other again! But less than an hour into the gathering, the seniors all concluded that I am “still as fierce” -_- Just because I still couldn’t stop the habit of smacking them…hahaha!

 photo 10407501_10152519787090172_7589410104341419643_n_zps887a8de8.jpg

Cybrarians Gathering 2014!
We even fixed one for next year already! xD

Jun Min offered to accompany me for my gift shopping after that and I was telling him he fought with me physically once and Kenneth rescued me. He insisted that it’s impossible and he’s very sure it’s the other way round.  So I went back to check on my kiddy diary that I used to write in and OMG!!! It was indeed the other way round!!!

 photo 20141214_223058_zpsb64c7374.jpg

(So embarrassing reading back on your childish memories from 12 years ago and the horrible English!!!)

I don’t know why I kept having this impression that Jun Min was the one who kept bullying me back then and Kenneth is the one who always stands up for me! I think it’s because he used to irritate me a lot by calling me, “扫地的” because that’s one of the duties of librarians and somehow I was always arrowed for it…Zzzzzz! Well at least now I know the he’s still the nicest senior to me xD

Was pretty tired after all the shopping so I headed back home and asked Sis to come over, so that I can pass the loveboy his Christmas pressie before they go off for Christmas holiday~

 photo 20141214_204340_zps7b6198f6.jpg

Not-so-shy loveboy with his act-shy smile and his green present from Yiyi! 😀

 photo 20141214_204534_zps7bbf4016.jpg

It’s the green Tayo bus that he wanted!
He even knows how to sing the song! Hehe!

Decided on an impromptu birthday celebration for Sis as well and because I was too tired to go out again to get the cake, I got my pig brother to go instead. And despite whining that he wants to watch his Hobbit show (-.-), he still stood up right away and went to get it (:
 photo 20141214_205243_zps1c01a125.jpg

 photo 20141214_205335_zps1f687c0d.jpg

Take 1: Caught stealing cake!

 photo 20141214_205331_zps04698f21.jpg

Take 2: Caught “testing” cake!

 photo 20141214_205340_zps6925fc8c.jpg

Take 3: Still eyeing on the cake!!! -___-“

 photo 20141214_205343_zps388dc85c.jpg

Finally a nice photo of the greedy boy with Mama!

Le loveboy singing birthday songs for Mama! Missed the English version but he actually continued on with the Malay and Mandarin versions!!! So clever! 😀

Blowing the candle~
 photo 20141214_205540_zps244f097c.jpg
 photo 20141214_205541_zps8028204e.jpg

 photo 20141214_2055340_zps00fc4cf6.jpg

Birthday kiss! ❤

 photo 20141214_205636_zps66ba211f.jpg

Because it’s Isaac’s birthday again -_-“

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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